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Speedo Aquabeat 2.0 MP3 Player

Speedo Aquabeat 2.0 MP3 Player Reviews

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2.5 star rating (35 Reviews)

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  • 2/20/2014 Okay Product, Better Underwater MP3s Elsewhere

    rating star By Eric P.

    I used this for 5 months twice a week. After figuring out the technical issues with it (Songs wouldn't play and such), I had a hard time keeping the headphones in, falling out every couple of laps. After finally figuring out that wearing a swim cap helps keep them in, the sound was muffled and it was not very accessible in the water if you wanted to switch songs. It is okay to use if you are a slow/leisure swimmer, but a competitive swimmer would find this a waste.

    Eric P.
    Harmony, PA


  • 2/11/2014 Gets me through my swim, but...

    rating star By Sher B.

    So the Speedo Aquabeat 2.0 gets me through my swim, but not before a lot of other issues.  The handbook and what I could get online for set-up, etc. was minimal, so I called Speedo and they gave me their tech-support #.  I called them several times w/in a 2 week period, leaving messages because no one ever answered.  No one ever returned my calls. Finally got it figured out w/help from a techy friend.  Same complaint as others:  hard to keep the earphones in, sound is muffled at best, etc.  I definitely wouldn't buy another one.

    Sher B.


  • 8/14/2013 OK while it lasted

    rating star By MRTX

    I used this product for about a month, 3-4 times a week for about an hour each. A month later, the machine started having problems (stuck keys, difficulty turning it on etc). I wound up returning it. Definitely not worth the high price tag. It was ok while it lasted. Good sound clarity and worked well in the water.

    Houston, TX


  • 4/30/2013 Not working yet.

    rating star By Richard M.

    The first Aquabeat I purchased came on and charged the first time I plugged it into my computer but then never would come on again.  I received a replacement for it which has worked just fine.  The earbuds, however, are completely inadequate.  The hoops will not stay on my ear unless I wear a cap and with or without a cap the earbuds do not seal the water out of the ear canal.  Once water gets in your ear you cannot hear anything so the earbuds must be able to seal the water out of the ear.  I am keeping the Aquabeat and purchasing other brands of earbuds to see if there are any that really work.

    Richard M.
    Boone, NC


  • 1/5/2013 Great Product, not so great earbuds

    rating star By DDD

    The MP3 Player is great, but the earphones don't really stay in and don't have the capacity to mold into my ear or bend around my ear properly to make a good, tight seal.  Thus I can't hear when I swim.  I will be buying some new headphones to try and see if something else will work.



  • 1/4/2013 Don't listen to nay-sayers

    rating star By Sarah G.

    I was afraid to purchase this product after reading numerous complaints. I bought it anyway because it was the only one at a price I could afford. Listen: if you basic computer skills, this MP3 player is great. The icon pops up on your desktop, you load your songs. Done. The buttons on the product itself is simple. You are swimming and the unit sits on your goggles. You are supposed to be swimming, not playing DJ and it does the job. The only drawback is that it doesn't support high-quality MP3, so you have to convert your songs... but it takes a minute with an app.

    Sarah G.
    Chicago, IL


  • 8/2/2012 So far, so good

    rating star By Jim

    This is my second Aquabeat. The first one inexplicably died, but SwimOutlet gave me credit for the purchase. I bought the latest model with 4 gigs, and it's performing just fine.
    The trick to keeping the headphones working properly is to remove the hook that clamps over the ear. Insert the headphones into the ear before you enter the water, thus avoiding water in the ear canal.
    The Aquabeat has improved my workouts tremendously.

    Having 4 gigs of memory is great and the device has a radio, which I've not tried yet while swimming. The display screen is hard to see in the sun at an outdoor pool, but I really don't use it much. I hit play, and off I go.

    Toledo, Ohio


  • 3/14/2012 Wont swim again without it!

    rating star By KeiKi

    Think ratings are a little unfair reading some of the comments. So I hope this helps with your decision. I love this product and cant imagine swimming again without it. Had some moments at the beginning that made me unsure, but here are some tips I think might help!

