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ylon-a® YSTI Swim Snorkel by cordiO2

ylon-a® YSTI Swim Snorkel by cordiO2 Reviews

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4 star rating (36 Reviews)

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  • 4/30/2014 Outstanding device for compettive swimmers.

    rating star By mbradley

    A great training aid - we use extensively for the development of our swimmers stroke mechanics.

    North Florida


  • 7/13/2012 Snorkel envy

    rating star By Sharon Howerton

    My grandson got the new snorkel, and all the rest of the swimteam now want one like he has.  He was go proud, and didn't want them to get the one like he has, but told them he wasn't sure were his grandmother got it.  Then told me NOT to let them know...ha ha

    PS  We did tell them.

    Sharon Howerton
    Montrose, CO


  • 7/31/2014 Small size

    rating star By SwimLL

    A little difficult to adjust to get the right length from headband to mouth piece.  Leaked right from the first use, like a slow leak.  The small size is nice for carrying.

    Medford, OR


  • 7/16/2014 Ylon Snorkel

    rating star By Robert

    It's a great device but the forehead strap is difficult to adjust.



  • 7/2/2014 Best snorkel!

    rating star By Victor Rizzo

    High recommend by coaching staff and I'm glad I listened.

    Victor Rizzo


  • 5/12/2014 Streamlined, flexible, & durable!

    rating star By Swim.

    I swim laps every other day.  This is not only long-lasting but extremely convenient.  For the backstroke, just slip it off of your mouth, it stays on your head and can easily be put back in your mouth for crawl stroke, etc.  Very streamlined.  flexible, comfortable. It hasn't leaked with heavy use for 6 months.  Probably because of its simple design.  Lightweight, too.  This is the only one I'd get!

    Brier, WA


  • 4/30/2014 Very easy to use - changed my view of lap swimming

    rating star By Terra

    While this is a competitive swim product, I am your basic fitness swimmer.  I tend to dread swimming laps in volume, but this snorkel has changed that.



  • 4/30/2014 Great training device

    rating star By mbradley

    This is an outstanding device.  We use it extensively in our stroke clinics to focus on mechanics under the water without the distraction of turning the head.

    North Florida


  • 7/27/2013 Great product for the $$$

    rating star By Bob Z.

    Simple design that work's great... Had cervical fusion & cannot turn my head. This makes swimming possible & beneficial...
    Bob Z

    Bob Z.
    Chicago, IL


  • 7/26/2013 Easy to use product...

    rating star By Bob Z.

    Very simple design & easy to use...
    I had cervical fusion & cannot turn my head without my arm being affected...
    This product allows me to swim easily again...
      THANKS, Bob Zange

    Bob Z.
    Chicago, IL


  • 5/26/2013 No leaks!

    rating star By TJ

    The use of this snorkel compared to the name brand like night and day.  No leakage at all.  I now enjoy swimming.  I think they could improve the rubber strap and the rigging for it.  The tubing is small as well as the mouth piece but I have a small mouth anyway so it doesn't bother me.  You won't regret getting this snorkel.



  • 5/17/2013 Awesome!

    rating star By Armenia F.

    Bought this for my daughter for swim practice.  She loves it and really adds to her workouts. Very durable.

    Armenia F.
    Pflugerville, TX


  • 5/9/2013 Better than others we have tried.

    rating star By A CORNELA

    My son has enjoyed using this new snorkel.  With the other brand, his mouth pieces were quick to tear up.



  • 3/3/2013 Thanks!

    rating star By Jessica Hardy

    The snorkel accidentally shipped to my old residential address originally, and I am so grateful at your customer service's willingness to get it to me at my new address! Really outstanding service.

    Jessica Hardy
    Long Beach, CA


  • 9/27/2012 Great tool once you get the hang of it!!

    rating star By Melissa B.

    First time using a snorkel definitely takes some getting used to. Once I sucked some water up my nose, it's great! Such a good tool to focus on my stroke. I would suggest using a nose plug at first.

    Melissa B.
    Beaverton, OR


  • 9/1/2012 It Might Look Like a Toy, But...

    rating star By Evan

    I use the snorkel at the beginning of my warm up set, pulling with buoys, & recently I've gotten used to the snorkel enough to a swim/snorkel/fin set. (~500m). The negs- It looks like a toy. The 20mm diameter tube is small by snorkel standards. Compared to other swim snorkels, the tube is shorter, which off-sets the diameter a bit. Personally I think if the snorkel was wider in diameter you'd have a near perfect product. The pros- skinny tube & all...the design follows the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle, a tube & a mouth piece. No leaks. It takes a little experimenting to get things set up right for personal use...but that's relatively easy. I find I don't need nose clips, but it's something to consider. All in all, I'd say despite looking like a toy, it functions very well as an addition to my workout options. I would certainly recommend this over fancier looking snorkels, because when you're face down in the water, you want something that functions, not something that looks cool.

    Potomac, MD


  • 6/23/2016 Works okay

    rating star By Melissa

    Sooo I used it for the first time at swim practice and I was excited to use my snorkel for the first time. Unfortunately it was a sprint set and this snorkel is very small it was like trying to breathe through a straw.


    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 7/15/2015 Easy to clear

    rating star By swimdad

    This snorkel is much easier to clear than the larger ones.  Even easier than the ones with the special valves to let the water out.  Highly recommended for younger competitive swimmers.

    Coach required snorkels.  This one made it easy for my daughter to clear.

    Downside - hard to adjust on head and the tabs get chewed off the mouthpiece.  Would be nice if swim outlet had replacement mouthpieces available.

    Austin, TX


  • 5/11/2015 Doesn't fit

    rating star By Tina t

    I can't seem to find any way to get the mouth piece and head strap situated for comfort and  performance. Mouth piece can fit okay until I try to use the head strap. When I adjust the head-strap, the mouth piece is constantly pulled out of my mouth or if I try another adjustment the snorkel gets jammed up against my face and nose or the mouth piece keeps detaching from the shaft of the snorkel. Seems like an ok snorkel, just doesn't fit me. My A3 (lost the mouth piece, it pops off easily) & Finis jr snorkel (picked up for a dollar at thrift store) fit just fine. My first snorkel was an adult size Finis & that didn't work for me at all! I am 5'3', a relatively small woman.

    Tina t


  • 10/23/2014 daughter doesn't like

    rating star By Pete

    didn't have bite grips to keep in mouth...hence water would get in mouth.

    Noblesville, IN


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