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Freestyle Audio Waterproof Earbuds

Freestyle Audio Waterproof Earbuds Reviews

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2.5 star rating (25 Reviews)

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  • 11/9/2008 Unacceptable for lap swimmers

    rating star By dadolknees

    For a lap swimmer like myself, these earbuds will not stay in your ears while swimming.
    A better set up would be a complete headset that goes around the head and enables the earbuds to stay in the ears, while swimming.

    Wayne, NJ


  • 1/10/2014 Pure Junk

    rating star By Not Happy

    1earbud barely works.  I've already reordered a different set

    Not Happy
    PHX AZ


  • 5/6/2012 Don't buy

    rating star By David F.

    First I have tried several different pairs, these do not stay in, they are uncomfortable, and not worth the money. I am returning these and taking the hit to buy a better pair.  No use having water proof headset if the only thing that listens to them is the water... because you won't... they will fall out... .maybe if you have very small ears, the over the ear thing might help.... but not for the average.

    David F.
    Lilburn, GA


  • 5/3/2012 Low fidelity

    rating star By Thom H.

    This item does not fit the case for my iPod Nano.  It is the right size jack but the angle on it is too sharp and the waterproof cover on the waterproof case is too tall, so the jack does not stay in the connector.  It does fit into the iPad Nano, but the fidelity is very low.  These are horrible ear buds.  Do not buy them if you want to use them to listen to music.

    Thom H.
    Vista, CA


  • 4/10/2012 Does Not Fit All MP3 players

    rating star By brenna

    Great idea. However, I specifically asked if product would fit my MP3 player & was told yes. Well, the jacks were different sizes and had to return it after struggling to even get it out of the clear plastic container.

    Austin, TX


  • 5/22/2011 Inconsistent

    rating star By Bev L.

    I bought this in January to replace another set that were replacements in 2009.  Now only one side works.

    Bev L.
    Pacific Palisades, CA


  • 2/16/2011 Not confortable to wear

    rating star By kinder79

    The earphones work great however the earbuds are made out of hard material and actually hurt after awhile.

    Orange Park, FL


  • 11/23/2010 Bad sound, bad design

    rating star By sprinter

    The ear clips are not one size fits all, and if you wear a cap to help keep them in place it hurts liek crazy.The ear pieces have different sizes, which is nice, but 2 of the sizes are nearly identical.  The third is much smaller.  They don't stay in your ear very well, and once they come out they do not ever go back in.  Sound is poor, even when properly fitted.  Cord is waaaaaaaay to long.  Luckily I didn't wast a ton of money of these, now I know.

    Plano, tx


  • 8/30/2010 GREAT Headphones

    rating star By Z

    I have never actually used them for swimming, but running and at work. They stay in while running even if you sweat a lot, and at work, I can turn my Ipod up as loud as it goes, and no one around me can hear the music. I love them. And great product for the price.



  • 7/21/2010 AS DESCRIBED

    rating star By BRANDON BEAGLE




  • 7/18/2010 Pretty good.

    rating star By Armin S.

    Not bad, but any water in the ear makes it difficult to hear.  Sound is also a bit "tinny."  But overall a good buy.

    Armin S.
    Succasunna, NJ


  • 7/8/2010 waterproof ear buds

    rating star By marva butler

    I love everything about them, with the different sizes for the ear they hit me just right, since I have sure a small ear.  Thanks for taking the time to help me get the right size for my water proof mp3.  Ido a lot of ordering from swim outlet, cuz I can always trust them.  Thanks

    marva butler
    memphis tn


  • 5/25/2010 Earbuds are good / cord design poor

    rating star By Pa Lapman

    I use these earphone 3 times a week to lap swim.  The sound and comfort of the earplugs are great.  There is only one major drawback on this product. The wire to attach to your player is 3 times longer than it need to be.  As results I need to wrap it up and have this ball of wire hanging on my neck while I swim.  The cord should be at most 10 inches long and I believe it is around 36 inches long.

