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TYR Women's T-72 Petite Goggle

TYR Women's T-72 Petite Goggle Reviews

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4 star rating (62 Reviews)

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  • 11/11/2013 great goggles

    rating star By Fiona

    I love these goggles.  I have a small face and have tried many different styles.  These are the only goggles that fit well and do not leak

    Solvang, CA


  • 8/7/2013 Perfect petite pair of goggles for petite people

    rating star By Pixie

    The TYR Women's Petite goggles are a great solution for women with small faces. The smoke color is perfect for swimming laps in the bright Florida sunshine.

    Lakeland, FL


  • 10/21/2012 Nice optics

    rating star By mc

    These goggles are very clear and fit well.  I fit both T-72 wormen's regular and the Petite, but wanted clear for indoor lap swimming rather than tinted and only found metallized in the regular at the time I was purchasing on  Straps are just long enough but no longer, and I would characterize myself as having a small face and small to average size head.



  • 1/23/2016 Slid right out of buckle

    rating star By Beth from the Neptunes

    We will try to return these - they didn't stay tight and came right out of the side buckle on her first dive into the pool.

    Beth from the Neptunes
    Natick, MA


  • 11/22/2015 Good for lap swimming

    rating star By Joan

    I've used this style previously. I need the adjustable nose piece that this style has. The fixed ones don't work for me. My previous pair lasted a very long time before they started to leak.
    The silicone gasket on another well known brand kept coming off and needed to be pulled back into place frequently. This didn't happen with TYR T-72. I am completely satisfied.

    Cleveland OH


  • 11/22/2015 Not the best fit for me.

    rating star By SE

    I've had trouble getting a good seal with these. They don't seem to fit my eye shape very well. On the plus side, they don't seem to fog up much.



  • 10/17/2015 LOVE THESE

    rating star By Swim Girl

    These are my favorite goggles.  I have tried many different brands and styles but these and defiantly the best.  No goggles are truly "anti fog" but these ones do not fog much.  I am buying another pair or two now.  I would recommend these to anyone!  Great suction and very, very comfortable.

    Swim Girl
    New England


  • 9/8/2015 Great Goggles

    rating star By Bugs

    These are the best goggles that I have ever worn.  They are comfortable and totally keep the water out.  I bought them on my daughter's recommendation, and she told me how to adjust them.  Make the strap as loose as possible, and tighten the nose piece.

    North Palm Beach, FL


  • 6/28/2015 Bought 3 pair

    rating star By 2funnydogs

    No leaking! Have to knot the straps because they do not hold while swimming.  The strap is long enough but the clip doesn't hold.  Worth the trouble though as the fit around the eyes is the best I've ever had.

    New Orleans


  • 4/20/2015 No Fog, Great suction

    rating star By JC

    Right off the bat, i didn't have my usual issue of fogging and visibility is great. BUT, the straps are a fuss to modify, and way too tight. i had a pressure headache near the brow bone the few times i swam with it. So decided to ditch the strap for a sporti bungee. AWESOME combo!! i can make the strap way looser without losing any suction now. waiting for smoke lens version to show up so i can grab it.



  • 3/11/2015 The only goggles for me

    rating star By Catherine

    I've been a swimmer all my life and as a woman with small features I have terrible trouble getting goggles to fit. I can't get these in Australia very often so I order these specially from swim outlet. They are awesome and the only adult goggles I know of with an adjustable nosebridge. Kids goggles always leak.
    Thank you Tyr and thank you swim outlet.

    Tasmania, Australia


  • 9/6/2014 Fine goggles, but not the best fit for me

    rating star By Craptastic swimmer

    These goggles work great for my teenage daughter, but my face is more narrow so I had a hard time getting a good seal around my eyes. When I did get a good seal, I had to have them suctioned on so tightly I got big rings around my eyes with a little bit of bruising. It could be user error, but no matter how I adjusted them, I could not get a comfortable fit.

    Craptastic swimmer
    Salt Lake City, UT


  • 2/24/2014 Didn't fit daughter

    rating star By Swimdad

    Gotta find the goggles that fit, and these aren't it.

    Fairfax, VA


  • 11/10/2013 Did the Job

    rating star By Judiblue

    When I used swim goggles in the past they never quite worked to block out water. I have been swimming a lot lately so my eyes were stinging from chlorine in the water. I like that these were adjustable and the adjustment diagrams were quite clear. They did the job so well that it made my swimming experience even more enjoyable.

    Davie Florida


  • 10/18/2013 Serves its purpose

    rating star By L.A

    I have only used the goggles once, I have no complaints as of yet.

    New York, NY


  • 9/9/2013 very petite goggle

    rating star By marie h.

    tooo small

    marie h.
    lynn, MA


  • 7/12/2013 Comfortable

    rating star By kg

    Fits good



  • 3/15/2013 Good fit

    rating star By Synch Swimmer

    Very comfortable goggles with a good fit for smaller faces. They form a seal without creating "goggle eyes." The anti-fog component needs work though.

    Synch Swimmer
    Chicago, IL


  • 9/27/2012 Good goggles

    rating star By TL

    The goggles themselves are great for my narrow face, but the strap is way too small for my adult-sized head. I replaced it with a bungee strap and I'm happy. I swim 6-8 times per week.



  • 8/1/2012 Uncomfortable Goggles

    rating star By Wings23

    I have trouble finding goggles that fit and don't fog so I tried these because I have a small face. They made my head hurt the minute I put them on, even when I had the headstrap out pretty far. The suction around the eyes was terrible. I don't recommend them. Try the Speedo Vanquishers if you are a woman with a small sized face.

    Rockwall, TX


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