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Aqua Sphere Seal XP Goggle Tint Lens

Aqua Sphere Seal XP Goggle Tint Lens Reviews

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3.5 star rating (48 Reviews)

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  • 1/26/2015 Great goggle if you can get them to seal!

    rating star By Randy

    These are great goggles; comfortable, a wide angle of sight, and they don't leave the "racoon" eye marks that my smaller goggles leave. My only complaint is that I can't get them to consistently seal against my face. I continue to try, but on my last swim I had to trade back to my older goggles because these were leaking. Is it the shape of my face? too tight? too loose? I don't know, but I hope to get it figured out because I really like them!

    Spokane, WA


  • 4/13/2014 a good goggle

    rating star By tom

    Would have gotten 5 stars had it been other than black/grey lens.

    east hampton,ny


  • 7/6/2013 Love this larger area goggle!

    rating star By Kristi D.

    This is a bit trimmer than the Vista - but still is large enough around the eye socket area not to put pressure on the bones or the nose. It is wonderfully comfortable and provides a good solid seal that protects your eyes from water. I am so happy with the tint - very hard to find and I really needed one pair tinted for outdoor use in the bright Florida sun. I have a narrow, petite, oval face - this goggle is perfect. Easy to adjust.

    Kristi D.
    Sun City Center, FL


  • 12/28/2012 not the coolest looking, but work great

    rating star By 49 yr old lap swimmer

    these goggles do the best job of keeping water out of my eyes.  most other brands seem to leak a little.

    49 yr old lap swimmer


  • 7/28/2011 Hanging These Goggle Up

    rating star By NK

    The goggles worked fine in the pool.  However, when I took them for a 1/2 mile the ocean, they leaked continuously.  I will be hanging these goggles up.  

    The goggles are designed for peole with more of a nose bridge.  I'm an Asian woman and does not have a nose bridge, therefore the goggles never suctioned appropriately to my face.

    Los Angeles, CA


  • 8/28/2015 Does not hurt my eyes and sinuses

    rating star By Brian

    I love the way that these goggles sit outside of my eye sockets and do not hurt my eyes and sinuses when I swim!

    North Ogden, UT


  • 8/3/2015 Aquasphere

    rating star By caroline

    These goggles worked well at the beginning but after a few weeks they are no longer waterproof and leak.



  • 6/5/2015 Work great

    rating star By old swimmer

    Swimming laps in pool.  Little trouble with fogging at first, but rinsed again and swam 30 laps with no problem and no leaks.

    old swimmer
    Leland, NC


  • 10/22/2014 Fits well - no leaks - see crystal clear

    rating star By Philip M

    They worked well and would re-order for sure. Nothing like a new pair of goggles.

    Philip M
    North Florida


  • 4/30/2014 Comfortable, better than goggles

    rating star By Kay

    You get mild google-eyes from the suction, but they are the most comfortable thing I've found after 20 years of lap swimming.
    The tinting is odd because there's none in the padding but it works well enough in the CA sun.

    LA, CA


  • 3/22/2014 so so

    rating star By wesley y.

    i swim in the ocean,what i like,is there big,and easy to put on and off
    while in the water.what i don't like,is there big,lots drag(even though
    i am not racing)which i would except if they were a perfect fit and
    never leak.they don't leak if i adjust them just right.but have to play
    with it while treading water,just like other googles,just,ok (the vista is the same)

    wesley y.
    key west, FL


  • 2/6/2014 issue with exhaling through nose

    rating star By Michael Adame

    when I try to exhale through my nose, the goggle impedes my airflow by compressing my nasal valves.  as a result, the incomplete exhalation throws off my breathing timing.  I am not comfortable with this product.

    Michael Adame
    McAllen, Tx


  • 1/12/2014 Leak

    rating star By John

    Experienced substantial  water leakage around the bridge of the nose. I had someone else try them on and they too experienced a poor seal  at the bridge of the nose. Impossible to correct or wear  Disappointed.

    Upstate New York


  • 12/27/2013 The Titanic

    rating star By Michael

    These are the WORST pair of goggles I've ever owned. They leaked like the Titanic. Worked with them for a week and could not get them to fit, with out taking in water. Talk about frustrating. Buyer Beware!

    San Marcos, CA


  • 8/8/2013 No leakage!

    rating star By Daniel M.

    The seal on this set of goggles is great and doesn't leave me with a headache after my work out.  Very comfortable.  Will be using for triathlon in 2 months.

    Daniel M.


  • 7/21/2013 Happy with these

    rating star By Antoine P.

    Bought these for ocean swimming, good seal and real easy to adjust. Looking forward to try them where the water is warm and filled with reef life to explore too!

    Antoine P.
    Ottawa, Canada


  • 7/12/2013 Nice Goggles

    rating star By Tesha K.

    I purchased these goggles wanting the maskbecause the mask is larger.  These goggles will do.

    Tesha K.
    sandston, VA


  • 6/3/2013 fits well & no indentation on my nose

    rating star By kindofblue

    I prefer these over individual goggle eye pieces because the latter tend to put a crease in my nose and the suction around my eye sockets is uncomfortable. Not with these goggles.

    Albuquerque, NM


  • 3/13/2013 Leaky

    rating star By Sandy

    I am disappointed since theses goggles don't fit my face properly, therefore they leak.  I wish they worked since they are so comfortable and they protest my eyelids from the chlorine.



  • 3/6/2013 Seal xp goggles

    rating star By Richard

    I am sorry to say im a little pissed off as i lost my new goggles!!!!!!!
    But i still have my old pair and they are the best goggles ever good for all round vision and racing and leak proof totally leak proof.....



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