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Garmin Swim Training Watch

Garmin Swim Training Watch Reviews

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4.5 star rating (28 Reviews)

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  • 11/29/2013 Great training tool

    rating star By Linda S.

    I have owned this for over a year.  It does a great job at counting laps. There are few things to be aware of: It is an accelerometer, so it senses when you push of the pool. If you do not push hard enough, it will misread 2 laps as one.
    I primarily swim freestyle. The only time it misread my stroke was when it was technically incorrect: so not all that useful if you haven't developed technique yet. Acceleration in the middle of a lap will also cause a misread (so use the drill feature if your set require acceleration during a lap).
    The data uploaded to the Garmin web site is good, but not descriptive enough (it would be nice to know how the stats are calculated). Overall this is a very helpful tool if you have decent technique.
    it is a fairly easy to learn: but the user manual is a bit lacking. So you will have to fiddle with it for a few days. The buttons are nice and big. The watch itself is a bulky, but it does not affect the motion of your wrist in a manner that is noticeable (at my level anyway) and I haven't perceived any additional drag.
    At this point, I would hate to swim without.

    Linda S.
    Spokane, WA


  • 11/2/2012 big bold display

    rating star By Mark

    Yardage is easily read while swimming
    I use it to swim my morning mile in the lap pool.
    I can swim with out having to count my laps.

    Rochester, MN


  • 10/8/2015 Excellent Swim Tracker and Training Device

    rating star By Edzjaxon

    I have been very pleased with the functionality and accuracy of the Garmin swim watch. No longer do I attempt to count laps while swimming regardless of stroke or pool size.

    San Diego, Ca


  • 9/8/2015 Not Bad. Expected better.

    rating star By Ben

    Easy to use. Self intuitive. Stylish and fits comfortably while swimming. But its tracking accuracy is not as good. It misses counts. Sometimes it reads 50 yds when it should be 25 and sometimes the reverse as well. This happens about once every 20 intervals.
    Am disappointed cause I expected better performance.

    Arlington, MA


  • 8/18/2014 Ca't set custom length of the pool

    rating star By juraj m.

    I swim in our apartment complex pool and it is 50" long (15m) but the smallest pool that can be set is 17m, which distorts all data. Big big software flaw. Small software flaw makes huge difference. Had high hopes for this, disappointed have to return.

    presets are 25m, 50m, 25yards, 33.5m, 33.5 yards and custom goes to 17m not less

    juraj m.
    san francisco, CA


  • 7/18/2014 does everything I need

    rating star By don

    large numbers, accurate lap count, total yardage as you swim on the bottom of the watch,and much more that I haven't even started to use yet... just a good product for swimmers.

    buckeye , az


  • 2/2/2014 Love Garmin Swim

    rating star By gyliswim

    Very light watch. I used it for swimming twice and I love it.



  • 1/24/2014 Garmin Works Really Well

    rating star By Joel B.

    What I've learned is that each device works differently.  I originally purchased a Poolmate.  I swim three intervals on each visit.  I've used the Poolmate about 35 times now and the number of visits that it recorded all my intervals correctly was maybe once.  Its clear that the Poolmate requires a longer glide at the beginning of each lap than I would like.  So I decided to try the Garmin Swim.  The Garmin uses a different method to detect lap changes.   I've used it twice now and it recorded all my intervals perfectly.  At first I was worried about all the extra buttons but they actually make the device easier to use.  This device is much better engineered.  I created a custom screen to show the lap count in big letters.  The data is easily uploaded wirelessly to their website.  Website has good data but if you want to further analyze the data, you can export it.   I love the design.  I love the data it collects.  Easy to use and highly recommended.

    Joel B.
    Boxford, MA


  • 1/20/2014 Can You Say Awesome! Was her reply.

    rating star By Makaral

    The only thing I can say is that my swimmer loves her Garmin Swim and it does help her keep track of all that she does. By getting the info from it, she is more focused on what she needs to improve because of it. Worth every penny. She was able to use her private Coach before we moved to where we are now, so he was very instrumental in teaching her the usage and advantages of having it. Her team mates here have never heard of it and are also enthralled with what it shows.

