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SportCount Chrono 100

SportCount Chrono 100 Reviews

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4.5 star rating (67 Reviews)

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  • 10/21/2014 Shows total time, not that helpful

    rating star By OldSyle

    The neat thing about this watch is you can click a lap with your thumb and index finger on the same hand (though you can't be sure you pressed it hard enough).
    This is great if you aren't stopping between laps, or if you are holding onto the wall at the deep end. And being a bit faster than bringing one hand to your wrist watch on the other it is probably more accurate.

    It shows the total time, until you click the lap counter, then in about a second it shows the lap number (for 3 secs), and then the lap time (for 7 secs) then it reverts to total time.  If you want to save your lap times for later, the total time soon becomes meaningless, as your workout changes.

    So after you do your turn if you look quickly enough you can see your lap number, but not your lap time or total time. You can see your total time some time later, but this would not be at a lap interval. (I am probably going to swimming during the 7 seconds it shows the lap time)

    If you stop between laps you can see the lap number and even the lap time.  The problem with this is I don't want to spend my whole rest time looking at the watch.
    Once it resumes showing total time after 10 seconds, you have to count off the seconds or do some quick math to get your send off time. (For 15 seconds of rest you would have to count off (15-10)  5 seconds when it reverts to total time etc.)

    It might compliment my watch I could click laps off on the watch, and then look at this to see when my 5 seconds rest is up.  Or if I don't stop between laps I could click them off on this, but look at my total time on my watch to see how my pace is doing.



  • 7/10/2014 Great product

    rating star By Gaby

    I had been using SportCount model Blue for at least 3 years, 3 times a week , 1.3 miles average each session and it had never failed. Also, I´ve never had to change the battery, but I lost it a month ago and I’ve been desperate because I get distracted often and I forget my lap count.  Fortunately I have just received my new order. This time I bought Crono 100 model, basically because I found out that this one has a pause ability, unlike the blue one. It also counts elapsed time, split times, fastest, slowest and  average lap times as the blue one did. If you are not sure of what SportCount model to  buy, my suggestion would be to review the feature chart at their website, but don’t forget to buy it at Swimoutlet which always offers great service and punctual delivery.  This counter  is better than a wrist watch because you don’t need two hands to use it. I wear it on my forefinger and just click the button with my thumb. I would like it to have a bigger and more visible screen though. I highly recommend this product.

    Mexico City and San Antonio, Tx


  • 4/19/2013 very helpful

    rating star By Alison

    This lap counter/timer is a big help since I have a hard time seeing the clock at the pool I swim in. I can just check my time right on my finger. And since I can never remember how many laps I've swam this keeps track of them for me. My only complaint is the button to start and stop the time is a little difficult to push so many times I don't get my actual lap time recorded cuz I can't get it to stop.

    Las Vegas, NV


  • 12/21/2009 Counter w/Stopwatch

    rating star By TriMan

    The Chrono 100 is a great product.  A simple design that doesn't interfere with my hand movements or create much drag.  No more forgetting the lap count and it allows me to focus on other parts of my stroke rather than remembering how far I've swam.

    Tulsa, OK


  • 9/29/2009 Lap swimming

    rating star By Scott W.

    In a 25 or 50 meter pool, after a bit I tend to loose track of exactly what lap I'm on...

    It works, but... I'd rather be able to glance at it and see what lap I'm on, not the time... I can review the times later...

    My 2 cents...

    Scott W.
    Suffolk, VA


  • 8/22/2014 Nice workout addition

    rating star By D

    I was a little concerned that it would impede my stroke but you don't even notice it on your hand/finger. Likewise I was concerned the strap design would not work well...but it does!  Product works very well. The only enhancement I would recommend is a light on can only see  the panel in the daylight so early morning swims you just have to trust the counter is working and read once you get out of the pool and into some light.



  • 6/12/2014 Great for Masters Swimming

    rating star By Satisfied Customer

    The SportCount Chrono 100 has helped me to relax as I am swimming. Instead of concentrating on 1,1,1...10,10,10 I can concentrate more on my form. If I have a single complaint, it would be that the lap number is not displayed long enough. I would prefer lap number over time, or an option to display both switching back and forth.

    Satisfied Customer
    Chicago, IL


  • 6/1/2014 Simple and effective

    rating star By cvillemure

    Helps me count my long training laps, doen't get in the way, easy to read underwater.  No extra features I wouldn't use.  Other than the lap count, the timer with it's average functionnality is very useful to see if I keep my pace.  Way more precise than checking the clock at the pool.

    Sherbrooke, Canada


  • 5/15/2014 Overall good buy

    rating star By Angie

    Overall, the product is very helpful and made well. My only complaint is that I would have liked for the lap numbers to be displayed at all times rather than the timer. However, there is another model that only count laps; therefore, if your main intention is to know how many laps you have performed, you should buy that one.
    TIP: I wear the timer so that the interface faces down (when I make a fist, the interface of the watch faces my palm) and the button closest to my thumb. This makes it easier to consistantly click the button to accurately record laps.

    West Palm Beach, FL


  • 5/7/2014 Great device

    rating star By Peter

    Once you learn the functionality it's great

    Atco, NJ


  • 4/17/2014 does what it says it will do

    rating star By bobc

    can now concentrate on technique and breathing not counting

    ponte vedra fl


  • 4/6/2014 touch of a finger....

    rating star By Linda

    What a great product so far...easy to operate..a little overwhelming at first....offers so much information..once you've used it a couple of times. .you wonder why you didn't order it sooner! Let's you concentrate on swim techniques instead of keeping track of laps.  For a novice swimmer trying to develop into a decent swimmer this product is great!

    United States


  • 7/16/2013 Tracking Laps

    rating star By cdub

    I use the SportCount Chrono 100 to track my laps in the pool.  I like that I can pause it between sets of laps, and I like that I can review my lap times after my workout.  The thing that I would change is that I have to wait a second or two for the lap number to show up after I've pressed the button.  This becomes annoying, especially when I'm trying to keep my momentum between laps.

    Northern Utah


  • 4/9/2013 good product

    rating star By Jennifer J.

    it is a little hard to get use to at first but it is worth the discomfort for the accuracy

    Jennifer J.


  • 3/4/2013 Good product

    rating star By Roger

    Have only used it a few times but it is sssoooooo much better than trying to remember laps while swimming.  It is a little hard to push the button until you find just the right position on the finger but great other than that.



  • 2/16/2013 Chrono 100

    rating star By Mike

    Now, all you have to remember is to click the button at the end of each lap..!

    West Vancouver, BC


  • 2/8/2013 Great tool

    rating star By Steve

    I use it for every swim. It is small, non-obtrusive and easy to use. I check my history at the end of every workout.

    Morris County NJ


  • 2/7/2013 Great Little Gadget!

    rating star By New2Tri

    This is a great little gadget for counting laps and reviewing splits!  I give it four stars because I have only had it a month and I'm not sure how long the battery will last.  It would be great if it had an off option rather than waiting 30 minutes after it has been inactive to automatically shutdown.



  • 2/1/2013 LOVE IT

    rating star By Dean

    Greatest little swim lap timer ever!

    Western Kentucky


  • 12/31/2012 Great lap counter!

    rating star By SwimJennySwim

    I've been using the Chrono 100 for all of my swim workouts for several years....I cannot say enough good things about it. Always works!!

    Chicago, IL


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