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Barracuda B300 Goggle

Barracuda B300 Goggle Reviews

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4 star rating (61 Reviews)

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  • 11/14/2015 got contact dermitis wearing these

    rating star By Bess

    There's small print on the package that says "WARNING, The foam on these goggles can cause contact dermatitis in some people ... "

    Well it happened to me. I came  out of the pool after a leak-free one-mile swim & I was anxious to see if I had raccoon eyes. NO, but I looked like Frankenstein (and people in the locker room looked at me with horror!). Wondering if the fine print should be larger -- anyone else have this problem?  If so I feel cheated, because they're not cheap and if this is a common problem, that should be stated clearly before people pay money for these.  The package says if contact dermatitis happens "discontinue use immediately and contact Skyline Northwest." Haven't done it yet - hope they'll refund my money.



  • 11/23/2014 Best overall fit and comfort

    rating star By Erazmo

    I have been using these Barracuda goggles for 20-30 years - for a good reason.  They are most comfortable without having to be too tight on my face.  And they don't leak.  The memory foam is great, so once it fits right, it will hold that shape. You have to be careful though to either put it back in the plastic case that it came in or put it in a large enough goggle case so that there is no pressure on the foam pads.  If you store it on an irregular surface, the memory foam will remember that shape and will leak thereafter.  The adjustable nose piece is unique and allows fine tuning for a perfect fit.  Don't expect fog free in any swim goggles - I just use baby shampoo, like I use on my dive mask when I go scuba diving, for cheap and fog free swimming or diving.  Don't waste your money for products that say "anti-fogging".

    Oakland, CA


  • 11/3/2014 Excellent goggles if you prefer foam sealer

    rating star By jas

    I prefer have a foam sealer as opposed to silicone and this fits the bill perfectly.  Also very adjustable.



  • 8/14/2014 barracudab300

    rating star By chris

    the most comfortable, water tight, clear, no goggle eye ever!

    Peterborough, NH.


  • 5/5/2014 Solved my problem

    rating star By John M

    I got these to fit more comfortably  around my left eye which now has a titanium plate on the underside which was needed when I blew out my orbit bone.  My sporty's still worked but were now a bit uncomfortable.  This memory foam is really comfy, and I would recommend them to anyone  who has sensitive skin or needs a better fit.  You adjust the nose bridge differently than most but it is easy.  They are thicker than regular googles and just come in smoke, which is fine.  I spray a weak solution of baby shampoo and water on them and let it dry to prolong anti fogging on the lens.  Rinse in pool water and enjoy.  They don't look quite as cool as regular goggles but they work.

    John M
    Santa Cruz. Ca


  • 2/23/2009 Barracuda goggles

    rating star By bkg

    I appreciate the comfort and the tight seal of these goggles.  I will not even consider any other type.  I like the elongated shape and the smoke
    and the clear options for the lense part.



  • 1/12/2009 Barracuda B300

    rating star By Kathy Meade Hebert

    I use this product for swimming laps in an indoor pool.  The greatest feature is that they can be adjusted so they don't leak and that they are gentle on the skin around the eyes.  No more raccon eyes!  I was dissappointed  thoguh that I did not get free shipping, since I ordered two pair within weeks of each other and am a lifeguard .

    Kathy Meade Hebert
    chippewa falls, WI


  • 12/2/2008 these are the ONLY goggles to get!

    rating star By Mom of 4

    these are the only goggles to get, in my opinion!  they are comfortable, b/c there is no suction.  the only down side is that they are a pain to adjust (the nosepiece needs adjusting) initially, but once that's done - they are awesome!

    Mom of 4
    Harrison, NY


  • 9/2/2015 I have used these goggles for many years and love how they fit and the cushing.

    rating star By Pam

    These are the most comfortable goggles. I have uses these goggles for many years, replacing them as needed. If you take care of them they will last.



