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SportCount Combo Lap Counter and Timer

SportCount Combo Lap Counter and Timer Reviews

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4.5 star rating (41 Reviews)

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  • 11/8/2012 Compact, Rugged & Practical Device

    rating star By bitmechanic

    I swim 45 laps, six times a week. I've used this specific model for many years. Each unit lasts about a year before malfunctioning, which seems reasonable, given the wear & tear and harsh conditions. I click once at the end of each lap. The readout automatically shows the lap number, followed immediately by the lap time, then reverts to a running-count of total elapsed time. At the end of the workout, I click once to record the lap, then press and hold to stop the timer. Only issue is that the click is not always crisp, so it is sometimes hard to tell if the click registered. In truth, clicks rarely fail to register, but a more pronounced click would be reassuring. Also, there is no backlighting, so it is hard to read under very low light, but under normal conditions, it is easy to read. Highly recommended!

    San Antonio, Texas


  • 11/3/2014 Love

    rating star By NaplesSwimming

    I've had this for about a week, love doing my laps without thinking about what number I'm on. Fits on my middle finger, easy to click.

    Naples, FL


  • 10/15/2014 awesome

    rating star By christopher b.

    I've been using this counter for almost two years, as a distance swimmer in a pool this thing is a must. I can keep track of my pace even swimming over an hour straight.  Simple and easy to use.

    christopher b.
    panama city, FL


  • 9/14/2014 Push button could be better

    rating star By Vincent W.

    Works as advertised, good read out, but button could be easier to push. Sometimes I think I pushed the count button, but instead not hard enough. A click should be felt after each push.

    Vincent W.
    Santa Barbara, CA


  • 8/28/2014 Does What I Want It To Do

    rating star By Suckerspawn

    It is simple to operate although I have to use two hands to confidently push the button. It counts laps and provdes a variety of lap times which was all I expected it to do.

    Dayton, Ohio


  • 6/11/2014 Good, but needs a design upgrade

    rating star By JBNozomi

    I love that I don't have to think "numbers" when I swim anymore.  Just click and continue.  However, I find the fit to be a little too tight or too loose, never just right.  Also, and perhaps more importantly,  I agree with many other reviewers, the click isn't always reliably a "click" as much as it is a sort of "mash my finger down on the button, hoping that it registered."  Since there is no back-light there is no clear way to confirm that the number changed unless you 1) saw it change or 2) know what lap you were on before you tried clicking or 3) felt a reassuring click when you pressed the button.  I would love for the designers to engineer something that doesn't require as much pressure for the users' fingers or concern about accuracy in counting.  I can usually count on my fellow Japanese lane-users to comment on what a cool device it is, as nothing like it is available here. Seems like there would be a nice market for them here, in the land of compact devices.

    Kumamoto, Japan


  • 2/12/2013 fantastic!

    rating star By Jennifer G.

    the only negative is you can't pause or stop mid workout, otherwise I love it.

    Jennifer G.
    Boulder, CO


  • 8/20/2015 One less thing to think about when swimming laps

    rating star By Alan

    Easy to use. Arrives with clear instructions. Counts laps and times them as well.

    New Jersey


  • 8/3/2015 Met my expectations

    rating star By Dave

    Really allows you to think other thoughts rather than concentrate on counting laps.  Fits my large fingers. Button operates easily but could be a bit larger and an audible click would be nice.  Screen ok to see, a bit larger would be nice.  Enough features but a downloadable larger sized manual would be convenient.

    Dallas, TX.


  • 8/3/2015 Good for distance swimming

    rating star By Swimguy

    Functional unit, this is part of my daily swim gear. I've purchased 2 so far after losing the first one; current one has been in use for a bit over 2 years, average 60-70 minute daily swim (I skip some days, swim 2x other days). I use this partially to keep time as distance per minute is pretty constant given my daily swims; haven't had problems with pushing the button hard enough for it to register, although sometimes I "zone out" and need to confirm that I've clicked the counter button by checking the time on the next lap (if it's around 2x normal time, I click the button again to "correct' the number of laps. Simple, straightforward, functional unit. I'd recommend it to any long distance swimmers to help track time/distance on workouts.

    I'm looking at replacing it fairly soon as the plastic is starting to wear out, the way that the unit adjusts is for nubs on the band to fit into holes on the other side, and the first nub or two are starting to appear less stable than initially.

