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Water Gear Back Float

Water Gear Back Float Reviews

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5 star rating (17 Reviews)

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  • 8/3/2011 Just what I needed

    rating star By Eileen

    I had been looking forever for a small swim trainer for my grandson. This was just what he needed to give him a tiny bit more confidence in his swimming.

    Mays Landing, NJ


  • 5/30/2011 great product and price

    rating star By SARA B.


    SARA B.


  • 5/16/2011 Great...

    rating star By Happy

    Our YMCA uses these during swim lessons and my daughter did so well with it that we bought one to use at home.  Quick delivery and the price was right!



  • 4/21/2011 Great for new swimmers

    rating star By Becky Mc

    My four year old son loves his back float.  It is actually his second one.  We bought one for our now 12 year old when he was 3 or 4 and it lasted all these years in great shape.  The only reason that we replaced it was because the dog chewed chunks out of the sides.  It still worked well, but looked very bad.  We bought this again as well as the progressive back float.  We haven't used the progressive one yet, but plan to in a few weeks when we get back to swimming.  This is a great product and everywhere we go we are asked about it because the arm floats are so difficult for kids to move in, they get frustrated, not to mention if one of them ever popped it would be serious situation for sure.  I would highly recommend this product for any new swimmer or for a child that can't quite reach the bottom of the pool, it allows them to float without constantly holding the sides.  I have nothing but high praises and who could beat the price.

    Becky Mc
    Victoria, TX


  • 7/13/2010 Wonderful product! I wish I had found them sooner!

    rating star By Regan

    These were recomended by a life gaurd  at a public pool for my children. Great product for the 'weaker' swimmers with beginner skills. Keeps their head above water, plus helps them use their arms and legs to practice and learn how to swim. Much better than arm floaties and not as restrictive as life vests! One week in the pool with the back float and both my children's swimming abilities had improved! Plus, it gave them more confidence.



  • 7/10/2010 Water Gear Back-pack Float

    rating star By V Reynolds

    We got this item for our granddaughter because it was very close to the one she used during her swimmimg lessons.  We highly reccommend this item for any small children who know how to swim but have no confidence yet or who cannot reach the bottom of the pool.  It is NOT a life saving device though just an AID but an excellent one at that,  Thanks swim outlet.

    V Reynolds
    Indep., Mo


  • 6/24/2010 Water Gear Back Float

    rating star By Bonny List

    I teach pre-school swimming lessons.  This back float allows freedom for the swimmer to use arms and legs, while gaining independence in the water.
    I prefer the floats that have removable sections, that will allow progress with less support from adult.

    Bonny List
    Ringgold, GA


  • 6/15/2010 Water Gear Back Float

    rating star By Gail

    Our neighbor uses this in our pool.  She has cerebral palsy & the pool allows her the freedom of movement.  It supports her well-she is about 50 lbs. & it allows her to use her arms & keeps her afloat.  Of course she is supervised in the pool at all times.

    Upstate NY


  • 6/15/2010 back float

    rating star By glenn Kulmer

    Great for youngsters learning to swim

    glenn Kulmer


  • 5/25/2010 Back Float

    rating star By GK

    Great for swimming classes. Easy to put on and off.



  • 2/28/2010 great product

    rating star By Kate

    My kids (ages 5 & 3) use these "power packs" at the YMCA for their swimming lessons, and I bought our own to bring with us on a family vacation.  The are the perfect size & weight - easy for the kids to wear and allow them full arm movement, which is so important.  My 3-year-old can even float on her back with it on!  And the kids love that they can clip it on themselves.  Either a teacher or my husband and/or I are always in the pool with them, but the float gives them the confidence they need to practice their swimming, and gives us a little more freedom in the pool.  I would recommend this product, and the price is hard to beat!

    Madison, NJ


  • 7/16/2009 Great Product for Learning to Swim

    rating star By Mommie

    It is just enough floatation for my 5 year old to practice her swimming skills.  The arm floaties limited her movement, but the back float keeps her head out of the water and her body horizontal.  We did have to get the progressive back float for my 3 year old because it offers a bit more floatation, but for stronger swimmers this product is great.

    Wilmington, NC


  • 7/13/2009 Works as Advertised

    rating star By birdsgalore

    We have had this float for about 3 weeks now.  A swimming instructor recommended it and so far so good.  We have a 2 1/2 year old that is very comfortable in the water with this float.  The design allows for her to move her legs and arms freely.

    Baltimore, MD


  • 7/10/2009 good for my 2 year old

    rating star By dada1968

    my 2 year old loves it but it does not keep him upright so unless he can put himself upright, he will be face down in the does help him stay afloat but I think a vest would be better for my little one.

    Hamilton NJ


  • 7/5/2009 Great For Kids!

    rating star By DCRBAMA

    This works great for our toddlers. It allowed my soon to be 2 year old independent play time in the pool (with parents at arm’s length) . It helps kids keep face above water floats them in a completely upright position and gives them the ability to dog paddle or tread water with confidence. Our son went from being completely afraid of the water to jumping in the pool on his own the first time he put it on.  Our 4 year old loves hers as well. It gives mom and dad some swim time fun because we now know our kids will be safer in the pool. Highly recommend!

    Huntsville, AL


  • 5/21/2009 Exactly what we were looking for!

    rating star By Jen

    This is what our 3 yr old daughter uses @ the local YMCA.  Now we can use it in our pool too.  Works great and she can use her arms freely.

    Buffalo, NY


  • 3/14/2009 Absolutely perfect!

    rating star By Fran W.

    The same swim aide the use in my grandson's swim class.  Now we can practice with him between lessons.

    Fran W.
    Shawnee, OK


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