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Fitness Technologies uWaterK7 Waterproof Digital PPL FM Radio

Fitness Technologies uWaterK7 Waterproof Digital PPL FM Radio Reviews

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4 star rating (67 Reviews)

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  • 10/7/2015 Impressed!!

    rating star By Tia

    This little thing is a great companion while swimming. As described it is the smallest mp3 player I have ever seen. The things I liked about this player are its quality of sound, good protection in water, great amount of memory and of course its size. I use it regularly and had no issues till date. I used the FM just once and the player had a great reception of almost all stations. The controls are very basic to use.

    Miami, FL


  • 6/26/2015 Great

    rating star By Glitter

    Love the small size.great volume. I have not downloaded any music yet, only been using the radio.  I have some minor static with radio when I go below 3' deep, but I am guessing that's do to the radio station itself. I really like the ear plugs on the head set, keeps water out of ears.

    I do notice that the head phones tend to fade out sometime. Varies and on both ears at different times. Not sure if a short or not.
    Overall I am very happy with them. Especially for the price.



  • 4/23/2015 Worth a try

    rating star By Rita

    I am not a tech geek to use electronic devices. I always needed some gadget for listening to songs while swimming. The controls are basic but easy to use and the receiver seems to be powerful enough to get many stations. Even the earbuds are so control so that I need bother about them falling off while swimming… Totally worth it!!!



  • 4/21/2015 Very convenient for water sports

    rating star By Mary

    Being microsized, It is very convenient for me to carry anywhere plus it comes with MP3 and FM radio!!! The product is convenient for me to wear on the headband while swimming and it really is 100% waterproof!!! The quality of sound is not impacted even underwater!! The product I would suggest as affordable and smart choice.



  • 4/20/2015 Best partner at swimming

    rating star By Alia

    I love to hear music in my water workout. Poolside radio irritated many people around .This personalized radio is a big solution for it, where I can listen to what I want. Works amazing in indoor pool with lots of fixtures in building structure.  I can block out conversations. I can block out screaming children.  I have extended workout up to an hour. Charges battery easily.  I will recommend to anyone (after they are done staring at the ear-buds I wear in the pool!)

    Edison, NJ



    rating star By Italian Girl

    I needed something to motivate me in my water workout. I annoyed other people if I brought a poolside radio. There was no overhead music.  I came upon this personal radio where I can listen to what I want.Works fine in indoor pool with lots of fixtures in bldg structure.  I can block out conversations. I can block out screaming children.  I have extended workout up to an hour. Charges battery easily.  I will recommend to anyone( after they are done staring at the ear-buds I wear in the pool!)

    Italian Girl
    Saint Louis, Missouri



    rating star By James McCann

    Too much static.

    James McCann


  • 9/21/2014 Great idea but

    rating star By Kevin

    Was excited to receive this product and worked great once.... However now only one side of headphones work... This began with second use and is very annoying... From reading other reviews seems to be a common problem

    Hot springs arkansas


  • 7/3/2014 I love it but the clip...

    rating star By Anthony Reynard

    if the chip gets broke can you get another clip? also I need new water ear pieces for swiming.

    Anthony Reynard
    Atlanta, GA


  • 4/30/2014 Doesn't work.

    rating star By James Ruiz

    The first one I purchased had weak reception, but I was able to use it. It was damaged and I purchased another. The tuner is totally off with this one. It will not tune properly. Don't waste your money.

    James Ruiz
    Annville, PA


  • 11/11/2013 Got to have one!!!

    rating star By Ken

    This new toy is GREAT!!  I just finished my swimming and was listening to my favor radio station while doing some laps.  I also was going under about one foot and still had reception. The radio works and receives the station very strong!  I was very skeptical at first, then this morning I was thrilled!! It worked just like S/O said it would but better. Last thing I looked up and my swim workout was over, it felt like I just got there. The only thing bad about it is...nothing!!!!!!!!get one and enjoy. Kurt V.

    San Jose, CA


  • 6/1/2012 uwaterk7 FM radio

    rating star By Joyce H.

    I use my fm radio while walking in a public swimming pool.  If I remember to charge it every night, it helps to occupy the time needed to get my exercising done.  I have one big problem with my radio.  I can't get the volume to go low enough to keep me from fearing that I am increasing my chances of going deaf from its loudness.  Another thing, it usually takes me about four to six hours to do my exercises and I end up having to turn it back on a couple of times before I am through and I am afraid that by having to do that in chlorinated water that the case may become weaker allowing water to enter the radio.

    Joyce H.
    Taft, TN


  • 11/9/2015 Pretty great!

    rating star By Ellen

    Works great- but a bit too loud- even on the lowest setting, so I use only one ear bud.

    Boston, MA


  • 10/29/2015 Earphone broke after a few uses ):

    rating star By qwertyuiop

    So, first off, shipping was slow for me. It says 2-6 days but expect 6 or more. I bought just the radio and not the MP3 + radio. In hindsight, I feel like I should have sprung for the one with MP3... I don't know if it's because of where the pool is located, but there is quite a bit of static for all stations. The radio doesn't seem to work even if it is the least bit underwater- so for example, I'll hear nothing but static when my head dips into the pool while doing breaststroke. You also should expect to hear nothing but static throughout your flip turn and until you surface (and for all of backstroke). So sometimes, I feel like I am listening to static for the whole duration of my swim. Just so you know, I clip it to the back of my goggles and position it near the top of my head.
    When it comes to charging the thing, it's pretty straightforward- you plug it in and it charges. It seems to indicate a full charge when the battery is full and stops blinking. It is a bit tricky to set the stations but once you get the hang of it, it's fine.
    I can deal with all the static and the shortcomings of the radio because that might not be anybody's fault but just due to the location of the pool.
    However, the left earphone stopped working after a few uses, which really upset me. At first I thought water had gotten in and that's why I couldn't hear anything, but it didn't work after I dried it out and tried it outside of the pool. So I've been listening to it with just the one side for over a week now. It stinks that I haven't even had it for very long but I have to buy another set of waterproof headphones.

    San Fransisco, CA


  • 9/28/2015 Impressed

    rating star By Bryan

    One of my swimming mate suggested this FM Radio and I got it few months ago. It works perfectly till date. The reception of FM stations is good even under water. Quality of sound is exceptionally good. I specially like the display of the Radio and is very clear. I would give a thumbs up for this product.

    Reading, PA


  • 9/14/2015 I wear it while riding my bicycle. It picks up stations fairly well

    rating star By diehard1

    It is very small and attaches to the back strap of my baseball caps.
    Signal fades somewhat but OK.
    Holds a charge very well.

    Burlington, NC


  • 7/15/2015 Swim radio

    rating star By David

    This works as advertised. Reception of stronger stations is good.



  • 7/7/2015 Doesn't work

    rating star By Anna

    The sound cuts in and out, in the ear buds. This problem occurred during the first swim practice and practice since then. I complained and was sent a second one to try but the same problem occurs. Save your money and buy one that actually works.

    Raleigh, North Carolina


  • 6/19/2015 Poor Reception

    rating star By MPP

    Did not receive any stations well in the pool.



  • 6/8/2015 Waterproof digital FM radio is an excellent product

    rating star By nadador@62

    A great swimming buddy for long training sessions sound and reception is very good. It will work for six to eight hours on a single charge the headset works well, but do louse sound it has water in earpiece suck the water out and you good to go

    Bayamon, P.R.


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