    The functions on this unit are: total time, count of "laps", average time per lap, time for final lap. After each click, the unit registers the count of that lap, and then the time between the last "click" and the current "click" (time of the most recent lap completed)

    Denver, CO


  • 7/25/2015 Love it! Swimming laps is so much more enjoyable now!

    rating star By Cynthia

    Highly recommend purchasing this lap counter.  Easy to use, accurate and it doesn't obstruct swimming in any way, shape or form.  Just push the button at the end of each lap (at the pool's edge) and keep swimming.

    Raleigh, NC


  • 1/21/2015 Worth it

    rating star By Ryan

    I need to purchase my second lap counter because after about 2-3 years of on and off use, the battery just died (or that's what it seems to be).  The unit is a very simple design and I agree with others that the button sometimes could use better feedback that I had actually pressed the button during my laps.  I've compensated for this by doing incorporating a very deliberate press into my turns.  This product is probably one of the least expensive options for swimmers that are working to cut down their lap time.  This counter allows for the min, max and average which can be valuable to use but it doesn't save it when it turns off (which I think it automatically shuts off after either 20 minutes or an hour of inactivity) so logging it somewhere is required if you are serious in tracking your progress.  That may be inconvenient for a lap counter but this is a basic unit and pretty good quality for the price.  I would also like to point out that the battery while I think is replaceable, requires some pretty small screwdrivers to do it.  I tried to replace the battery but didn't realize that there were two sets of screws (different sizes) that had to be removed to get to the battery and I don't have something for the smaller set.  To avoid hunting for a small enough screwdriver, I'm just buying a new one.  I'd recommend it as a good product with some minor changes that could be made to make it better.

    Logan, UT


  • 11/9/2014 All we want is the Data Link that worked so well for so long

    rating star By Data Link

    It had a very important feature of a phonebook,calendar and a way to set it with actual information,waterproof, all the laps junk that most people that do not run won”t use. along with a battery life if over a year and was affordable to everyone.

    Data Link


  • 9/17/2014 Functional...BUT

    rating star By PJP

    After 4 months of use the screen now has a "rainbow" effect after ever use.  It appears that there may be a leak of some kind allowing moisture into the timepiece.

    Houston, TX


  • 6/14/2014 I like it.

    rating star By JustMe

    Haven't really used it yet but love the idea of both the timer and lap counter in the one ring.I want to get started doing laps in the Y pool and the lap counter will be perfect for me.  Got the idea from a swimmer at the Y pool who does 3 miles a day of laps.  She had the lap counter ring.  Loved the idea.

    Spring Hill, FL


  • 5/8/2014 Love it. Great for counting laps and recording time. Works great.

    rating star By Susan Moyes

    Never have to worry about how many laps I've done and it keeps the time to the second.  Its very easy to use and works great.

    Susan Moyes
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


  • 1/26/2014 Great Counter

    rating star By DMH

    It's a small product that fits well on my finger.  A bit pricey for what you actually get,  But I do like it.

    Milwaukee, WI


  • 6/22/2013 Red VS Blue Logo Sport Count Models

    rating star By Surfin Girl

    I've had the Red Logo for thee years and loved it.  The problem was the band failed, while the battery and lap counter are still working.  I replaced my lap counter with the Blue Logo in 2012. and I'm sorry I didn't repurchase the Red Logo model.  The Blue Logo will not pause between sets, as the Red Logo did.  This means that each set will begin as lap number one, not a continuation of laps completed and total  time elapsed.  I don't like that I must mentally keep track of the number of sets I have completed.  The Red Logo did this for me.  If your workouts involve repetitive sets, spend the extra money and purchase the Red Logo.  I'm thinking of attaching a Velcro strap with Super Glue to my Red Logo, so I can continue to use it instead of my newer Blue Logo model.  My sport is swimming.

    Surfin Girl


  • 5/4/2013 Best friend for long distance swimmers

    rating star By Swimmer NYC

    I swim between 3-5K six to seven days a week. That's a lot of laps to keep track of. The Sportscount gives me my lap count and average as well as my fastest and slowest lap. The data it gives me is valuable information as I try new techniques. I highly recommend it to anyone who regularly swims long distances. If this model does not provide enough information, try the slightly more expensive model that can pause, store past swims and other cool features.

    Swimmer NYC
    New York, NY


  • 2/23/2013 Like it ALOT

    rating star By Rita D.

    SIMPLE to use! Keeps me from cheating. I too would love a pause option, so I could pause to see how far I am b/c I cant read while swimming.

    Rita D.
    Norton, OH


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