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Arena Cobra Mirror Goggle

Arena Cobra Mirror Goggle Reviews

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4.5 star rating (22 Reviews)

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  • 7/16/2013 Great Goggles!!!

    rating star By Andy S.

    As a coach I've always bought extra goggles in case a swimmer forgets theirs, or there are issues  at a meet. I had originlly just bought me a pair and after there always seemed to be a line to borrow mine at practice, I bought three more and no matter the skill level or face size, everybody raves about them so I bought 3 more pair just so I could reclai mine. Lol

    Andy S.
    Andalusia, AL


  • 1/21/2012 The Best Ever

    rating star By Bradford

    I've been through all kinds of goggles including speed sockets, vanquishers, and sweedish but Arena has recently blown away all of my other options. I use these goggles for competition and practices and they have held up better than all my other goggles except my sweedish which are literally indestructible. The first thing I noticed when I put them on was the incredible comfort. No other goggle comes close to how good these feel, not any that I have ever used. The extended head strap connection is a unique idea that actually works. Even though the majority of features are top notch, the vision is pretty standard, like that of the vanquishers. After switching from Arena Pures or Sweedish, you'll definitely have a feeling of tunnel vision with these goggles but on the other hand, they manage to be mirrored as well as keep the brightness of vision to the user. Overall, best goggle I've owned hands down and I recommend these to swimmers of all levels despite the slightly high price compared to others.

    Winston-Salem, NC


  • 12/5/2013 great goggle

    rating star By HxCorbett

    I use these goggles mostly when I race, they are very comfortable and sleek.
    I used to use speedo vanquishers but these much more comfortable and have a wider range of view.

    I really like the unique strap as well.
    What sucks for me is the antifog doesn't last very long, but that might just be because of me.

    I've gone through two pairs of these, I lost my first one and then ordered my second one last summer.

    I plan on ordering at least one more pair, and then trying out the x-visions.

    go Arena!



  • 1/26/2013 Amazing google

    rating star By Flyer 2015

    Amzazing product. No fog comfortable amazing perif vison and color is mean looking.

    Flyer 2015


  • 12/6/2014 My grandkids love these goggles.

    rating star By Marilyn Nordstrom

    My grandkids love these goggles.

    Marilyn Nordstrom
    Salt Lake City, UT


  • 12/4/2014 Arena Cobra Mirrored Goggles

    rating star By Az swimmers

    Nice goggles. Have two swimmers in them and both say they are decent so far. Very little leaking. If wearing during practice, they do become a little uncomfortable around the eye socket, but work great for competition. Snug fit, stay in place for dives.

    Az swimmers
    Phoenix, AZ


  • 2/19/2014 Great Goggles....... but very small fit

    rating star By Woggy

    I have been swimming for the better part of 35 years and have always used goggles which have a smaller volume due to the size of my eyes.  Recently I have been using Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored but decided to give the Arena goggles a try, as I am a fan of their products.

    These goggles are incredibly comfortable to wear for long periods and have not yet shown any signs of fogging.  The strap set up allows me to wear the strands much slacker than usual and exerts no discernable pressure on the temples and eye sockets.  Suction is good without being painful.  The tint is great for my tropical climate and outdoor pool.

    However, I do not give these a 5 star rating because the goggles are very small, even for my tiny eyes and relatively small face.  The inclusion of many nose bridge pieces is helpful and appreciated, but fitting these goggles perfectly is more difficult than any other I have ever used.  The reward for getting them on perfectly is a great swim, other than that you will spend a lot of time tugging and pulling when they're on wrong.  Also, due to the small size and closeness of the lens to my eye, I do notice distortion in my vision when trying to see the other end of the pool or reading the pace clocks. (I have 'perfect' vision and do not require any corrective lenses).

    Overall, I great pair of goggles when worn correctly!

    Miami, FL


  • 12/13/2012 Excellent

    rating star By Susan

    Excellent! I have had trouble getting proper goggles and I h ave finally found them. Great fit, no fogging and limited eye marks!

    Washington, DC


  • 9/22/2011 Better than Speedo's

    rating star By Swim Dad

    Like Speedo's Aqua socket with better peripheral vision, superior nose piece and easieradjustment

    Swim Dad


  • 4/18/2011 great goggles!

    rating star By Jesse

    Recommend buying these goggles for competition!!

    Los Angeles,ca


  • 5/15/2016 Great goggles, short life

    rating star By Sam

    These goggles are great for their lifespan, which unfortunately is tragically short. I got 2 pairs of these goggles, one set for practice one for racing. The fit great on these are great, felt like speed sockets but with a better nose piece. The problem comes after about a season of use, when the gaskets begin to disintegrate, and the straps take on a weird oily texture that allows the straps to become very loose while swimming. I really do like these goggles, I would just have to recommend them as a set of racing goggles and not practice goggles, especially considering their price.



  • 4/27/2016 Too Close to Perfect

    rating star By Chris

    Using these goggles for about a month now for big meets within the Speedo Championship Series and State Championships and I can say one thing.. These goggles are exactly what you expect them to be: Clear, Sleek, Sharp.
    The vision is terrific, the red tint puts me into a race mode like no other goggle. Not only does it look good from the inside,  it looks great from the outside. Photos make me look intimidating and serious. The design is sharp and very hydrodynamic, no sharp points here.. All curve. Water passes by and the only thing that can break the surface of the water is my nose. They fit great and the strap system may seem risky at first glance but, trust it and you won't be disappointed. The only gripe is the anti fog. It had washed out about 6 swims in but good,  lasting anti fog is impossible to find  in even the most expensive goggles. Also after excessive wearing periods of 40 minutes and higher, the eye sockets dig into my face, but these are racing goggles. I would recommend these to even the casual swimmers as they are one of the highest quality goggles at this price point. Good job Arena.

    New Jersey


  • 9/12/2015 best ever

    rating star By Aficionado

    Bright,  Light. Perfect seal. I have a narrow face and these fit perfectly. You don't feel the pressure around the eyes and they leave almost no mark on the face when you take them off.

    NYC, NY


  • 7/1/2015 Great goggle

    rating star By Ann

    Used by my 14 year old son at the recently concluded CCCAN Games held in Barbados. He said they worked well and he would like to purchase all the other colors available

    Trinidad West Indies


  • 6/24/2015 Alright

    rating star By James

    I used them my first day of off season and the head strap snapped while i was wearing it, i have not recieved a reply from swim outlet reguarding returning them. Overall they are comfortable and work well (minus the previous note)

    San diego, CA


  • 4/2/2015 cool

    rating star By Sean Tanaka

    another great product

    Sean Tanaka
    HonoluluHonolulu, HI


  • 2/21/2015 water tight, do not fog, great vision

    rating star By rlr

    water tight
    do not fog
    look great
    good vision indoor



  • 1/24/2015 AMAZING

    rating star By My name is Jeff

    So great that I can not even explain! Fits my eyes, and the fit is for small eye sockets. best goggles ever!!!

    My name is Jeff
    Richland, wa


  • 1/15/2015 Personal Choice

    rating star By Coach W.

    I didn't want to like these goggles because of the retail price on them.  But the reality is that goggles are a personal choice and while some swimmers love the spartan design of the Swedish style goggles, they aren't for everyone.  There are a ton of different (and not so different) styles of goggles because there are a lot of different tastes.  These fit well, they are comfortable, particularly at practice, and they stay on for races.  After a while, they do fog more but a little anti-fog helps.  Now we have some swimmers who won't use any others.

    Coach W.
    Syracuse, NY


  • 7/18/2012 not worth the money

    rating star By paul

    poor design    . very difficult to adjust
    leak all the time



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