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Speedo Ergo Ear Plugs

Speedo Ergo Ear Plugs Reviews

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4 star rating (67 Reviews)

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  • 9/20/2013 The Best

    rating star By Barb

    These are the best ear plugs I have ever used.  This is my second set.  They fit well and stay in.  I swim 4 miles a week and believe me they are the best I have ever found!

    Georgetown, TX


  • 10/28/2013 THE BEST EAR PLUGS EVER!

    rating star By AndiV

    I think that this is the 2nd review that I have given these ear plugs.  They are that good!  I've tried many & they either fall out in the middle of swimming laps or they don't fit well & water still gets into my ears.  With these, there are no problems whatsoever!  They really stay in & keep the water out!  I highly recommend these - great buy!

    North Hollywood, CA


  • 9/24/2013 Excellent

    rating star By Quito

    I tested several, and these were probably the most comfortable.  They provide a great seal and also block less sound than some that insert further into the ear.   Probably best for swimmers using plugs who need to listen to a coach on deck....

    Lafayette LA


  • 9/19/2013 Great price, great product

    rating star By Frank Z

    I've been using my pair for about two weeks.  They work great, feel comfortable, and keep the water out of my ears.  Very pleased.

    Frank Z
    Central Valley, CA


  • 8/21/2015 Too big!

    rating star By Begin2Swim

    I have what I think are relatively average-sized ears. All the same, I've had about as much success inserting these plugs into my ears as I would have inserting my elbow into my ear. I'm sure once I got the plug in there, it might be marvelous. But for now, these earplugs will, sadly, become part of the landfill. That's one of the bad things about buying small things online: It's never worth it to return them, and it lends to overproduction and waste.

    Rocky Mountains


  • 1/17/2015 not for me

    rating star By Natalie M.

    I read some reviews before I got them and a lot of people said that they were great, but unfortunately they didn't work for me. I also work out for an hour everyday. The first time I put them on they worked but I had ear pain with thin. The first 30 minutes they are not very comfortable as well.  They also don't completely keep the water out of your ears. These earplugs are definitely not for everyone.

    Natalie M.
    stockton, CA


  • 8/28/2014 effective, comfortable ear plugs

    rating star By swim lover

    I have small ears--I have been using ear plugs I bought more than 44 years ago--the ear plugs they have been selling in stores in recent years did not fit me or keep water out.  I only had 2 of my old ear plugs left and, in desperation, did a google search for Speedo ear plugs--Speedo had made the old ear plugs that worked for me, that I was still using.  When I saw the Ergo ear plugs I was thrilled and relieved because they were very similar to my old ear plugs.  I have used the new ones and they work even better than the old ones--I am one happy swimmer that no longer needs to worry about what I'll do if I lose my last ear plug.

    swim lover


  • 11/16/2013 great product. the best ear plug ever

    rating star By Andreea P.

    Great product easy 2use u get no water in ur ears and u do not need 2have dry fingers and ears like other produnt....u showd get it snd try it is great......

    Andreea P.


  • 9/14/2013 Work Great for Me

    rating star By Crystal D.

    I endured a 6 week long ear infection last spring that resulted in a ruptured ear drum that is still not completely healed.  Dreading the prospect of spending another three months without swimming, I bought these, but did not have much confidence in them.  To my surprise, and delight, they work perfectly for me.  They keep water out of my ear but do not protrude so far into the canal that I am worried about further damaging or reinfecting the tympanic membrane.  It is such a blessing to be able to swim again. I just ordered a back-up pair for me and one for my son.

    Crystal D.
    Ojai, CA


  • 8/16/2013 not for me

    rating star By Penelope P.

    I train hard for 1 hour a day. These plugs were highly recommended by team mates who love them. Unfortunately, they were not for me. One plug never kept the water out, even with the addition of an ear band, and after about 20-30 min. I had a lot of ear pain. So, these work beautifully for some folks but not everyone. You may have to try different types until you find what fits you best. Happily, it's not a big financial investment. A tip: Try and buy colored plugs, easier to see if they drop in the water.

    Penelope P.


  • 2/3/2013 Ear Plugs

    rating star By imaginec

    I used these when lap swimming. They are somewhat stiffer than I expected. I guess I thought they would be more flexible than they are. They hurt my ears alittle. I probably won't be wearing them.

    Murray KY


  • 12/8/2012 Ergonomic Earplugs OK

    rating star By Melissa Z.

    Once I got them seated properly, they worked well.  If I have to take one or both out to get instruction from the coach, they take some time to put  back in.  The gray color is an issue if you should accidentally drop one in the water... maybe bright green or pink would be better?

    Melissa Z.
    Chelsea, MI


  • 7/30/2012 too big

    rating star By Stephanie K.

    too big for my 11 yr. old daughter's ears.  the silicone ear plugs that can be broken apart and molded as need be is much better.

    Stephanie K.
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL


  • 9/11/2011 Love these plugs!!!

    rating star By beaudry

    For my son who has tubes in his ears these plugs are great. They never fall out, water doesnt get in and believe me we have tried a lot of different ones. The only problem we have had is that we havent been able to find they any where and this site doesnt ship them to Canada. Good thing I have family in the UK who can bring them over for me.

    ontario, canada


  • 6/23/2011 No leaks

    rating star By Peter O.

    I've never used ear plugs before so it takes a little getting used to.  I've never had them fall out or leak so they do the job.  I have a pair of in-ear headphones with 3 different size covers.  I use the small or medium.  I would say that these ear plugs are really tight so should work well for most people even if they have larger holes.  They may not fit for anyone with really small holes.  Also, the large "flange" really cover well and fits nicely in my ears.  Again, maybe to big for anyone with small ears.

    Peter O.
    Cherry Hill, NJ


  • 6/8/2016 Safe and Comfortable

    rating star By cheetah gal

    Most ear plugs will not completely block out the water, or stay in the ear. These however, do both. They are safe and comfortable. They also don't hurt trying to insert them, nor do they go in too far in the ear.

    cheetah gal


  • 5/7/2016 Meh

    rating star By Mrs. C

    Not impressed.  They didn't stay in and wasted a lot of time fidgeting with them.

    Mrs. C


  • 5/4/2016 Plugs Wonderful

    rating star By RandallB

    These plugs fit Great, they are Wonderful t keeping the water out of your ears, I've used them in pools and the ocean snorkeling !!

    Columbus, Ohio


  • 3/20/2016 Not a good fit for my ears.

    rating star By Sarah

    I think these would be a good plug if they worked better with my ear shape. As is, they don't make a tight enough seal for swimming. I use them to protect my ears in the shower.



  • 1/28/2016 Comfy Fit AND They Work!

    rating star By Cameew

    I have never worn earplugs in the pool before, but I have become an instant fan.the earplugs fit well, are comfortable and they keep the water out. I am very happy to have made the purchase.

    Inland Empire, CA


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