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Mack's Ear Seals Ear Plugs

Mack's Ear Seals Ear Plugs Reviews

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4.5 star rating (90 Reviews)

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  • 5/7/2015 Very Good Earplug

    rating star By Len P.

    These ear plugs do the job - they keep the water out of my ears.  I like the quality of the product - well worth the money.

    Len P.
    Tampa, FL


  • 8/2/2013 Macks Ear Seals

    rating star By Joann Buckwalter

    I was a swimmer for over 20 years on a team, and now I have trouble with water in my ears. So I have to wear ear plugs and these are the best on the market for my ears.  I now have several pairs thanks to you.  I can keep them all over so I do not lose them.  No more going to the doctors.  No pain with the macks ear seals.  Joann Buckwalter.
    Thanks again.  Hope you keep them in stock, as I swim 7 months out of the year and snorkel.

    Joann Buckwalter
    Denver, PA


  • 11/12/2015 Mack's Ear Seals Earplugs

    rating star By Carson

    I have used these for years.

    Aberdeen SD


  • 6/22/2014 Peace and quiet!

    rating star By lillan

    Wonderful for us with sensitive hearing, gives me full nights sleep next to snorer.  On flights takes away motor noises and people talking.  I also use them for morning swim and now no more swimmers ears.  All in all a great everyday product.

    Danville, CA


  • 6/8/2013 Keeps water out..

    rating star By Johnny Panic

    And doesn't hurt my ears, like other brands' earplugs do. I've been using this style for years and will use nothing else in the pool.

    Johnny Panic


  • 6/7/2013 Works best for me

    rating star By martin h.

    I've tried several different plugs and these seem to work the best for me. The plastic stem makes it easy to insert and remove. The 4 baffles form a good seal. Bright colors make it easy to see if dropped. These get a lot of use and last longer than others I've had.

    martin h.
    honolulu, HI


  • 10/17/2011 soft, confortable, string can be pul of and put back

    rating star By Bcsc

    This one is very soft on those silcon layers, and with the hard middle stick that help you to easy put it into the ear and get it out, nice, easy, no pressure, very confortable. Not as the same style Mack's Aqua Block Earplug that has a soft middle stick which is hard to put it into the right place in your ear. I felt the string a little no use, thinking to cut it off, but found out it can be pull out, then when you need it you can even put the string back. The good thing with the string is you won't lost them easily. For the size I would say since it very soft to put in, it fit well for both my 7-yr-old daughter and myself. My daughter first like the Sporti Ear Plugs with that pull out thing one, but after she tried this one, she switched that one to me. I would recommend this one over the other earplugs. You don't not need to put it in so deep, just pull your ear and easy put that into your ear, loose your hand, that it. You won't have water into your ear anymore.

    Milwaukee, WI


  • 12/9/2008 to thin

    rating star By Wes Mc

    what's with all these plugs that are to thin to even fill the ear canal. I know I don't have big ears...just the normal size, but you put these in and they are to thin to even seal my ears at all. It's the right idea, the round fins on the plugs just need to be wider to fully seal the ear, then they'd work perfectly.

    Wes Mc
    Wichita, Ks


  • 5/24/2016 Perfect!

    rating star By Charlotte

    Bought these because during my open water swims, the pressure build up in my ears (especially with each freestyle stroke as my arm enters the water close to whichever side) was too much and painful. These do the trick! No more pain or pressure !

    Costa Mesa, CA

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 5/11/2016 No Water Getting In

    rating star By Pepper

    Once I figured out my ear canals (Who's familiar with THAT part of the anatomy other than cleaning with a q-tip occasionally?!), these worked like a charm. The attached string comes off if you don't want it. I leave mine on because it keeps me from losing the plugs when not in use.

    Steubenville, OH


  • 4/20/2016 These work great

    rating star By Joemama1981

    These work great no water in my ears after long bouts in the pool.

    Carpentersville, IL


  • 11/23/2015 Mack's Ear Seals Earplugs

    rating star By GFog

    I was unable to use the plugs more than the one time I tried.  I had a hard time putting them in, and when I finally got them in, they didn't stay in.  So I got water in the ears, and finally just ended up removing them.

    However, my ears are pretty sensitive, and I attribute the failure to operator error!  I think the earplugs themselves are quality, and I'm sure they will work for others.

    Chandler, AZ


  • 11/18/2015 ear seals work.

    rating star By jeffrey B.

    ok for me they need to be bigger around to be 5 stars they do what they clam but I need them bigger.

    jeffrey B.
    Aurora, IL


  • 9/12/2015 Keep the Water Out

    rating star By Barbara

    I have used these for years because I am suseptible to ear infections.  These never happen with these earplugs and I din't loose them which is really a plua

    St George


  • 7/2/2015 Letting water in still

    rating star By Mark

    The fit was very good on these, and I had high hopes. Unfortunately, the entire purpose of these is to keep water out of your ears during water sports. On this point, they failed miserably. Luckily, they weren't that expensive, otherwise I'd have been more upset. These were not the only ones to fail on me, so the search continues. Any real-world experience with plugs that actually keep water out would be greatly appreciated.

    Santa Cruz, CA


  • 6/4/2015 Perfect Fit

    rating star By GaryU

    If you follow the directions, you shouldn't have any problems. The most important thing to remember, is not to insert the plugs in too far. Just enough to block the opening, the water pressure will do the rest. If your using them to block out sound, same thing, just enough to stay in place. Make sure to clean/sanitize after each use.

    Waimea, HI


  • 5/31/2015 Using earplugs for noise prevention!

    rating star By Sparkette

    I am using your earplugs while riding my lawnmower to keep the noise out of my ears. They work pretty well.

    Western Grove, AR


  • 5/4/2015 Comfortable and keeps water out

    rating star By hmicaiah

    Comfortable and easy to put into the ear - and they stay put.  I've used several times now and not had any leakage.  They also have a lower profile to the head so I found it is possible to wear swim cap over the ears without discomfort.  Air holes in the carry case would be helpful.

    St. Louis


  • 4/22/2015 Best ear plugs

    rating star By SJB Artist

    Easy to put in and no water gets it.

    SJB Artist
    Catskills, NY


  • 4/16/2015 Perform as expected

    rating star By Mikki

    The earplugs keep water out of my ears when I swim.  The part sticking out of the ear is a little longer than I would like and could be a little softer material.  Otherwise, they perform as expected.



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