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TYR Soft Silicone Ear Plugs

TYR Soft Silicone Ear Plugs Reviews

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3.5 star rating (11 Reviews)

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  • 2/6/2015 Swim ear plugs

    rating star By Sandy

    Hard to get in place. Cannot use.  Glad price was low.

    Godfrey, Il


  • 9/22/2014 Really? Are these a joke?

    rating star By Tyler D.

    Just horrible.  The "earplugs" are globs of silicon your roll into a ball and press against your ear.  On the first use I swam 45 minutes before leakage.  The 2nd swim was 15 minutes.  The leaks were small and high pressure so the water squirted into my ear canal.  My ear still hurts.  Its a good way to get an ear infection.  

    Oh well,  I'll go back to using the same cheapo plugs I've had for 3 years.  

    Tyler D.
    Cathedral City, CA


  • 8/19/2015 Comfortable ear plugs

    rating star By Swimmerella

    If you like wax ear plugs you will like these too: they work the same but are more resistant to the water. I find them very comfortable and safer than the plastic/hard ones. They may still allow some water to get in but I don't know of any earplugs out there that keep the ear canal completely dry. I found I enjoy swimming even more with these earplugs and my ears are doing much better.

    Los Angeles


  • 9/29/2012 Ear plugs

    rating star By Swimmer guy

    What can I say .... You put them in you ears and they keep the water out .... Excellent

    Swimmer guy
    Salinas, Ca


  • 8/18/2012 excellent

    rating star By mike




  • 7/18/2012 ok..

    rating star By IVW

    I've had better plugs.  They are pretty cheap and water seems to seep in by the end of my swim.  The silicone isn't as sticky as I remember it.



  • 8/20/2011 They are great!

    rating star By Rienna

    I have only used them a couple of times, but they have been great. They stop ALL of the water from entering your ear, which is important. And they are easy to re-mold each time you use them.

    Meridian, ID


  • 7/13/2011 Poor seal

    rating star By jodahy

    These didn't provide a very good seal.  But they are cheap, so you aren't out much money if you want to give them a try.



  • 6/17/2011 Stay put and comfortable

    rating star By Joe O.

    These do the job. They mold easily to the ear and keep the water out.

    Joe O.
    Frisco, TX


  • 4/21/2011 Best plugs for swimming

    rating star By Karen B.

    My 11 year old daughter is prone to swimmer's ear, and since she's in the pool year round, at least three days a week, we really needed good plugs.  The ones at the drug store just didn't work for her, and, in my attempt to forego the expense of custom plugs, I stumbled on to these.  So far so good!

    Karen B.
    Columbia, MD


  • 2/5/2011 Do what they are supposed to do.

    rating star By Alexander K.

    No issues.

    Alexander K.
    Marshall, MI


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