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Sporti Antifog Swedish Goggle + Bungee Strap

Sporti Antifog Swedish Goggle + Bungee Strap Reviews

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4.5 star rating (193 Reviews)

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  • 7/17/2013 I've quit flirting w/ others

    rating star By Ol'' Swimmer

    These are the ones!  I've quit flirting with other goggles. I’m approaching 3 years swimming an avg. 5 times a week with the same goggles!  That is unreal!  Usually the chlorine pits the lens or they get scratched in the gym bag and become foggy. Or I leave them somewhere…duh. The bungee cord, boggle, and nose piece show no signs of giving out. I always rinse them in the shower after swimming and store them in a soft case in my gym bag. I've tried lots and lots of different goggles over the years, some costing as much as 10 times more than these, but I keep returning to the Swedish type.  They are simple, light-weight, effective, comfortable, and inexpensive.

    To me these Sporti's are better than the original Swedes.  The edges are smooth and don't need sanding.  The anti-fog lasts longer.... maybe a month or two.  (Don't think original Swedes have any anti-fog.)  Saliva works fine, but occasionally I’ll put some anti-fog in and let them sit overnight. The latex strap will last about 2-3 months of swimming every day, and then it gets stretchy and eventually breaks.  It helps if you rinse out the chlorine in the shower after swimming. The bungee cord is a nice touch that gives easy tension adjustment and lasts for… well, 3 years and counting.   In theory the TYR Socket Rockets and Sporti Swedish Premiums with the silicon cups should be more comfy, but they aren’t for me. They seem heavier and hotter on my face. These Swedish goggles give unmatched peripheral vision, are light weight, don't leak, and once you're used to them are very comfortable. If you haven't used Swedes before it does take a week or so to become accustomed to them.  I always use the string for the nose bridge for a better and more secure, leak-proof fit. Indoors I prefer the red or orange. Outside in bright sun the metallic or blue.

    Ol'' Swimmer


  • 1/7/2013 Sporti Swede vs. Original Swede

    rating star By love my swedes

    Here's my take on the Sporti version versus the original Swede:

    - Nose piece and strap options. Whatever option you chose to use (bungee or rubber bands) you'll always have some spare parts around if needed.
    - The strap holes on the sides are actually much larger/wider than on the original swedes, so its super easy to slide the strap right through (no having to cut the strap to get it through that pesky little hole!). It also helps the rubber band last a lot longer since there isn't as much tension put on that area. The nose holes are slightly larger too.
    - The anti-fog coating actually works!

    - The plastic nose piece cover is thinner and more flimsy compared to the original swede...mine actually split apart after not too long.
    - Since the strap holes on the sides are wider/larger, they often do not hold the straps in place so you have to spend a small extra amount of time re-aligning the straps before putting them on.
    - While the anti-fog coating does work for a  good month or two, it soon will start to peel off and cause visual disturbances.

    - Both provide the same great feel and fit.
    - Sporti version is a great deal considering the options provided.
    - Would recommend the Sporti version over the original for those who prefer using the rubber parts (they definitely last longer).
    - Recommend for bungee users too, as long as your nose cover piece doesn't break like mine did!

    love my swedes
    in the pool


  • 12/2/2010 Perfect Fit for Asian Eyes

    rating star By farmgirl

    I just got in from my morning swim and my first time using my new Swedish goggles. I'm still in awe of how well they fit. I had all but given up on finding a pair of goggles to fit my face and eye shape (I have a rounded Asian face with almond shaped eyes). It seems that goggle manufacturers only study the configuration of Caucasian faces and neglect their brothers and sisters on the other side of the Pacific. Thank goodness for Swedish designers.

    These goggles fit snugly into the eye socket rather than trying to cover the entire eye area, so regardless of your eye shape, these goggles will fit you. I dry fitted them first at home, adjusting the nosepiece and headstrap for a snug but not tight fit. (Kudos to SwimOutlet for pre-assembling them for me). I had an inkling that they might actually work because I felt a little suction when I took them off. I kept the rubber strap since it seemed to work fine. I'll save the bungee strap for later when the rubber strap falls apart.

    Admittedly, wearing them is a very strange sensation at first, especially if you're used to full coverage goggles. Because so much of my eye socket was exposed, I had the sensation that water was leaking in, but when I stopped to inspect them...not a drop. They are also a bit intimidating-looking at first since there is no cushion between my skin and the hard plastic. I bought both the regular pair and the silicone coated pair. After trying both, though, the original hard plastic version surprisingly fit so much better with fewer pressure points and red marks after my swim.

    CON: I would have given this 5 stars except for one major flaw--peripheral distortion in the water. I ddin't notice it when I was trying them on at home, but once I took them in the water, I actually felt a little vertigo because of it. Looking straight ahead, you won't notice it. But glance in any direction outside of the flat front surface, and you'll see undulating images.  I'm thankful that I'm not prone to seasickness. It's a trade-off for me:  being able to swim for an hour without having to stop and drain the chlorinated water out of my goggles is worth the discomfort of getting used to the distortion. Overall, I would highly recommend these to people who, like me, have tried every goggle made and have still suffered for years with leaky goggles. And they're only $3 at SwimOutlet. You pay more for shipping than you do for the actual goggles!

    Little River, KS


  • 8/30/2015 Best goggles I've ever had!

    rating star By Abernathy & Jung

    This is an inner-eye goggle without gaskets. They are comfortable, inexpensive and work great in non-diving swim workouts.

