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Speedo Swim Suit Cleaner 4oz

Speedo Swim Suit Cleaner 4oz Reviews

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4.5 star rating (42 Reviews)

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  • 5/9/2012 It's OK

    rating star By Merideth

    This suit cleaner is fine.  When I purchased this product, I did not realize that it is a foaming wash that requires a lot of rinsing.  Because of the time commitment to washing my suit with this cleaner, I do not use it every time after my swim or class.  I tend to use this when I think the chlorine has really started to build up in the fabric and the suit needs serious treatment.  I soak the suit in a very concentrated solution of this wash overnight and then rinse out by throwing it into the washing machine for a full cycle in the morning.  This technique seems to work pretty well.  But, I could probably acheive this with some UltraSwim shampoo, too.  Still in search of that magical no-rinse suit solution that really removes chlorine!

    Washington, DC


  • 9/27/2010 AWESOME

    rating star By Diane B.

    I have been using this product for about 8 months.  I have worn the same swimsuit 4 days a week for swimming my laps.  Prior to buying this product I went through 5 bathing suits in 2 months time.  This is a great product!!

    Diane B.
    Sun City, AZ


  • 6/13/2010 Easy to use

    rating star By Winnie G.

    I love this product.  We've been using it for years and it extends the life of the suits.  My kids are on swim team and they wash their own suits; just a little squirt in the sink for two suits and no chlorine smell and no swimsuit rot.  They used to go through 3-4 suits per season, now their suits last all summer!

    Winnie G.
    Greeley, CO


  • 3/10/2010 Speedo Swim Suit Cleaner

    rating star By Yvette C.

    Unfortunately this cleaner doesn't clean the chlorine smell from my suit.

    Yvette C.
    Wake Forest, NC


  • 2/16/2010 Good cleaner

    rating star By Jennifer R.

    Does a good job getting chlorine out of my suit - rinsing while at the pool and then soaking after I get home. I find that soaking for a short while does a better job than an extended period. I believe this cleaner has extended the life of my suit.

    Jennifer R.
    Saint Louis, MO


  • 12/7/2008 Speedo Swim Suit Cleaner

    rating star By Deidre P.

    Trusted name in a product that swimmers need.  Great to clean swimsuits that are used hard in chlorinated pools----helps the suit to last longer.

    Deidre P.
    Lancaster, PA


  • 7/16/2014 Swimmer Must Have

    rating star By Christine D.

    I swim every day and do have a variety of swim suits. This is the best and easiest way to keep suits smelling fresh and the color staying vibrant.

    Christine D.
    New York, NY


  • 7/12/2014 Love it

    rating star By Bridget

    Just swished (all the kids) suits in the bath tub with a couple of capfuls. Truly prolongs the life of the suits ..a great savings
    Of course I use it on my suit and scuba wetskin as well!



  • 5/1/2014 speedo swim suit cleaner

    rating star By L Ikeler

    I have used this cleaner for years.  It helps  my suits to last longer in the chlorine in the pool

    L Ikeler
    Wilmington, CA


  • 8/10/2013 OK Suit cleaner

    rating star By texazsam

    Not sure how well it works as I think you need time to assess how it impacts your bathing suit.  Use this product 3x/week.  Seems to be holding up very good.

    Gainesville, VA


  • 11/18/2012 Seems to work well

    rating star By Janell

    So far it has kept my black suit from fading.  Been using it for about a month.



  • 3/23/2010 2nd bottle

    rating star By Dana N.

    This is my second bottle. I had bought The Finals Typhoon Splice Jammer - Green - 36 and it was destroyed after 20 swims so this didnt seem to help that suit. But the Nylon womens Speedo Ultraback Long Moderate - Black - 12L
    suit I purchases has fared much better. I am hard to fit  with a long torso so I need to keep the suit in good shape as long as possible.  I dont want to take any chances of this suit going bad.  I have a gallon plastic bowl that I soak them in for about 10 min or so. This way I do not have to use as much. It is way too pricey and I am like other reviwers. I do not know why it comes in such a small container. One of these days, I am going to google a home made chlorine cleaner mix and make my own.

    Dana N.
    Bland, VA


  • 2/6/2010 don't see the difference

    rating star By Darlene M.

    I'd been using Suit Saver but decided to try the Speedo brand instead.  My suit still smells like chlorine, but it wasn't any better with Suit Saver.  My suits do hold up a good while, but I wonder if that's because I only buy Speedo Endurance.  Other suits without the Endurance fabric have degraded quickly, even using Suit Saver.  So I wonder how much good this stuff actually does.

    Darlene M.
    Port Deposit, MD


  • 1/17/2010 Swim Suit Cleaner

    rating star By Barbara M.

    helps prolong life of suit

    Barbara M.
    Lafayette, NJ


  • 12/30/2009 Nope...

    rating star By A swimmer

    Ok so I swim almost every day for about 2 hours. I tried using this product and my suits got all white from the clorine faster than before. I felt like I just wasted my money on this. My suits were in much better condition and lasted longer when I just rinsed them and not washed it with this stuff. I really don't recommend that you buy this product. It sucks!

    A swimmer
    Hamden, CT


  • 11/24/2009 Saves suits

    rating star By donna a.

    I exercise in the pool 3 days a week and while everyone else's suits are fading mine still look good.  I wash my suit as soon as I'm finished and I believe this helps maintain my suit's life.

    donna a.
    tate, GA


  • 11/12/2009 Good Product

    rating star By WSS

    Use it to get the chlorine out of my polyester suit. Other suit cleaner does not work on this type as well.

    Pittsburgh, PA


  • 11/7/2009 Good Stuff

    rating star By Musiclady

    I ordered 3  different washing solutions for my swim suits.  I wanted to see which one would be the best..  I tried the Solmer Suit Saver first.  It worked very well.  But, didn't last very long.  It was a small container.  Now, I'm trying the Speedo cleaner.  It has also worked well.  When I received the email asking me to rate the 3 products, I first clicked on Summer Solutions.  I wrote what I thought was the Solmer Suit Saver rating.  I haven't tried the Summer Solutions yet.  It is the largest container.  And I said in the rating, that it didn't last long.  But, it should last the longest.  I just haven't tried it yet.



  • 10/15/2009 Wish this bottle was bigger!

    rating star By Dale

    I swim almost every day, so my suits really get a work out. I use this Speedo Swim Suit Cleaner now instead of laundry detergent and it's easier to use (just swish & rinse) takes the chlorine smell out of my towels too!

    Santa Cruz


  • 9/25/2009 Great Product

    rating star By Christine K.

    Definitely gets the chlorine smell out of my sons jammers!

    Christine K.
    Clearwater, FL


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