       #1. found that even with smaller ears, the bigger ear buds are worth trying. thought it would work better the more I fit them in my ear, but for me, just sitting in the ear with the bigger ear buds prevents sound from getting muffled.

       #2. thought that covering ears would be better, but i have found that they work and sound better when not covered. I have to swim with a cap, so switched from a silicon cap to spandex/polyurethane. that alone helped and not covering ears made it even better. and the design of the earbuds that wrap around your  ears holds in place great. even in flip turns and when I do fly.

       #3. the most important tip I can give is just to give it a chance!

    Whatever the brand and type, they all have reviews where it leaks and this or that. and that will happen with all waterproof things. But with warranties, I dont see that as a problem.The sound is great. the design is great. I have swam over an hour everyday for 2 months straight (minus maybe 2 days) and it has been just amazing! I think if anyone actually puts the thought into it that I did and find what works for them, the ratings for this would be a lot more fair! Its not perfect, I was a little disappointed it doesnt come with much instruction. but with 20 mins of playing around with it, its easily figured out!

        Last but not least... the best thing about this design is that it has a screen. other then being able to use it for other things in and out of the water. The screen makes it so easy to find songs quickyly without having to scan through song by song! And since you can play by artist, album, and genre, great thing about that is you can tweak info on songs and make playlists. I changed the genre info on songs to make different groups. so i can choose what songs i want for warm up, swimming long distance, sprints, just kicking, and cool downs. and can also make a favorites list by adding songs to favorites! TRY DOING THAT WITH ANY OTHER WATERPROOF MP3 PLAYER!!!

    Antioch, CA


  • 11/12/2011 Nice upgrade!

    rating star By Nancy P.

    I would have given it 5 stars but I did have trouble with it charging on my older computer (windows XP). I thought I may have had a factory dud and was ready to exchange it.  I decided to charge it on my newer computer (Windows 7) and  the unit held its battery charge.  I was able to download music from Itunes after converting on my window's XP computer but it just would not hold a charge even after it was charging after 3 hours.  May just be my USB is going on that computer.  

    I like the new clip on feature, easy to put in on/off goggle strap. You can see on the screen which song is playing and pick which album/playlist you want. I use the headphones under my cap, you may need to trim the rubber earpieces for the headphones to work properly like I do, the rubber ear pieces are too big for my ears.

    I had the original aquabeat and It worked for almost 3 years with using it weekly. It just would not charge any more, and yes I did try charging it on a different computer with a new USB cable.

    I love listening to music while do my laps, it is a bummer when the battery runs out but on the aquabeat 2  there is a battery indicator to warn you it needs charging!

    Nancy P.
    Lihue, HI


  • 10/20/2014 Great for a little while

    rating star By Jasonic

    My 3rd aquabeat and I loved it until the play button broke.  Volume was good, radio option cool, plenty of storage, and now it's useless.  It did last 4-5 months which is longer than some other reviews I''ve seen.  I'll probably try a different brand this time.  Actually the first one I received the headphones didn't work but customer service was great and sent me a replacement immediately.



  • 4/16/2014 Good and bad

    rating star By d.b.

    The instruction manual is extremely limited in information.
    Luckily, through trial and error, I was able to figure out how to use the product.

    The ear pieces are virtually useless and not structurally sound.  I took them off.

    The sound production is excellent.

    The earpiece wires are not very long and are somewhat difficult to manipulate.

    We'll see how long the product lasts.  I've used a product from a competitor for a year and I ended up purchasing two of them in order to make it that long.  The second one is dead, so I needed to find an alternative.

    missoula, mt


  • 3/14/2014 good player bad headphones

    rating star By penaltybox

    Thought the MP3 player worked well. Only had it for a couple of weeks but it seems to be very solid player. I'm giving it three stars overall becuase the headphones did not work for me - will have to look for another set  from some other company. It comes with two sizes of ear plugs but neither would fit my ears. They kept falling out and I wasted a lot of pool time trying to get them to stay in and the volumn adjusted (the volumn would go down after some water got in my ear so had to increase it). On the third day in a row after using these my inner ear was so sore  I could not use the headset any more without resting my ears.

