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Speedo Elite Latex Swim Cap

Speedo Elite Latex Swim Cap Reviews

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4 star rating (26 Reviews)

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  • 7/8/2014 not large enough

    rating star By yopekas

    The color was perfect to go with her swim team. But not large enough to put your long hair braid to keep it from getting wet. It was to tight and gave me a headache.

    Phoenix, AZ


  • 8/9/2013 Speedo elite latex caps

    rating star By Sandy j.

    These caps were very tight.  I could not wear it very long. I do like the quality though.

    Sandy j.
    jacksonville, FL


  • 5/11/2015 i don't recommend anyone

    rating star By Arman

    very poor quality, smells like rubber!

    Los Angeles


  • 4/10/2015 Useless cap

    rating star By Prachi K

    I just got one today. Should have checked the review before ordering. It is so small that and too tight. It doesn't cover the head. I will have to buy another one.

    Prachi K
    New York, NY


  • 1/20/2015 Cheap price but not cheap quality

    rating star By WREN

    It's been years since I've worn a swimcap and only started to wear one because I need to get used to it for my first trip into competing in triathlons. I figured I'd start cheap and work my way up if need be. I think my journey ends with this cap. Easy to put on, doesn't stick like some of my old swim team caps did years ago, and feels comfortable during the entire time I'm in the pool. Great product.

    Linwood, PA


  • 7/13/2014 Speedo elite latex cap

    rating star By Bill Eddy

    The cap sent to me might have fit a preteen girl but was impossible for me, an adult male with a smaller than normal head. I tried trimming the lower portion without success and ended by throwing it away.I object to your S&H charges of nine dollars for a 4 dollar item

    Bill Eddy
    Tampa FL


  • 10/4/2013 Too Tight

    rating star By Doris K.

    The cap is VERY HARD to get on.  It's so tight that I get a headache when I wear it

    Doris K.
    Sheldon, IA


  • 7/5/2012 Great cap!

    rating star By AKA

    Fits great on my smaller head. Also seems to stay on better than regular latex cap.

    Overland Park, KS


  • 3/1/2012 Best swimcap EVER!

    rating star By Cassi J.

    Can't pour enough praise on this cap. I've only ever had the cheap, thin caps before this one and I'll never go back! It's nice and thick (which was a worry at first because I thought it might be uncomfortable or hard to get on- neither of which is true) and it stays in place through the longest swims. Love it!

    Cassi J.
    Auburn, AL


  • 10/10/2011 Good fit, very long-lasting and durable

    rating star By JVo

    ... and I like the color too. I'm going to try to keep talcing it so it lasts and goes on more smoothly.

    Baltimore, MD


  • 9/1/2011 Best cap I have used!

    rating star By Steven L.

    Very impressed with the fit, design, quality and look. This is way better than my generic cap. Highly recommend and the price is right.

    Steven L.
    EL Prado , NM


  • 7/7/2014 Good cap.. does the job

    rating star By swim chick

    Be sure to rinse with clean water, wash with baby shampoo weekly, store it dry, and keep it out of sunlight or you are sure to have a melted and sticky cap.  I did not wash my cap and I left it in my hot car while at work and it took 4 months to degrade.  Now, I have learned to take better care of my latex caps.  All in all... a good THICK cap and I am sure to purchase another.  

    Also, this is my favorite cap since the latex actually stays on my head and there is only slight creeping.  Silicone caps never stay on my head for some reason.

    swim chick
    Middletown, DE


  • 9/8/2012 3

    rating star By lmy

    i like it alot

    Falls church, VA


  • 6/20/2012 great swim cap

    rating star By Mary

    i don't know what happened to the regular caps..they are so thin and they rip easily. this cap is thicker, but just as stretchy and flexible. all swim caps should feel. i don't like the silicone, so these are perfect.

    Washington DC


  • 9/13/2011 Love these caps, wish they came in all colors !

    rating star By RB

    I Love to match caps to my suits.These are comfortable and long lasting.

    Albany, GA


  • 8/22/2011 good product. very good service.

    rating star By Carlette T.

    Good value for the money

    Carlette T.
    Salisbury, MD


  • 3/4/2010 great cap

    rating star By Jen MS

    This cap is much thicker and sturdier than I realized when I ordered it. It would be dificult to rip - which happens to my caps as they get older. I think this cap is going to last much longer than my other caps - especially if I take care of it by drying it and putting powder inside it.

    Jen MS
    Atlanta, GA


  • 1/2/2010 Great basic cap

    rating star By jdpinky

    Great basic cap for recreational swimmer.



  • 9/10/2009 Solid

    rating star By Paul

    Bald guy at the San Diego beaches. Needed top-of-the-head sunburn protection. Also need solid construction and tight fit for the surf. This cap did all good and was comfortable. No sunburn after many hours body surfing and stayed on.

    San Diego


  • 7/5/2009 always perfect and easy to put on

    rating star By Patty

    These keep me warm in cold water and they're easy to put on.

    Virginia Beach, VA


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