    Pa Lapman
    Easton, Pa


  • 5/24/2010 Not a great design, but I got them to work best....

    rating star By pagansaint

    The earpieces are useless, I could never get them to fit right and keep from coming off and dragging the earplugs along the way. I finally pulled the plugwires through the earpeice a few inches, insert in ear, then hook the earpeices onto my mask strap. No more problems,  but they wore after about a year and a half. Buying my second set now. I also have tried other, more expensive rigs, but sometimes high end just means overpriced. Don't lose the spare plugs!!



  • 5/17/2010 need music when i swim

    rating star By Rochelle

    i purchased the speedo aqua beat 2 years ago.  this is my 4th pair of headphones.  these are my first pair of these typeof  headphones.  they work great, but they are uncomfortable, i have to pull down my swim cap to hold them in place.  the ear plugscan do a 360, which concerns me because the little wire that connects it to the ear piece is going to get worn really fast and break which will lead me to buy another pair.  i do swim daily, i do take care of them, usually one ear goes out and im swimming with only one side if your in a pinch and need music to swim by, they are working, for now... i did complain to speedo, but havent heard from them as of yet. why cant somebody make ear waterproof ear phones that will last...?

    Long Island New York


  • 5/9/2010 The Jury is Still Out:

    rating star By r.m.

    I use my headphones on a daily basis when I swim.
    They are comfortable when in use and the assortment of earplugs  
    allow for a comfortable fit.
    However, my first pair of headphones went out within 4-5 weeks.
    The left side faded and then went out totally.
    I think you better make sure you wash your ear phones and audio unit with fresh water after use. Let them dry before using again.
    That's what the manual says and hopefully this will extend the life of my new headphones.

    Fort Washington, MD


  • 1/7/2010 Waterproof Earbuds

    rating star By Joseph F.

    OK, the ear wrap doesn't stay on the ear in lap swimming. If you push off underwater, there is a good chance the earbuds will come out.  Another product that doesn't a lap swimmer's needs. I don't use the ear wrap and keep pushing them in my ears when I push off.

    Joseph F.
    Cleveland, OH


  • 11/21/2009 These are a good value product.

    rating star By Pete Stroempl

    The best thing I can say about them.. is they work as they are intended to be used..  I would (and most likely will) buy these again..


    Pete Stroempl
    Fort Worth, Texas


  • 3/31/2009 Waterproof and good sound but not comfortable

    rating star By Don G.

    The earbuds work (so far, I have only used them once) to both provide sound and keep water out of the ear while swimming laps. I did not try them at any depth.   The Freestyle comes with three sizes of easily replaceable three flange earplugs.  Only the largest worked in my ears (no surprise, I usually use large earplugs).  However, the Freestyle is NOT comfortable.  The flanges are just too stiff (not soft enough) and maybe too thin (they feel like a cutting edge in the ear) to be endured for more than a few minutes.  I ended up taking off the Freestyle and using normal earplugs, forgoing sound.

    Don G.
    Springfield, VA


  • 1/29/2009 Lousy

    rating star By sue

    I bought these earbuds to use with my Speedo MP3 player while I swim.  I bought them to replace the ones that came with my player because a piece of one of the ear buds came off the original pair.  I tried to get a new pair of earphones like the original ones but Swim would not sell me a pair because they only sell the whole thing.  Speedo said the same thing.  I was reallyl annoyed and not in the best mood to spend the money on the freestyle pair but I did.  First, the cord between the earbuds and the player is way too long and cannot be shortened so I have to tuck it inside my swim cap.  Second, the earbuds are not at all comfortable.  They are too bigi to fit in your ears and not small enough to rest outside without digging into me.  If I put them under the cap they won't work and if I leave them outside the cap they work but I get a lot more water in my ears than I need to. The third time I used them one of the earbuds only gave out sound periodically and now that one rarely works at all.  They are not well constructed.

    rochester, new york


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