    Greenwood, IN


  • 11/25/2013 Miss count laps

    rating star By Rozic

    Have been swimming with the poolmate for two years with no miss counts... decided to shift to Gramin for the looks, bad decision, I have swam 6 times with it and it miss counted my laps 3 times (added an extra lap each time), I swim ~50 laps each time.
    It is easy to handle and great to see the results in the web applicaiton



  • 9/20/2013 Great Tool

    rating star By Billb71

    Returned to swimming and needed to gauge if my training was effective.  This watch is amazingly accurate, and it really can recognize when you change to backstroke, breast, fly or freestyle.  Linking with ant was easy after I found the Mac downloads.

    Sacramento, CA


  • 7/12/2013 great watch

    rating star By sb

    great product, no problems yet

    so cal


  • 1/11/2013 GREAT!!

    rating star By Rangel410

    So far so good. I have had this watch for 1 week and have about 6000 meters on it. I have no complaints so far!



  • 12/29/2012 Excellent!

    rating star By Anette Larsen

    Best swim watch ever. Easy to use, let weight, and easy to get an overview then scrolling across the sites

    Anette Larsen


  • 12/1/2012 Great concept, but needs improvement

    rating star By NYC swimmer

    It's a great concept, but needs improvement.  Out of the box, it looks well made and can double as a casual watch.  So far, I've swam with my Garmin watch two times. It didn't accurately register each length swam.  (After completing both swims, the watch showed that I still had a half lap remaining to swim.)  Also, it would be good to have a stop watch function.  If it can show the number of laps on the watch front, the manual doesn't explain how.  Over all, the manual could get into more depth.

    NYC swimmer
    New York, NY


  • 10/14/2012 Great training tool

    rating star By Milehighswimmer

    Two weeks and 1200 meters later... Recently moved to a location with a great pool facility, and so have gotten back into swimming after a number of years out of the water. The Garmin Swim is a great training tool; counts strokes and lengths correctly as long as I don't stop mid lap, and as long as I push off the wall on turns. My open turns and flip turns are tracked correctly, and a pause at the end of a length does not throw off the count. I found "auto pause" to be a nice feature as I was working on building my endurance. The auto feature can be turned on/off and at the end of a workout the Swim displays both elapsed time and swim time. It is great to be able to concentrate on my stroke as I swim instead of counting lengths, and Garmin Connect  provides an easy way for me to monitor my improvement in performance over time. The only questionable feature on the Swim is its calculation of the the stroke type which for me is wrong most of the time, but I didn't get the watch for that feature and so do not care. I did go to the Garmin site and did a software update upon receiving the watch and am running ver Garmin may have addressed many of the issues reported by reviewers on other sites with this release. DC Rainmaker has an extensive review on his site; worth reading. FWIW I use a Macbook and uploads etc work correctly.

    Boulder, CO


  • 11/4/2015 Love It!

    rating star By James McBennett

    Love it so far. Have been doing 10 x 200Yards each morning and the rest button works great at stop/starting during workout when compared to my last swim watch (poolmate)

    Can't get to work, but Garmin Connect works, so no hassle.

    James McBennett
    Memphis / Dublin


  • 9/29/2015 Happy

    rating star By Mike

    I found product easy to use while swiming comfortable and lightweight. Easy to program and seems to track laps accurately as well as different strokes.

    The  negative is i have had some difficulty exporting data from watch to computer.

    New england


  • 8/16/2015 So far so good

    rating star By Cynthia

    I'm a beginner swimmer so it misreads some laps as other strokes such as breast stroke.  You can't change stroke within a length or it reads as 2 lengths. I do open turns, but it also works with flip turns according to others. The manual  for using the ant to synch to Garmin Connect is not good.  I had to install Yosemite OS on my Mac Pro.  I had to call Garmin Technical to get the ant working even after the proper install.

    Wilmington, NC


  • 7/21/2015 garmin swim

    rating star By JimW

    Instructions in quick start, about "Going for a swim" tell u to set pool size, and each time I switch pools OK, now if I  swim in the same pool, I should just select start or stop the timer. No Good!!.  It's not working , I find by pushing swim mode, it fires up. Imagine that.  Keep it simple and in order.

    Orange Beach,Al.


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