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Arena Unix Nylon Swim Cap

Arena Unix Nylon Swim Cap Reviews

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4.5 star rating (38 Reviews)

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  • 7/3/2015 Excellent alternative to latex and silicone

    rating star By hyperaktive

    I have a big head so this is a little tight on me in terms of the diameter of the cap going around my head. In terms of the length of the cap, and space for longer hair, there is decent room in this cap.

    Other reviewers have complained that their hair gets wet wearing this cap. That is true of virtually all swim caps. The purpose of a swim cap is to streamline your head as you glide through the water, not keep your hair from getting wet. There's nothing wrong or deficient with this cap.

    It is a cloth, nylon material, not an impermeable plastic. I prefer this as it doesn't pinch or pull my hair or skin when I put it on and take it off.

    Phoenix, AZ


  • 8/31/2014 my new favorite swim cap

    rating star By Sherrie L.

    my new favorite swim cap, no headached, bunching, wears well.

    Sherrie L.
    wyndmoor, PA


  • 10/19/2014 Great for long or thick hair

    rating star By Gayle

    I love this swim cap! I have thick long hair and have had trouble with swim caps staying on my head or getting a bubble at the top of my head. When you first pull out the swim cap it looks very small. Well it's not it stretches over your head and doesn't move while you swim. There is no pulling it back in place as you are swimming and no bubble on top. If your wanting to keep your hair dry this is not the cap you want.  I haven't had it long so I''m not sure how long it will hold up.  I''ve only used this for lap swimming in a pool.



  • 10/1/2013 cool cap

    rating star By David L.

    I live i Southern FL and swim in a masters program early in the morning.  It's never cold here! The pool has to be chilled to stay cool in the summer.  Latex and silicone caps get very hot during a hard workout but this cap is cool!  It keeps my goggles on and lets the water keep me comfortable.

    David L.
    Boca Raton, FL


  • 9/22/2013 Nice fit

    rating star By Swimmer86

    Swim caps are usually a little too snug, but this one fits perfectly. If you have the same issue with most swim caps, then this is the cap for you! Good for people with a slightly larger head, or lots of long hair.

    Austin, TX


  • 3/19/2013 Great swim cap for certain needs

    rating star By jin211

    I'm a guy with short hair so I normally don't wear a cap but wanted to give it a try.  Instead of going with a traditional cap, decided to go for this nylon one.

    It fits well (having a somewhat large head) and goes down far enough to cover my ears.  Very comfortable, doesn't overheat and doesn't pull hair at all.  That being said, this is not a cap that will keep water out since it's nylon, and I did not expect it to.  Would imagine it would be good to wear underneath a latex/silicone cap for comfort though it may get hot.

    Chicago, IL


  • 1/20/2016 comfortable cap

    rating star By Sue

    So glad I got this cap!  Fits comfortably with my long hair. It's nice not to have to worry about my cap eventually tearing as with the silicon or latex ones. I swim a mile four times a week and after about a half year the cap has stretched out.  With the chlorine the color has faded.  I don't know if it would have maintained it's shape and color longer if I had used one of those anti-chlorine washes after swimming--I'll have to try that next time.  These caps are such great deals, price and value, that I'll buy more than one my next purchase.

    St. Paul


  • 12/28/2015 Great swim cap

    rating star By jj

    Very comfortable fitting cap, sturdier than others  have had. Glad I got one.

    Bloomfield, nj


  • 9/20/2015 Arena unisex swimcap

    rating star By D. Montgomery

    Worn a lot of swim caps in my day, and is this a good cap.

    D. Montgomery
    Marysville, mi.


  • 9/12/2015 Swim cap

    rating star By Barbara

    This is a great size to fit all my long hair under it and is so very comfortable. Doesn't slip but holds firmly and comfortably in place as I swim laps.

    Redding CA


  • 9/11/2015 not a good fit

    rating star By Walt

    I bought this product based on the reviews that it was a good fit if you have a large fit...not true...way too tight and I have very short hair....I threw away the packaging trusting the reviews and now I can't return it.

    New York


  • 8/25/2015 Works well

    rating star By Tom

    Fits well, works well.  Works exactly as advertised.  Will probably by another as back up and to defer the wear and tear from the chlorinated pools.

    Danville, CA


  • 7/26/2015 great cap for long thick hair

    rating star By waterkat

    Perfect for those with long thick hair.  Won't pull or tear like silicone caps.  Very comfortable, and dries quickly

    Rockport, MA


  • 4/25/2015 Ilove this arena unix nylon swim cap, it's great for my large head.

    rating star By Rita

    If you are a person with a large head and full of hair. Don't like plastic or silicone,well the arena unix nylon cap should be one of the caps you look
    into purchasing. You can't go wrong with this cap.



  • 4/22/2015 Best Swim Cap Ever!

    rating star By MK

    I never have to adjust this swim cap and it stays in place for the entire time I'm swimming laps.  Hair gets wet yet no frustrations with adjusting a cap during a workout.

    Kalamazoo, MI


  • 3/26/2015 Arena Unix Nylon Swim Cap

    rating star By Nancy

    This product came to me within 2 to 3 days of purchase. I tried it on & it fit well on my head. First time in the pool. It was really comfortable & covered my big head of thick, shoulder length hair with no problems. I really like the thick edge or hem on the cap.

    St Charles, MO


  • 3/23/2015 very good

    rating star By vguer

    Super comfortable.  It doesn't slip.  However, It stays  very soaking wet.  I rinse, wring and hang to dry.

    Northern Ca.


  • 3/23/2015 Finally, a comfortable cap!

    rating star By pianodoc

    Not too tight, not too loose. I am very happy with it so far.

    Santa Fe, NM


  • 2/20/2015 A cap that stays put!

    rating star By KAY

    Not sure how well the cap protects from chlorine but this is the first cap that stays on my head and doesn't feel like it is going to slip off.



  • 9/14/2014 Great fit!

    rating star By Deborah

    I bought this to replace another cap that had totally stretched out. It fits well over my  longish hair. While I don't mind that my hair gets wet, it keeps everything in place. I like the rim and the way it does not move, hugs my head. I have hopes that it will last longer than the last one-I do not like the silicone type as they are too tight. I swim laps 3-4 times a week so I will be giving it a good trial.

    Carbondale, CO


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