    Abernathy & Jung


  • 9/23/2014 Good Goggles

    rating star By Dagger1504

    I have already loved Swedish Goggles and I love these.  I got the green/blue ones and they make for a really clear/clean visual.  I also am trying out the bungee strap and think it is great and easy to use.



  • 11/22/2013 Best goggles ever!

    rating star By Linda

    I swim 2000m most every day.  I used other more expensive goggles, but they always fogged up.  These goggles are very reasonably priced and best if you use the bungee cord.  They don't have to fit tight to work.  They fog somewhat, but never where I can't see.

    Long Beach, Ca


  • 4/21/2011 Great, but too big for my eye sockets

    rating star By Katie K.

    Everyone seems to love these, and I had high hopes for them, but they were too big for me.

    Quality product, though, and worth trying at that price.

    Katie K.
    Scottsdale, AZ


  • 11/24/2010 What did I do without these?

    rating star By Steve

    Who needs all that padding? In 30 years of lap swimming, I have never worn a better pair of goggles. Surprisingly, they don't leak at all.

    New York


  • 11/13/2010 Good leak-free goggles, good price

    rating star By Limey Di

    Easy to fit, these goggles haven't leaked on me yet.  Like all Swedish goggles, they can leave marks under the eyes if worn too tight.  I bought "green" which is actually more like a deep aqua.  Great price and a good choice overall for me for daily recreationl lap swimming.

    Limey Di
    Chatham, NJ


  • 5/1/2016 Good for Elastic Nosepiece

    rating star By Max

    The holes for the nosepiece are larger than the original Swedish Swedes, so it wont potentially tear up the elastic when you install it. If you are like me and need to use the headband material as opposed to the string and tube, this will be your preferred option to the original. I will concede, a fresh elastic nosepiece will tend to slide sometimes due to the powdery, antimoisture deposit on the elastic band. Within a week of using the goggles in the pool though, the nosepiece will have been exposed to the chlorine enough to eliminate this problem. And of course, the elastic seems to be good for a couple of months. The bungee straps last a long time, so after the initial goggle sanding (typical for swedish variants), the only maintenance will be the nose piece swaps. Certainly can't beat the price on these.

    Atlanta, GA


  • 3/9/2016 comfortable and long lasting

    rating star By Alfie

    These goggles are more comfortable and last longer than much more expensive goggles. The anti-fog lasts a long time. They do take a bit of fine tune adjusting to get them to seal correctly, so be prepared to be patient the first time you use them. I found using the string rather than the elastic for the nose piece provides me with a more reliable seal once it is adjusted correctly. If they are not sealing, it is likely the nose strap length, so adjust that first. They do not need to be tight against the face to work.

    Amherst, MA


  • 1/21/2016 Did not work for me

    rating star By cherwitt

    Sad to say this did not work for me.  I had hoped it would, but it leaked.  I have deep set eyes so it may just be my facial structure.  Nice that it includes a bungee.  May use that on another pair.

    Crozet, VA


  • 12/19/2015 Love these!

    rating star By 666k9s

    I have been searching for the perfect goggles now for about 8 months. I have seem to have small facial features so that has been one problem. The other problem is that every goggle with gaskets left horrible looking red rings around my eyes. As I get older that's a serious concern for the delicate skin around my eyes. Another problem has been the dark indoor pool I swim in.

    These goggles have solved all my problems! And I love the bungee cord. It's hassle free and easy to adjust. Just as important is the fact that my new Finis Duo mp3 player fits on the straps just fine!! The amber color of the lenses light up the dark indoor pool, making visibility about 100% better than my old blue Vanquishers. I'll never go back to those as long as I'm swimming in an indoor pool. The low price means I can have spares and be ready for when the chlorine eventually wears out the rubber. I'm very pleased with this purchase. Shipping was great and my stuff arrived ahead of time. Awesome!!

    Topeka, Ks.


  • 11/10/2015 Uncomfortable

    rating star By Aaron

    I have purchased many Swedish goggles in the last that worked great, bit these just don't seem to seal right.  I have to wear the bungee strap really tight to eliminate leaks, and get bruises on my eye socket bones as a result.  I'm still not sure if I like the bungee or not.  It's replaceable, which is great, but it's not very comfortable.



  • 11/6/2015 Overall OK

    rating star By pmowrey

    Fit nicely and do not leak, but the straps are loose and move when not on your head. I found that to be annoying when putting on. But otherwise they work

    Boston, MA


  • 10/29/2015 I realy like those goggles !

    rating star By CAT

    No water enter in thoses goggles. Confort and efficacity.

    Quebec, QC


  • 10/27/2015 Work great

    rating star By Astrid

    Work very well at keeping water out and are really comfortable.  You just need to find the balance between too tight and too loose.  Too tight and they spread out to the edges of your face and too lose will let some water in.  Once you find the sweetspot, they're perfect.

    Indianapolis, IN


  • 9/28/2015 Best pair of goggles for the best price!

    rating star By Coach Ray

    Swedish goggles have always been my preferred to not come off on the start and to be clear for the entire race.  Now that they come with the bungee, they have only gotten better. Still the best price for my budget.

    Coach Ray
    Phoenix, AZ


  • 9/9/2015 pls don't buy so I can have

    rating star By jeff

    I don't want everyone buying these in case they sell out.  The strap is actually big enough for my head, unlike original swedes.  Anti-fog actually works, so far.  No leakage,,, need I say more?



  • 6/16/2015 Does not meet expectations

    rating star By JC

    The middle strap does not hold the glasses together.

    Tucson, AZ


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