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FINIS Tempo Trainer

FINIS Tempo Trainer Reviews

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3.5 star rating (43 Reviews)

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  • 11/22/2012 Love it!

    rating star By Blake M.

    I swear by the tempo trainer especially because I swim without a coach. Its great for focising in on my stroke rate and mode 2 is great for speed work.

    Blake M.
    Rosemount, MN


  • 9/15/2012 great pacing device

    rating star By deb

    Helped with my first half I'M swim

    akron, oh


  • 5/14/2012 Wow! Is this device LOUD!

    rating star By MomWhoShopsandDrivestothePool

    The swim team coach had my daughter put this INSIDE HER SWIM CAP instead of on the strap of her goggles, and she said it was incredibly loud!  The difference between this model and the next one up is that the other one floats, this one doesn't.  It's not a big deal, though... the blue one works just fine!

    Upstate NY


  • 3/26/2012 Great Product

    rating star By Richard D.

    Just learned how to swim about 2.5 years ago. And now I've been trying to improve my tempo/efficiency so my TI instructor suggested this trainer.  I have been using it over a year now and it still going strong. Very simple to use...

    Richard D.
    Ashbury, NJ


  • 3/20/2012 NOT SO GOOD

    rating star By Hank

    I had terrible luck with half a dozen of these.  One worked great and lasted over a year.  The others died after a few months (50 hours of workouts) or the buttons never worked properly to begin with.  Have had excellent results with the new Tempo Trainer Pro version, see my review there.

    Philadelphia, PA


  • 3/19/2012 Disappointed - TT only lasted 4 months (battery/display died)

    rating star By RedRhino62

    Great item. Perfect training companion. Used it for both swimming and Chi-running (cadence) for 4 months prior to NYC Marathon, then it died 2weeks prior to race day. Only used it 8-10 hours per week for ~16 weeks. By the random online posts... it appears some folks claim they get 2.5 years out of battery. I'm guessing that's light use. And yes... Unfortunately it seems there's no way to replace the battery. So, I chalk it up to $30 bucks invested in a race training... similar to a pair of shoes, socks or whatever. Aside from short life... very good product if you know how to use it (Total Immersion/Chi Running).

    Newark, DE


  • 3/19/2012 Great Training Tool

    rating star By Norman S.

    Performs as advertised, easy to use, great for working on stroke rate.

    Norman S.
    Weston, FL


  • 3/19/2012 Batteries don't last long

    rating star By jdh

    Very disappointed in the short amount of time the batteries lasted. Otherwise, it is a great training tool!

    Brainerd, MN


  • 2/26/2012 Can't hear it

    rating star By mom of 4

    I would also love to use this but cannot hear it.  So discouraged because this would be a great training tool for my upcoming triathlon.  I hope Finis "hears" it's potential customers and comes out with a version that has a vibrate option instead of beeps.  I'm giving this 3 stars because my hearing teammates liked it a lot but it didn't work for me since I can't hear it. : (

    mom of 4
    Greenwich, CT


  • 2/14/2011 Can;t hear it underwater...

    rating star By Allen H.

    Would love to use it...just can't hear the age 62, there's lots of stuff I can't .........playing in soul/rock band for many years and dj'ng for 20 plus has its penalities...

    Allen H.
    Philadelphia, MS


  • 1/13/2011 Great training tool

    rating star By Lynne Cassidy

    Extremely easy to use; slip it under your swim cap just above your ear & it's easy to hear without being the least annoying.  Great for endurance pacing or lengthening stroke.  So much better than 70% effort, etc.  Highly recommended for the price.

    Lynne Cassidy
    Plainfield, IL


  • 1/7/2011 Works Great! Really helps my workout!

    rating star By Teresa B.

    Love It. Easy to use.

    Teresa B.
    Glenwood Springs, CO


  • 12/15/2010 I love this product.

    rating star By Jon Inocelda

    This product is awesome.  My first Sprint Distance Triatlon I finished the swim in 24.29 minutes as a beginner.  This is not that fast for half a mile.  With the tempo trainer I have been able to explode my swimming potential.  Along with my new Total Immersion Swim Technique and the Tempo Trainer, in just a short period of 9 weeks I have drop my hurendous time of 24 minutes to an awesome time of 14.53.  This is a ten minute drop in time for my half mile swim.  Thanks to the tempo trainer and I am just 5 minutes off the pro times and will continue to get better.  Thanks again, Jon I. Sacramento, CA.

    Jon Inocelda
    Sacramento, CA


  • 9/22/2010 Awesome!

    rating star By unk

    This overpriced device has so many uses!  This is great for any experience swimmer, especially those who train by themselves.

    Rio Rancho, NM


  • 7/28/2010 cheaply made

    rating star By Matt

    I've used one of these before and think it's great tool.  However, the one I just bought keeps falling out of its bracket on turns.  The bracket is made so you can take the Tempo Trainer (TT) out and adjust the TT without having to remove your goggles.  This particular bracket is not tight enough to hold the TT securely. This shouldn't be the case when spending $35-40.

    Great Barrington, MA


  • 7/2/2010 I like my Tempo Trainer

    rating star By Nora E.

    As a returning swimmer, I found my breathing was off. The Tempo Trainer took me from a difficult 75 yard max before stopping to mile workous in one try. This is my second Tempo Trainer. The old one wore out.

    Nora E.
    Wingdale, NY


  • 6/9/2010 Great

    rating star By Nora E.

    When I went back to swimming after 25 years, I couldn't get past 75 yds without gasping for breath. I set the trained to 3 sec and went from 3 pool lengths to 50 the first day I used it.
    The clip that holds it to the goggle strap broke and I used a rubber band on it.
    Now I think the battery is gone.
    Thanks for the idea of putting it inside the cap.
    I'm getting another one.

    Nora E.
    Wingdale, NY


  • 6/7/2010 Tempo Timer

    rating star By John T.

    I had a hard time hearing the beeps while I was swimming, so I do not feel it benefitted like I was expecting. I was hopping this would help me slow down my strokes.
    Also, you have to be very careful how you store this, it is easily turned on by accident. Once the battery dies it can not be replaced nad you have to by another one.

    John T.
    Lexington, SC


  • 5/24/2010 excellent product

    rating star By 5 swimmers

    this is our 5th tempo trainer, we have 5 kids.

    5 swimmers


  • 5/18/2010 Can't hear it while swimming

    rating star By Val

    My son claims he can hear it under the cap. I put in on a goggle strap and I can hear it occasionally when I turn to the side where this device is to breathe, not the other times.

    Newtown, PA


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