  • 8/24/2015 Best Goggles Ever

    rating star By Finished&NotLast

    I have had these goggles for about a year and I have found them to be the best goggles I have ever worn.  I swim approximately 3-4 miles per week, in a pool and 2-3 miles ocean swim once a week.  The goggles don't:
    - hurt your orbits
    - fall off
    - leak

    Again, these are very comfortable.  I didn't have any problem with adjusting the nose piece, but some people are grab a go types and just want to put on a pair of goggles and have a custom fit out of the box.  The Barracuda B300's are semi-custom fit and therefore one needs to take a few moment to customize the goggles to your face.  Happy swimming and I will be buying a second pair soon!

    Davis, CA


  • 3/25/2015 Not as soft as I need.

    rating star By Melly

    I bought these goggles to try and alleviate the rings I was getting around my eyes. (I am not trying to get more wrinkles) My old goggles left marks on my face for hours. Not a pretty picture at work. I thinkI may need to get goggles that fit more inside the eye socket ( if that makes sense) They are nice goggles though. I will use them, til I find a better substitute

    Buffalo New Yok


  • 2/17/2015 Failed to prevent "racoon eyes"

    rating star By Swims for exercise

    These goggles cost almost twice as much as others and promised to prevent "racoon eyes." The promise was not met. The Barracuda goggles left about the worst marks under my eyes of the four or five types of goggles I have tried. Very disappointing. My understanding is that I cannot return them because I have tried them in the pool, even though they were recommended by staff over the phone as the best for preventing racoon eyes.

    Swims for exercise
    Bowling Green, KY


  • 3/11/2014 Not What I Expected

    rating star By Thomas

    I swim 3 miles a week. On my third time using the straps kept slipping off. Finally had to make a make shift tie to hold them on! Also fogging problems & water leakage...disappointing, thought these were suppose to be great goggles!?!

    Colorado Springs, CO


  • 8/13/2013 Fantastic right from the start!

    rating star By Mermaid Ekena

    Thankfully these goggles showed up just as I had lost my dark standards (which I adore).  The worked great these past two days during ocean swims (with waves).   What I like about Barracuda goggles is that they do NOT leave rings around your eyes, no marks at all.

    Mermaid Ekena
    Santa Fe , NM


  • 8/8/2013 I have used B300 goggles for over 10 years and really love them.

    rating star By Happy Feet 38

    I swim for 45-60 minutes continuously every other day and never have to take these goggles off, lift them or clean the whole hour.  They are comfortable and never leave raccoon eyes around my eyes. Thanks so much for making them.  My son also uses them as much as I do and he really loves them too.

    Happy Feet 38
    Truckee, CA


  • 6/14/2013 I don't think these will ever seal on my face..

    rating star By M. Y.

    I've been wearing barracudas for years, because they are the only brand that fits consistently, comfortably, but these don't.  I even trimmed the nose piece for a more custom fit, but they just won't do right.

    M. Y.
    Northport, AL


  • 4/13/2013 The only way to protect one's eyes

    rating star By Barbara

    The foam makes all the difference.  With other goggles I either get a headache from straps which need to be very tight, a sore between my eyes, above my nose where some press in, or indentations which we call raccoon eyes.
    And being able to adjust the nose piece is a plus as is the fact that you can get all the parts at a later date when they wear out.
    My husband has been using his twice a week for over 12 years, just replacing the parts available when necessary. His are the original round ones, I prefer the B300.

    Bozeman, MT


  • 2/2/2013 Great product!

    rating star By shana

    Barracuda goggles B300 provide exceptional quality and comfort for fitness swimming. The foam around the eyecups seals without pressure, and the nose bridge can be custom fitted to any size. Plus, these goggles last for years. I have been lap swimming and loving swimming since the mid 80"s and I wouldn't use any other goggle!



  • 2/1/2013 Not what I had hoped for.

    rating star By Steve

    I swim two -three miles a week. I had read other reviews from distance swimmers about how great and comfortable  these goggles were swimming long distances. I wish i had just stuck to my tried and true goggles- these overrated and expensive goggles leaked no matter what I did. I had to tighten them so much to try (yes-try) to get the leak stopped that they became uncomfortable. I will not buy these again.

    Lynchburg, VA


  • 11/28/2012 Really Unhappy

    rating star By jackson

    B300 lens redesign is horrible. I loved the fit of the B300 but the new lens design really cuts down on visibility. Wore once probably won't again.
    Leave it for emergency back up at best.

    New York


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