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TYR AP12 Men's Credere Compression Speed Short Tech Suit Swimsuit

TYR AP12 Men's Credere Compression Speed Short Tech Suit Swimsuit Reviews

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4.5 star rating (22 Reviews)

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  • 2/18/2014 Great suit

    rating star By lane shark

    I recommend sticking with the sizing charts on this one. I am 6"2"' and weigh 175 lb and although I could fit into a size 28, it was too restrictive to be beneficial so I went with the suggested size 30. (And I wear a 28 practice suit). So I guess the point I am trying to make is don't auto-size down from your normal suit size.
    very tight, sturdy, compressive suit, good coverage and reaches all the way to right above the knee. The suit is comfortable for hours of wear but there are two points of irritation close to the waist if you wear the suit long enough.
    I wore this suit to 3 championship high school meets, all lasting approximately 4 hours. I swam 4 races at the first meet, 3 the second, and 2 the third. The suit seemed to hold up rather well (much more impressive than my previous fsII) The water repellent properties seemed to wear off after the first meet although it continued to dry quickly afterwords. At the end of the third meet I noticed that the seams on the inside of the leg started to fray a little bit but it did not seem to hinder the performance of the suit. I think I could use this suit for a couple more meets before it is worn out.
    in the water:
    This suit feels great. No water enters the suit. The fabric clings to you and does not slide. I have great power return off of the wall and feel very light in the water.
    Awesome suit, looks amazing, feels awesome and it is just an excellent product. I felt great walking up to the blocks, and it certainly gives a little confidence boost. I did drop time using this suit but I wont correlate swimwear to time drops.
    I hope this review was helpful!

    lane shark

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 1/27/2014 WOW

    rating star By Frogman

    When I first got the suit, I thought it was the wrong size.  I've never had a suit so hard to put on.  But once it's on, it feels good and performs well.  I used it at one meet so far and had three of four personal bests.  Very streamlined and a fast suit!!

    Portland, OR

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 3/6/2013 Repeat buyer

    rating star By J.B.

    Bought this same suit again.  It outlasted our expectations.  It was worn for a full championship meet with a lot of distance swims and still had some wear in it for 2 more long meet weekends.  Like the compression and water repellant qualities.  Worn one size smaller than practice suit for a good fit.  



  • 2/28/2013 Middle School swimmer

    rating star By nakaja

    I bought the TYR AP12 Jammer for my 13 year old son to use at Junior Mid State competition.  This was his first year swimming.  In the mid state he improved almost 8 seconds in his 100 IM and 3 seconds in his 100 breast stroke PB placing 3rd in breast.  The suit definately contributed to his improvements.  

    His jammer is a size 30.  I purchased the 28 after reading other reviews.  We probably would've been happier with the 30.  Since he hadn't used a speed suit before I was concerned about how it would feel for breaststroke but even for breast it helped.  He said he even felt faster.   Based on his performance I would definately recommend this suit.


    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 12/7/2012 TYR AP12 -low waist

    rating star By steve

    163lbs, 6"1", 46 years old masters swimmer with a total of 4.5 years experience swimming, and 3 years of competitive swimming experience. Suit is shorter than the knee covering length the picture implies. Have just under a 31" waist and bought the size 32" (slightly larger to sacrifice compression for longevity because I know you can tear a suit up just putting it on), it was still very compressed and tight, and covered from 3" below belly button to 2 to 3" above kneecap top. A perfect fit for me. Although I am better trained than last lear, the suit did seem to help - ALOT.
    SCM50fr old PB was 31.09.  Did 28.59 in this suit, thats 2.5 seconds in 50 free!.

    charleston sc

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 11/23/2012 Awesome item

    rating star By Hector Gonzalez

    Great & awesome item, the only reason for 4 stars rating is because it feels to small, so you seriously consider a bigger size than normally use.

    Hector Gonzalez
    Laredo, TX

    Fit: Feels too small

  • 3/20/2015 H

    rating star By George

    This suit was amazing! I swam with it 17 times in 3 days for championships (preliminaries and finals). I qualified for eastern zones with this suit! I went a AA in the 200 yard backstroke and the 200 yard IM. This suit wasn't very difficult to get on but it still offered great mussel compression. You don't feel very fast in this suit until you see your times. But I knew it worked. I took a handful of water and  dropped  it on my leg and the water bounced off and never broke open. This is overall an amazing suit and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great suit at a great price

    Duanesburg, NY

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 3/17/2014 Fast suit

    rating star By KJ

    This is a great suit. My son dropped a couple seconds in all his races when he wore it the first time. It is smaller than the other technical suits he has had in the past. We ended up with one size smaller than his practice suit for the best fit. Normally we go two sizes down, but that wouldn't fit at all.

    Chicago, IL

    Fit: Feels too small

  • 3/5/2014 Looks and feels good until you get it wet

    rating star By pool dad

    Purchased this product for regional champs.   the first event, the rear of the suit opened up and kept water in.  I saw this on another review of this same suit.  And after the first event the suit was not form fitting as it was the rear was actually sagging and the legs expanded. I had to go back to my old suit as this one didn't perform as expected.

    pool dad
    Seattle, WA

    Fit: Feels too big

  • 7/26/2013 Felt fast in the water

    rating star By J H.