    fargo, nd


  • 2/27/2014 The MP3 Player works fine but the ear pieces stink.

    rating star By Jeff Seabarkrob,

    I purchased my 1st Aquabeat 5 years ago. Two years ago the right channel began to cut in and out while was swimming and the silicone ear bud began to remain lodged in my ear cannel when I removed the head phones. I began carrying needle nose pliers in my gym bag to extract the ear bud. I called Speedo to see if I could buy a new set of silicone ear buds and was told no, they would only sell me new set of earphones for $35.00. I decided to buy another Speedo Aqua beat. The new one is less then 2 years old and the right channel only works if I hold wire where it exits the ear bud.

    Bottom line the MP3 player works fine but the integrity of the headphones stink.

    Jeff Seabarkrob,
    Quincy IL


  • 6/26/2013 Good MP3 player, FM radio is inadequate

    rating star By Scott

    I use this for running and is great to run with in the rain or if you sweat alot.  It is easy to use with nice big buttons.The player is a good concept  but the FM radio reception is horrible.  I could really only get one station that was static free.  If the radio reception was better I would have rated it 5 stars.

    Louisville, KY


  • 2/19/2013 speedo mp3 player... perfect in water.

    rating star By Richard

    Very  nice design, easy to use if you are basic computer user. Better than other waterproof mp3 player. Honestly This item is perfect to me while I am swimming. May be  each person  has different opinion, but it is based on their  lack of background. Honestly it is easy to use...... Price is fair..... What do you expect from water? Nice product.

    Irvine , CA


  • 1/11/2013 Nice sound quality but not particularly user friendly instructions

    rating star By Ron Yip

    I use it for 30 minutes swim over 1.2 km and found that sound quality even when securely inserted, does not stay it.  And after a while, the sound quality drops significantly after re-insertion. It needs to be dried out which a swimmer would not like to experience such disruption

    Ron Yip


  • 7/22/2012 jury still out

    rating star By Catherine

    I swim probably 3 hours per week. I need that music to make the time go faster
    some good things-it plays music, downloading is easy,
    -some not so good things
    -It has good sound when both ear phones are working but often only 1 of them is working at a time-the earphones themselves are impossible to get around my ear so I stick the plugs in and have my cap hold the rest of it in place
    -I changed the plugs to try to make them more secure in my ear-the others let water in-if water gets in the sound diminishes
    -I can't read the digital display in the sunlight but I know the play, stop, and forward buttons so thats all I press
    -I dont know how many of the features work-there is no pattern of long or short holds to choose different things like the radio or the favorites so I dont use them.-even after I've played with the buttons for a while, I still couldn't figure it out.
    I contacted speedo and they have directed me to a different website than what the quick directions indicated-but I haven't looked at that yet



  • 6/19/2012 Speedo Aquabeat 2.0 MP3 Player

    rating star By reviewer

    Works OK.  Bigger than I expected.  Easy to use.



  • 5/29/2012 Stay in the Pool!!!

    rating star By DJ Code99

    Let's start with the pros... I love the concept, very easy to use and load. Small, light weight with a nice long battery and nice sound...

    Cons... I am not sold on the headphones... they are okay... I guess I expected a total ear plug with a speaker in the middle... I have to readjust them after 10 laps of hard swimming...

    If the headphones could be improved, it would be a 5 star product...
    I will most likey shop for the perfect fit for my ears

    DJ Code99
    Flagler Beach, FL


  • 5/3/2012 Fair

    rating star By curtis

    I think i came into this with some overly high expectations.  I swam in high school and remembered loving to swim at the International YMCA in Orlando since during warm ups they pumped tunes through some underwater speakers (which was awesome)
    Overall I found that I couldnt get the volume high enough for the music to actually be heard while swimming.  Kicking isnt too bad but still not as loud as I would like.
    Im putting it down to the headphones as I plug in a standard set of headphones and I get really good volume out of the mp3 player.  

    I'll be trying another set of waterproof headphones, but overall Im happy with the purchase.



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