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CytoSport Cytomax Energy Drink - 4.5 lbs

CytoSport Cytomax Energy Drink - 4.5 lbs Reviews

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5 star rating (8 Reviews)

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  • 3/24/2009 love it

    rating star By Tammy

    I'm an endurance runner and have constant cramping and energy levels drop (mental, too), this drink really helps gives me a "boost" and sorta "oils my machine"  to keep going.  I use it in my spin classes also.  It tastes great and doesn't clump at all.

    Love it.

    El Paso, TX


  • 11/16/2015 Cytomax

    rating star By itriforfun

    Cytomax gives me the energy to train for Ironman. It helps with cramping and tastes good. Its a bit too sweet if you use two scoops. I've tried other products and this one is the best by far

    Houston, tx


  • 1/12/2014 A Staple Since 1994

    rating star By rrrevin

    Great price, great product!

    Juneau, AK


  • 8/5/2013 Cytomax

    rating star By Todd Best/Todd.Milano

    It needs natural...from nature, ingrediants to balance the effects of "borrowing nutrients" to get the desired results: no muscle pain, under heavy or long duration exertion. 10% increase in strength, can be elevated by adding: Leutine Malate, TMG, and Ribose. Carnitine, helps by elevating the reaction amoung these additions, plus, eliminating the effects of histimines or inflamation. Lemon juice nutralizes: toxins, pneumonia, and excess acids. Cranberry juice eliminates the build up in the kidneys of compounds formed from heavier usage of Cytomax.

    Todd Best/Todd.Milano
    Glenville, CA


  • 2/7/2013 Cytomax Tropical Fruit

    rating star By Randa

    I used a sample packet of the powder I'd received at the Muddy Buddy Race in Boulder, CO.   It noticeably maintained my endurance while hiking Barr Trail on Pikes Peak. I drank some about 10 minutes into the hike, another dose at 2 miles up, and the remainder at my car before heading home.  I'm an avid, regular, strenuous hiker. I liked the steady feeling of strength I got from the Cytomax so much that I ordered 4.5 pounds of it in the yummy-tasting Tropical Fruit flavor that was in the sample! :)  It's working great for me, and I find that dissolving the powder in a little bit of warm water before filling my bottle with cold water keeps the powder from clumping up and not fully dissolving. Problem solved. Great product.

    Colorado Springs, CO


  • 10/22/2012 Awesome!

    rating star By Liz

    My daughter typically lags when she is practicing her swimming, but she drank this while she was swimming and we noticed that she was able to go further and try harder.  This product is definitely good for not only swimming and helping with endurance, but it is also good with working out.  I would recommend this to anyone who gets tired or feels the burn from working out.

    Wichita, KS


  • 5/23/2010 Cytomax Energy Drink

    rating star By T

    I have returned to using Cytomax energy drink after being away for several years. I still like it. The drink is not sugary but nutritional. Much better than other heavily advertised mass marketed products. My favorite flavor was Peachy Keen which seems not be be available.

    Santa Fe


  • 4/11/2010 Great Price!!!

    rating star By Maryann

    My family and I have used this product for years when we go on longer bike rides (it's also really beneficial to drink a glass before bed if you've had a couple cocktails, lol).  The reason I buy it here is that it's $15 less than at my bike shop.  Thank!

    Gresham, OR


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