    On first race dropped over 4 seconds on my 400 Free at AG Champs.  I put true to size as I wear a 24 practice suit, but would recommend going down one size, but this is not available in this suit.  It did slightly bag in the bottom.  Suit is comfortable to wear and looks awesome on deck to show off too.  Still 7 more swims to go this weekend, so we will see.  However, I feel confident this suit will perform well.

    J H.
    Virginia Beach, VA

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 1/15/2013 trunks

    rating star By Kathleen M.

    I ordered these for my Grans Son and he thinks they are great.   he is thrilled with them.
    he received this order in 4 days.
    Kathleen Manoff

    Kathleen M.
    Santa Cruz, CA


  • 2/12/2016 Wow.

    rating star By NolanHSSwimmer

    This is my first tech suit that one have ever worn and it is spectacular.
    I am a 17 year old male, skinny, 5'11", 145 pounds, and have a size 30 practice suit and 28 race suit.
    I originally bought a size 26 of the AP12 (sizing down twice), but it was much too tight and was not comfortable. The 28 fits great. Takes less than 5 minutes to get into, but still provides maximum compression and flexibility. I recommend sticking with one size down from practice suit, or the same size as your normal race suit.
    One for my main concerns was that it would be too rigid for IM and breaststroke, but it has a great range of motion for kick and doesn't interfere with normal stroke.
    A few things to keep in mind: the short suit is pretty low waisted and may be an issue with a larger butt or waist. Also, I would recommend warming up with ano there suit over the top before your first race to break it in a little.
    After my first weekend wearing it to 2A high school districts (along with taper, rest, shaving, healthy eating , etc.) I dropped 6.5 seconds in my 200IM, broke 25 seconds in the 50 for the first time, and dropped 3 seconds in the 100 breaststroke, making state cuts in every race.
    If you're on the edge and comparing it to other more expensive suits, this really is the best for the price range of ~$200.
    Also one last note, TYR was very quick in the turn around when I returned the 26 (less than 1.5 weeks).


    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 8/11/2015 Awesome suit!

    rating star By George

    This is a really great tech suit! This was my first technical suit so I didn't really know what to expect, but it sure didn't disappoint. It's got really good compression and rock solid water repellency. It also holds up pretty long. I used it for two championship meets (1 scy and 1 lcm) for both prelims and finals; (a total of 27 races plus warm ups), and it's still got a little bit of juice left. When it started to get loose at the waist I pulled it up to my belly button and really hammered down on the drawstrings and it held up really good during my 200 meter backstroke. I highly recommend this suit you should really try it out

    Duanesburg, NY

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 7/30/2015 Not the best for long distance

    rating star By R.$mith straight from the trap

    I wore this suit for senior state for my 800. There were some problems I had with it, first the waist was very small and it took a while to get on because of the size of my legs,
    Second was that it felt very restrictive just walking around I had the feeling that if I tried to stretch I was going to rip the suit, third I had almost no kick because of how restrictive it was making me pull for almost the whole 800 meters. I was better off swimming in a practice suit in my opinion. I ended up feeling faster with my worn out lzr for the other events I swam

    R.$mith straight from the trap
    Naperville, IL

    Fit: Feels too small

  • 6/23/2015 AWESOME SUIT

    rating star By Nashman

    Appears to go over the knee caps in the photo but it doesn't and that's a good thing because hammers that go below the knee cap are banned by Dina from most swimming competitions ie. rec teams, high school teams and USA swim teams

    Richmond, CA

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 3/25/2015 tyr ap12

    rating star By filip

    works for 3-5 weekend meets. after 2nd meet it starts to get easier to put on.


    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 3/11/2015 Older model but, still works great!

    rating star By Gojofish

    Third AP12 purchase. Reasonably priced because it's leftover stock. Runs true to size for a tech suit-1 size down from practice suit. Retained its compression & water resistance throughout 3 day, multiple session championship meet. At this price, a terrific purchase!


    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 1/22/2015 Size Up

    rating star By Sean

    I have been a big fan of TYR tech suits for some time as I wore the Tracer light when it first came out then the Tracer B Series when that was released. It seems that TYR tech suits can be a little hit or miss though (just look at the Tracer C series) and this was more of a miss. I wear a size 30 of the Tracer B but with this suit I ordered a size 30 and I was unable to get it on. The waist hole is absurdly small and does not have much give and I was unable to get it above mid quad. Granted my quads are abnormally large but I think one company should be more consistent with their sizing. Getting the size 32 suit on was a struggle, but I eventually got it on. The lack of bonded seams also puzzled me as TYR had them in previous suits but not this newer model. The suit as was not as water repellent as other tech suits I have worn.

    Northbrook, IL

    Fit: Feels too small

  • 7/25/2014 Great Tech Suit

    rating star By Justice

    Great compression, true too size ... Dropped from a 2:11.07, to a 2:04.45 in the
    200 Free Style


    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 7/23/2013 Great Suit

    rating star By Bracken E.

    I used this meet at states, and it was a very fast suit. It was tight in the mid leg but not to tight around the knee. Although they say it has bonded seams but there is still stitches.

    Bracken E.
    Charlottesville, VA

    Fit: Feels true to size

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