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Barracuda Standard Goggle

Barracuda Standard Goggle Reviews

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  • 6/27/2012 Barracuda Standard Goggles

    rating star By Tony Andrade

    I swim daily (seven days a week) at the local "Y" and have been for the past eleven years. I have been using these goggles now for approx. two weeks. They are absolutely the worst pair I have ever owned. I should have minded some of the negative reviews that I read prior to ordering them. So I can't blame anyone but myself for purchasing them. They leak, they fog, the straps loosen! When I saw that they came with an allen wrench I should have sent them back immediately. They are simply a poor design. The foam does not contour to your face bones, that's a joke. I've done everything asked of me in the directions and nothing helps. Pressing, pushing, tightening, clearing. Today was the last day. What I want to do is cut them up in tiny pieces and send them back to the Dr. Runckel the "dentist". Can't believe they have been around since 1979! The other can order repair kits for them...come on now, we're talking goggles, not bicycles!

    Tony Andrade
    Quincy, MA


  • 1/13/2015 Barracuda googles

    rating star By Anya

    These googles are difficult to adjust for a fit.  I thought I had it right,only to have leaky googles.  I will try again.  I expected a little more for the price.

    Sparta, NJ


  • 7/22/2014 very not good!!!!!

    rating star By sungwon a.

    Im asian,,, very not good.. it not looking good... (even not cute..)
    and,, water coming,,

    sungwon a.


  • 1/5/2014 Barracuda Standard

    rating star By lesley s.

    Foam makes the difference, providing comfort plus!  Goggles do not leak, fog up or leave "racoon eyes."  Adjustable fit for all type faces.  Highly recommended.

    lesley s.
    midwest city, OK


  • 6/1/2009 Great product

    rating star By Kelly W.

    I'm very happy with my new Barracuda goggles. My old pair that I bought years ago ( with a slightly different style, more stylish but smaller ) began to fog up all of the time. So I bought this pair and spent a week swimming each day for an hour. These goggles are so comfortable - they rock!

    Kelly W.
    Concord CA


  • 1/20/2016 Best goggles

    rating star By Jrg

    Have used barracuda for years. Nose spacing is adjustable and thick foam is easy on the face leaving no marks. Repair kits are available to replace foam and straps.

    Silver spring mc


  • 8/22/2015 awesome goggles

    rating star By Lucy

    I love these goggles.  If you purchase them, and they continue to leak, you just have to keep adjusting them!!!!  They are fabulous.  Once they are adjusted to YOUR face, they will NOT leak!!  I read a comment regarding these that was negative because of the leaking.  He gave up too soon.



  • 8/2/2015 Barracuda Standard Goggle

    rating star By Todd

    Very comfortable goggle. Great seal around eyes. Vision is slightly limited. Great for long swims.



  • 6/2/2015 Best damn goggle I have ever worn!!!!

    rating star By Bruce rackusin

    I train for sprint triathlons. I am forever looking for the goggle that doesn't pull my eye out of its socket. After 50 plus laps at one time my eyes feel great. Thanks Barracuda.

    Bruce rackusin
    Walnut creek


  • 1/10/2015 Best Goggles EVER

    rating star By Swimsuit Sally

    These goggles are so comfortable I will never buy any other kind!  I have been using Barracuda standards for a couple years now.  They have fit instructions that you must follow in order to avoid leakage; that said, if you follow these, you will have no trouble with them and you will love them.  They do not leave any marks on your face.  I swim 4000 yards or more, 6 days a week.

    Swimsuit Sally
    Rockford IL


  • 10/15/2014 The Barracuda Standard are superb!

    rating star By Annie

    The Barracuda Standard are superb. They adapt to the nose structure superbly.
    However, how do you get replacement elastic?

    Arlington, MA


  • 8/24/2014 Comfortable, but leaky

    rating star By Eileen

    These goggles are comfortable and don't leave "racoon" eyes. However, they don't stay leakproof for long.

    Bridgewater, MA


  • 8/16/2014 Love these goggles,

    rating star By GaryM.

    Always used these in the past for training and racing Triathlons most comfortable goggle still on the market with the thick cushions instead of cups around eyes fits the anatomy of the face very well and great visibility plus do not fog up at all,just keep a small amount of water in bottom of goggle and constantly clears fog to use latest MP3 Neptune have to slightly over tighten to keep the seal but not bad still. The thick foam has a slight drop from the pad to the lens good place to keep water and not get it in your eyes. A no headache goggle when compared to the popular masks now. Found these in the early 80"s and same quality goggle now. Would like it if Barracuda would use a reflective lens though make them even darker inside.



  • 7/9/2014 comfortable fit

    rating star By Marc

    goggles are great comfortable fit and perfect seal.  It doesn't leak water and could be worn for hours.



  • 9/22/2013 Disappointing

    rating star By Robert R.

    A fellow swimmer recommended Baracuda, which he's had for years. The Baracuda goggles I ordered came swiftly, housed in a cheap flimsy plastic package for protection. Followed the detailed instructions for getting a good fit. Tried them in the pool and they leaked. The straps were another pain to fit properly. Also had problems snapping them into place. Too much fussing for a pair of pricey goggles. Wish I stayed with my cheaper ones.

    Robert R.
    New York, NY


  • 8/27/2013 The Baracuda Standard goggles

    rating star By Richard

    These goggles are comfortable to wear and can be cheaply rebuilt with a kit when needed. They are very cost effective and efficient!

    Mission Viejo, CA


  • 8/20/2013 Great, if you can adjust them correctly

    rating star By musekate

    I loved these goggles back in the day. I bought this pair hoping to relieve the stress marks from my small goggles. But I've found them very hard to adjust; they're still leaking! It's probably me--a combination of close-set eyes and a high nose bridge. But I won't give up! I know I'll get there eventually.

    Boston MA


  • 6/18/2013 Feels great

    rating star By Deactivated Torpedo

    I've used these for more than a dozen outings to the pool and they feel absolutely great. I am however having some issues getting the right eye to seal properly. It mostly starts to leak as I blow water through my nose and heads up towards the eye piece. It takes a fair bit of adjusting, but when it fits just right the experience is fantastic.

    Deactivated Torpedo
    Ontario, Canada


  • 5/3/2013 My favorite goggles

    rating star By Janis H.

    I'd given up on ever seeing these Barracuda goggles again - all I can find around LA are the plastic ones that actually hurt.  I stumbled onto SwinOutlet and there they were!  I couldn't be more please.

    Janis H.
    Los Angeles, CA


  • 4/24/2013 no more goggle "eye dents"

    rating star By cathy s.

    I swim 4 - 7 times a week and found the dents left under my eyes by my former goggles were getting worse and lasting longer. I read that some people were even getting dark circles from this.
    The Barracuda standard goggles are a dream come true, while a little bit bulkier they are comfortable and fit well. The most important thing is I can swim and when finished with my swim, I don't have the deep ruts around my eyes.
    I will always use the Barracuda goggles. They are a little more expensive(25.00) they are worth every penny!!

    cathy s.
    brigantine, NJ


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