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Sporti Rubber Ornament Swim Cap

Sporti Rubber Ornament Swim Cap Reviews

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4 star rating (189 Reviews)

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  • 7/11/2011 rate swimcap

    rating star By Deborah S.

    I use it to exercise and swim in the pool.  This cap is great for me because of my hair type.  I have long, very fine, thick straight hair.  Finding a cap has been so hard without them feeling like I'm losing my hair when removing it.  This cap did not pull my hair out when removing it .  Someone with curly hair would like this cap because of the great coverage and roominess in the cap for lots of hair.   It fit around my face and hairlines just fine.  I bought the white one, and now I want the blue one.  I have one other cap from you and let me say, they are quite the conversation piece.  Everyone loves them and I'm happy to tell them how to get theirs.  Debbie from Georgia

    Deborah S.
    Peachtree Citu, GA


  • 6/4/2013 nice cap; nice fit. little thin but OK

    rating star By Joann R.

    I use this cap for water aerobics. This one has been fine. Others in same batch were not as good as this one. I rotate them to hopefully extend their useful life.

    Joann R.
    Huntsville, Al


  • 5/26/2013 Chic Swimming Cap

    rating star By Anna M.

    I like to wear a swimming cap so my grey and highlighted hair doesn't turn green... this is a very chic cap and looks fabulous. I feel like a star. LOLZ

    Anna M.
    Kansas City MO


  • 5/8/2013 This is the Cap

    rating star By DB

    I swim two or three times a week and have several sporti and creative caps, love them all.  I have a large head and they all fit well. I just wish for more colors in the future.



  • 4/25/2013 Grat Cap

    rating star By BJ

    I swim 3 times a week and the cap works great for me. It keeps water out of my ears.



  • 3/18/2013 Sporti Latex Ornament Cap

    rating star By Char

    The fit is great, especially if you have long hair.  The inter white band came off after the third use, but the cap is still fine and water tight.  Looks a lot cuter than the plain scull caps.  I use it 5 days a week too.

    Simi Valley, CA


  • 2/10/2012 Comfortable & Cute but Wet Hair

    rating star By Erica

    The cap is comfortable & looks nice, but my hair got wet on first swim. It seems well made. Think my head is smaller than average & it would be tighter on most.  If it fit tighter, this would've been fabulous. I'd say, go for it if your head is average or larger sized.

    Milford, CT


  • 1/17/2012 Real Stunner

    rating star By Diva Gurl

    Looks really cool and fashionable and keeps my hair dry! I love that they can fit any size hair do, one of the ladies in my water aerobics class has very long locks and the cap fit her as well as it fit me!

    Diva Gurl


  • 1/17/2012 Loved the quality and the way I looked!

    rating star By Christine M.

    Very attractive, unique and different.

    Christine M.
    South Bend, IN


  • 9/21/2011 Loved them!

    rating star By Beach Babe!

    I boyght these for 4 of my friends. We come from different parts of the country to spend time at the beach and I always make a bag of my favorite things and this year this was one of my favorite things.
    They worked great and looked great. We got lots of complinents!

    Beach Babe!
    Perdido Key, Florida


  • 7/4/2011 Sporti Latex Ornament Cap

    rating star By Esther L.

    I have bought these caps before and am very satisfied with them.  They last a long time and protect my ears as well as my hair when I'm in the water.

    Esther L.
    Marietta, GA


  • 6/23/2011 Swim Cap

    rating star By Tina

    Works great to keep the chlorine from dryingout my hair!

    Lexington, NC


  • 6/11/2011 Love this cap!

    rating star By JoAnn

    This cap was just what I needed. My hair is long and on the thick side so I needed a cap to keep my hair out of my face while doing laps in the pool. Unlike hats, my cap also keeps the sun from bleaching out my hair whether I'm swimming under or above the water. The cap is tight enough around the edges to be comfortable while keeping my hair in and the water out, except for a little water that gets in around my ears - most caps will do that. Very happy with product and loved the price!



  • 5/21/2011 It works...

    rating star By Cat

    I got this cap to protect my hair mostly from sun while in my outdoor pool. Works great for that purpose. It's large enough to fit a thin headband and my coiled ponytail of long hair. I had tried a regular tight-fitting latex cap in the past, and stopped using it almost immediately after it pulled and broke my hair.

    But if you want something to keep your hair dry, keep looking. This is not snug enough to keep water out as you swim. (But it still manages to leave a line on my forehead!) The hair on the back of my neck and head gets wet every time.

    Another possible benefit is the shape. The edge dips a bit to cover your ears, and therefore keeps water out. But it also muffles sound. With the looser fit I have been able to fold those "dips" up so I can hear better if I need to.

    The images make the cap look rather more fabulous than it is. This definitely is not on the level of those lovely vintage caps. It is one molded piece of latex. Looks good enough, though, as my husband now likes to call me Esther Williams. And I didn't totally buy it for looks anyway.

    Winter Park, FL


  • 4/21/2011 good cap, but not water tight

    rating star By Tammy F.

    I use this in water aerobics where we are on the move. It doesn't keep all the water out in the back but my hair in other areas stays dry & that makes it easier after class. The big plus is it's cute factor. Everyone who sees it loves it & often makes people smile or laugh. That is a good thing these days:)

    Tammy F.
    Georgetown, TX


  • 12/11/2010 I love it has a great look, and feels good.

    rating star By sport bubble

    I swim at the "Y" and want it mainly to protect my hair from the hard water!
    unfortunately it's just a bit big,.. so the water leaks in. I have to work with it.  I will try others . I do  like the style.  I  LOVE THE ORNAMENT CAP, IT LOOKS GREAT, it's my favorite! still it's just a bit  loose on me. I wish there was a smaller size. I will check out more caps in your line. And i will still use these two.  

    I rated it high because it looks good and almost works for my situation.

    sport bubble


  • 1/26/2016 Fits well enough for freestyle

    rating star By SeaJ

    I bought this cap because some of the women with whom I do water aerobics, on my inquiry, said it kept their hair dry. Well, it fits snuggly - a good thing, and it does keep my hair dry during aerobics and even when I do freestyle. But once I start doing the backstroke, water gushes into the cap like a raging river. I'm disappointed with that aspect because I'm looking for a cap that will keep my hair dry while I'm swimming. Is that possible? I'm new to swimming and I may just be looking for something that doesn't exist.

    New York, NY


  • 12/6/2015 Swimming Cap

    rating star By Minnow

    I received many compliments from my swim club.  I purchased this cap for two reasons:
    1. Very cute👍
    2. Keep my shoulder length hair dry👎
    I was going to return it, but it would have cost more to return than it did to buy
    If you don't mind wet hair and want to look like Esther Williams this cap is for you.

    Hudson NH


  • 11/17/2015 Really cute

    rating star By Cris

    Very nice product and functional a little bit tight but works good



  • 11/17/2015 white band fell off the first 2 water caps

    rating star By Barbara Keane

    Your customer service is great.  Both caps had the white bands fall off. Caps were replaced and fit fine. I would recommend " swim outlet" !

    Barbara Keane
    Pelham Ny


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