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Sporti Silicone Ear Swim Cap

Sporti Silicone Ear Swim Cap Reviews

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4.5 star rating (65 Reviews)

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  • 8/8/2013 Holds ear plugs well

    rating star By KAREN T.

    I have to use one earplug and this cap helps hold that plug in very well. It does not ride up as many caps do. Also not nearly as tight as so caps so is very comfortable for my swim.

    KAREN T.
    Granite Falls, NC


  • 7/23/2012 silicone is better

    rating star By swims every day

    Perfect fit for my larger than average 3 1/2 year old. Special attention has been given to the seal around the face. My son has ear tubes and cannot get his ears wet this cap has been priceless. It is easier to get on than the latex we tried, and when he takes it off his hair and ears are completely dry. I highly recommend this cap even though it is listed as being for adults-it fits perfectly

    swims every day
    peoria az


  • 5/4/2014 This is the one you want

    rating star By Canuck Swimmer

    Cheap, looks good, does a fairly good (not perfect) job of keeping water out of my ears. Silicone is what you want, not that sticky rubbery stuff. Plus the colours are fantastic. Lots of compliments from the old guys at the pool. Better than anything at London's sports equipment stores (you know the ones I mean). does a quick and efficient job delivering to Canada and no tariffs. Highly recommended.

    Canuck Swimmer
    St. Thomas ON


  • 4/26/2014 Fair

    rating star By Smilingcdn

    This cap keeps the majority of my hair dry, but it doesn't always stay over my ears very well (the primary reason I wanted it). It is okay. It is definitely easy to pack and thin enough that it I'd easy to forget it's on.

    Seattle, WA


  • 4/11/2014 Riped first time

    rating star By watermama

    I was excited to find a cap I thought would stay over my ears during water exercise.  I never got a chance to try it out, because it ripped the first time I put  it on.  I do admit I did tug on the ear flaps, like I do with my TYR cap, but I didn't expect it to rip so easily.  It is a thinner silicone.  I'd really like to see if the cap works, but am reluctant to try it again.  Beware! It is fragile.  If you order it, put it on carefully.



  • 1/31/2014 Just what I was looking for!

    rating star By Sharon R.

    I was looking for a product to cover my ears to hold in my ear buds for my MP3 player.  I have long hair that I wear in a pony tail and all my other caps ride up, causing the ear buds to fall out.  I am training for a long open water swim, so I hate to keep stopping to adjust my cap.  I LOVE it and am going to order a couple more.  Can't beat the value either!

    Sharon R.


  • 1/30/2014 Excellent, just about perfect

    rating star By Sarah G.

    I can't think of anything that I don't like about this cap.  It keeps most of the water out of my ears and fits very well.  Very durable.

    Sarah G.
    Denver, CO


  • 5/17/2013 Functional

    rating star By Danielle J.

    Bought this for my daughter to wear when she wears her earplugs.  She says pretty good.  Helps keep her ear plugs in as they don't stick to it like the other caps.  She doesn't like the looks though

    Danielle J.
    Winterville, NC


  • 6/6/2012 sporti swim cap

    rating star By joyce h.

    I could have bought a swim cap for far less money in the store, but I wanted something that was not as tight around my head, and had "ears".  Unfortunately, this cap is VERY tight, and uncomfortable, and my head hurts after using it.  I ordered a similar cap a few years ago from you and it fit perfectly - did you change suppliers?  I believe the brand name on the cap itself is different - it now says "Sporti" and I think the prior caps were something like "Club-Swim", although I can't really recall.

    joyce h.
    winthrop, ME


  • 12/15/2015 Silicone ear cap

    rating star By Moe

    My daughter is 12 and said it felt big.  Maybe she was just getting use to it.  She was always complaining of her ears getting squished in the other caps so I thought I would give this a try.  She did say she loves it and no more squished ears!:)

    I would get this again.



  • 11/16/2015 Great Product

    rating star By Shan L

    It super easy to put on and fits snug--does the job of no water getting inside!

    Shan L


  • 10/13/2015 LOVE

    rating star By Jo

    Keeps my long hair dry and covers my ears! Works great!

    Tucson AZ


  • 10/6/2015 good

    rating star By Barb Cary,NC

    This style of hat with ear protection is hard to find. It is comfortable, soft material, It says to put talc powder in it, but not good for hair, I have used it daily for a week,  I wash it after swimming,  I do notice it is now sticking, but will open ok so far.

    Barb Cary,NC
    Cary NC


  • 9/29/2015 Great swim cap

    rating star By Denise

    I purchased this product because it covers my ears and it worked perfectly during my swim class.

    Hyattsville, MD


  • 9/25/2015 good over all.

    rating star By Nic

    strong silicone.
    like the option to cover the ears

    Riverside, CA


  • 9/18/2015 Great product!

    rating star By Rob

    As soon as I opened the box and saw it I knew this is what I was looking for. Good grip, fits perfectly and easy to use.

    Pitman NJ


  • 9/12/2015 Love them

    rating star By Niku

    Keep majority of hair dry and keep water out of my ears love it



  • 9/1/2015 Great Product

    rating star By Helen

    This swim cap is very comfortable, easy to wear and most of all "protects my ears"
    from water seeping into the ear..

    San Bruno, Ca.


  • 8/13/2015 Ear pockets make this cap very comfortable

    rating star By Jeffrey

    I need to have my ears plugged and covered when I swim.  The ear pockets in the Sporti Silicone Ear Cap provide more comfort for my ears than standard tight latex caps.  I wear this cap under a bubble cap secured with a chin strap, and the combination is perfect.

    Evergreen, CO


  • 7/30/2015 The Best Design & snug, soft wonderful Silicone Ear Cap!!!

    rating star By Jaderoof

    After I bought a cap (pulling my hairs, & very tight- a big sports store did not have
    different size at the time or doesn't bother with size), someone told me about
    There are so many choices.  Especially 'Sporti Silicone Ear Cap' is the best
    with design and the size. On top of that it was on sale.
    After I bought the first one, I bought 3 more.
    Happy consumer

    San Diego


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