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Nike Swim Remora Goggles

Nike Swim Remora Goggles Reviews

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4 star rating (42 Reviews)

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  • 9/8/2013 Quality Product Arriving Earlier Than Expected!!!!

    rating star By Lynn S.

    The goggles fit perfectly and were exactly as advertised.  Clarity in water is perfect with good peripheral vision.  They look great and with the quality design, they should last quite a while.  Every product that I have ordered from SwimOutlet is as described and at a great price.  These goggles are no different!!!

    Lynn S.
    West University Place, TX


  • 2/22/2015 Pair lasted less than 1 month!

    rating star By MER Swim

    For some reason, these goggles lasted less than one month.  I purchased them in early January 2015 and this weekend, the seam around the eyes fell apart at a swim meet!  Perhaps it was just a bad pair but I expected them to last longer than one month!

    MER Swim
    Bowie, MD


  • 12/29/2015 Awesome price, extremely comfortable.

    rating star By Frederico Pessoa

    Can´t beat it, I am on the second set and they are great!
    I usually swim about 12.000m weekly and they don´t cause any fatigue!

    Frederico Pessoa
    Aventura, FL


  • 12/10/2015 Best goggles I have used to this point

    rating star By Michael J.

    I just wanted to preface this review that I have worn Nike apparel and shoes for over 30 years now.  I just love the quality that Nike puts out for all of their products.  So I really wanted to like these.

    I just received these in the mail today (on time) and wanted to test these out right away.  So I went to my local Y's pool tonight to give these a proper try.  And these passed the first 2 major cardinal sins of goggles flawlessly.  Meaning no leaks and no fogging right out of the box, big thumbs up there.  These were so comfortable at times I forgot I was wearing these.  The middle piece was a breeze to swap out compared to the speedo googles I was using before.  Where it took me almost 15 minutes of struggling to swap out the same thing.  I definitely plan on buying at least 1 or 2 more of these to have as backups just incase anything happens to this pair that I just bought.  

    So if anyone is in the market to replace your goggles I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these to anyone looking for quality comfortable googles.

    Michael J.
    Willowbrook, IL


  • 7/2/2015 great fit

    rating star By paddler

    I have a narrow face and these goggles fit me well.

    Oak Ridge , TN


  • 5/9/2015 Good Goggle at a Good Price

    rating star By CO Swim Mom

    Both of my sons are competitive swimmers. My younger son prefers these goggles for practices and meets. They fit his face well, and he likes the color choices. Overall, these are a good value and work well for every day use.

    CO Swim Mom


  • 2/18/2015 Sleek Look

    rating star By LaraS.

    Really like the look and color of the goggles, and the fact that the corners are see-through. Has good suction over the eyes, and as I wear contact lenses I had to make sure they don't leak.  Only got a bit of moisture coming through, but mostly because I kept taking them off and on and they got wet.  I wish it just had a regular adjustable nose bridge, instead of the separate bridges, because I went to the pool the first time and it wasn't fitting right, but I didn't bring the extra parts with me.  Once I put on the right size though, it fit really well.

    Seattle, WA


  • 1/13/2015 Good Practice Goggles

    rating star By SwimMom2

    Both of my sons have these goggles. One likes them, the other does not. The concensus seems to be that these are fine for practice, but are not the quality of Speedo Speed Socket. If you need inexpensive, extra goggles, these should fit the bill nicely.

    Greeley, CO


  • 8/14/2014 Great Goggles

    rating star By John

    Perfect seal with minimum pressure from the eye cups.  My last pair lasted more than a year with frequent swimming.



  • 8/2/2014 Poor Fit

    rating star By Mitchell

    Since the bridge of my nose is wider than average, I have difficulty finding goggles that fit me well.  Since the package for the Nike Swim Remora goggles includes 3 "nose piece sizes", I assumed that the largest nose piece would accommodate me well.  Unfortunately, I was wrong!

    Boca Raton, Florida


  • 6/19/2014 the only ones we'll buy!

    rating star By LF

    We buy our teenage sons these goggles every year. They hold up, don't dry rot like others and fit comfortably. You can buy then shaded too.

    Corydon, Indiana


  • 6/19/2014 the only ones we'll buy!

    rating star By LF

    We buy our teenage sons these goggles every year. They hold up, don't dry rot like others and fit comfortably. You can buy then shaded too.

    Corydon, Indiana


  • 5/8/2014 Awesome goggles

    rating star By Diana H.

    I have had them just a few weeks, and it is by far the best investment I have made in a pair of goggles so far they have not fogged at all and the price was great also.  Best of all no water has gotten in them.

    Diana H.
    Bakersfield, CA


  • 3/23/2014 Remora review

    rating star By Vince

    Seem to fit better and are more comfortable that other small racing goggles i have tried. They did not leak in the swimming pool, but the true test will be in the ocean. Open water swimming is a better test of how well goggle resist leaking.

    Santa Barbara, Ca.


  • 10/9/2013 Better than other goggles I've tried

    rating star By Angelo

    This is my third goggle and it doesn't fog as much.

    Los Angeles,CA


  • 8/27/2013 nice looking goggles

    rating star By P2

    I gave this a 3.5- 4 stars as have tried it on but not really been able to use it yet--it feels comfortable but only know this from trying it on and not after prolonged use.

    St. Louis


  • 6/13/2013 A msut have for any swimmer

    rating star By Melisa .

    These have been the best goggles my son has had.  He wears them daily!

    Melisa .
    Greenwood , SC


  • 9/17/2012 Nike Swim Remora Goggles

    rating star By Bill V

    I really like these goggles!! Great right out of the box, easy to use and stay adjusted.  Never have had a problem.  Price is right as well.

    Bill V


  • 7/6/2012 New Swimmer Goggles

    rating star By Bob P

    I just started swimming laps and quickly realized I needed goggles.  These were a good price, had decent reviews, and the selection recommendations gave me exactly what I needed.  The goggles arrived three days later, were easily adjusted, and work great.   I would have liked guidence on head band tightness, but after one lap, realized the suction on the eye piece keeps the water out, not band pressure.

    Bob P
    Cape Cod, MA


  • 2/29/2012 Good

    rating star By Hi mom

    GREAT GOGGLES! But broke after 1st use:(

    Hi mom
    fort wayne, IN


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