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NipGuard Individual Runner's Pack (10 Pair)

NipGuard Individual Runner's Pack (10 Pair) Reviews

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4.5 star rating (15 Reviews)

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  • 5/16/2015 They Work!

    rating star By RunnerRon

    I have used them for 5 years, through many long sweaty runs in the Texas heat and humidity and they have never failed. For all runs of an hour or more I always wear my Nip Guards. I've logged literally thousands of miles using them and they work!



  • 10/14/2015 No bloody nipples for all 26.2 miles! YEAH!

    rating star By Michael

    Tried so many different things to try to stop my nipples from bleeding during my marathon training....nothing ever worked..I am 200 lbs and sweat alot and very hairy on my chest..the beauty of these is that they fit right on the nipple and don't hang over onto any of the hairy parts of my chest..firm..tight..comfortable...pricey but worth every penny and more..I think I will still train with bloody nipples like I have in the past...we will see...or try to do my long runs without my shirt on...anyway..ordered 2 day delivery and came in just in time for my run...and I Pr'd my marathon time by over 30 minutes! Yeah!

    Madison,Village, OHIO


  • 9/30/2015 NipGuards work as advertised

    rating star By westkidd

    In the past when running 1+ hours in a tech shirt my nips would start to bleed.  Nip Guards work as expected and stay stuck to your chest and protect your nips for the entire run.

    San Diego


  • 8/30/2014 Awesome

    rating star By Steve

    Finally found a solution to annoying and painful nipple rash.  Tried a lot of things but this works!

    Alexandria Al


  • 8/13/2014 Nip Guards Changed my life

    rating star By Tony

    I've used other nipple guard protectors and none of them are as effective as the NipGuard brands.  When it comes to long runs - they simply changed my life.  No more bloody nipples for this guy.

    Long Island


  • 11/8/2013 Finally

    rating star By PrairieSquid

    I've tried many things; none has worked. These stayed on for an entire marathon.

    I helped them along by shaving the area, using an alcohol swab to clean my skin and held them down for a minute to make sure they stuck.

    And they did.



  • 6/12/2013 i was a doubter

    rating star By kipchack41

    always thought these were a joke - not now - they stay in place and do not hurt coming off - they do look a might funky under a white shirt -

    south bend in


  • 5/11/2013 Works as Advertised

    rating star By Gigster

    These are super easy to use and work like a champ! They went on easy and have stayed on throughout all of my long runs, 3 so far since I purchased the product. They also came off easily and without pain! I would recommend them to anyone that gets sore nipples on long runs. I will never go on a long run again without them. A little expensive, but worth it when I can jump in a hot shower after running for 90+ minutes and not scream in agony. Purchasing was super easy and shipping was very fast.



  • 2/23/2013 fell off...

    rating star By dave

    I only used them one time so far. I will try again, but I put them on for a 12 mile run. At mile seven I realized they were gone. Very frustrating. When I first put them on I really liked them and hoped to finally find something that would work. Sadly, they didn't.



  • 2/22/2013 Awesome NipGuards!!!!

    rating star By Sage

    They are the best. I have been using this product ever since I started running almost 9 mos ago. It definitely stays on your nipples after a very sweaty run in the middle of a hot humid summer in Austin, Tx. They are easy to put on and take off. They also work great in cold weather too. I highly recommend them over other products that I have heard from other runners. I am so thankful for these as I no longer have sore nipples after my long 20+ mi runs. They were still on me after my 2 marathons this past year. Enjoy your runs with these awesome Nip Guards!!!



  • 11/15/2012 I'm Sold

    rating star By Matthew Lim

    Admittedly the concept felt a little odd putting a nipple into a little cavity, but I figured why not. I followed the instructions and kept my hand over them till the adhesive was firmly set, put my gear on and went for a run. After an hour of driving and four hours of running I jumped in the shower and remembered the guards. They were still secured in position just as I left them, faithfully guarding my nips. What more could I ask of a nip guard than that it guard my nips. I'm sold. I'll be using these things on all my long runs from now on.

    Three thoughts on these things: 1) They are, in my opinion a little pricey BUT they work, 2) Not that it would matter but they did not show through my shirt AT ALL, 3) You'll lose a little hair removing them if you have hair to lose. Not much but enough to say, "ouch."

    Matthew Lim
    Hot Springs, SD


  • 11/12/2012 Great

    rating star By MikeinFL

    At first they seemed really flimsy and I figured they were gonna fall off. I was surprised how well they do stick despite sweating

    Tampa, FL


  • 11/6/2012 NipGuard

    rating star By Rob

    Great product. Stayed on during entire marathon. No complaints at all and Runoutlet was great to deal with. Fast shipping and easy purchase. I would highly recomend both NipGuards and runoutlet.

    New Hampshire


  • 11/1/2012 Work Perfectly!

    rating star By Scott C.

    I begin most long runs more in fear of chafed nipples than sore or tired legs!  I first found & used in mid-2012 and will never run 90+ minutes without them again.  They stay on for hours through sweat, despite hair, and using any shirt I've tossed at them for the last year.

    Scott C.
    Lynchburg, VA


  • 10/6/2012 Save my chafing nipples!

    rating star By Larry

    After gettinng a bloody shirt once, I live in fear of my nipples being rubbed raw again.



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