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Sporti Pull Buoy

Sporti Pull Buoy Reviews

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4.5 star rating (234 Reviews)

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  • 9/3/2013 Bouy

    rating star By Tom S.

    Very useful in keeping my fat butt up while I swim without kicking..........

    Tom S.
    Plano, TX


  • 8/2/2012 Great Product!

    rating star By NB

    This pull buoy not only keeps my legs afloat when I'm swimming but it also makes me smarter and more handsome! What a deal!

    Tempe, AZ


  • 8/19/2014 Works great

    rating star By Marie P.

    This is an appropriate size for me.  It adds enough bouyancy, but not too much.  I'm a 5"7, 125 pound female if that helps.  The material feels sturdy enough that it will last me a good amount of time.

    Marie P.
    Palm Desert, CA


  • 7/10/2015 Pull buoys

    rating star By Cashmere Swim Team

    Works great for our 9-18 year olds...a little big for the 8 and unders.

    Cashmere Swim Team
    Cashmere, WA


  • 6/2/2015 Much smaller than competitors

    rating star By Mikey

    This product is much shabbier than its more expensive peers.  It's thin/small and as a result much less buoyant than peer products.  I got what I paid for.



  • 5/7/2015 Just what I needed

    rating star By Carolina

    Very good stuff for a low price!

    San Ysidro


  • 12/2/2014 Bouyant

    rating star By Sparky

    Works as advertised-Is a good size for kids and Adults

    Atl, Ga


  • 4/4/2014 excellent

    rating star By W

    Excellent quality.  works well.
    Will purchase again - but probably won't need to, this seems like it will last for quite some time.



  • 3/18/2014 It floats

    rating star By Mike

    Yup, it's a buoy.  It floats.  Not sure how good a pull buoy can get.  It does the job.  This is one the larger side, which is what I was looking for.



  • 12/16/2013 Cumphy

    rating star By Love Swimmimg

    Wow great

    Love Swimmimg


  • 12/15/2013 Yellow/Blue Pull Buoy

    rating star By Silence Dogood

    Wow, great product. I've had this thing for over a year now, and it hasn't got a scratch. It's holding together really well. Over the course of spring and summer, I had an ankle injury, and I had to use this thing every day at practice. It held out great against all the chlorine, and is still here to serve me today.

    Silence Dogood


  • 11/5/2015 pull bouy

    rating star By Competitive

    Great Buy! serves it purpose



  • 10/13/2015 Great product

    rating star By B. Urva

    I am a beginner learning my strokes.  My swim instructor recommended  I use this to get flotation while I work on my arm strokes.  The first few times I used it, it felt weird, and it used to come off.  My legs usually sink and I was not used to having my legs float that high.  But once I got the hang of it, I realized how useful it is in training, for example, rolling your body on axis without my legs sinking.  Great product!

    B. Urva
    San Francisco Bay Area


  • 9/25/2015 Great Pull Buoy

    rating star By PT

    I use it so that when I work out my legs with weight training, and they're super sore,  I can still swim and work out my upper body. Also it helps me master the form on my upper body which has helped me tremendously.

    It works. I keep it on my upper thighs and just use my arms. What else does it need to do. My friend used it as a kickboard and it kinda worked too. We're around 180 lbs and its plenty to keep us floating.

    Orlando, FL


  • 9/10/2015 Good pull buoy

    rating star By Mountain Everest

    I bought this pull buoy, it arrived on time, looks good. My son will use it pretty soon.

    Mountain Everest
    St. Louis, MO


  • 9/4/2015 Buoy is good

    rating star By Bernard Kaiserian

    Buoy is good

    Bernard Kaiserian
    Jacksonville, FL


  • 9/4/2015 Pull buoy

    rating star By Michelle Ingram

    My daughter uses it for swim team. It is perfect size and she loves the color.

    Michelle Ingram
    Carson City, NV


  • 8/26/2015 Good with reservations

    rating star By Bill

    I have only used this pull buoy for about 2 weeks, It appears to be well made and durable. My only problem is that I find it more difficult to keep between my legs than the two split cylinder kind of buoys. As a result, I find myself frequently adjusting its positioning.

    Brookings, SD


  • 8/7/2015 Simple yet effective

    rating star By WREN

    Quality product. Great for pull exercises. Pinches great between legs from thighs to ankles. Recommended if you want to help your stroke get stronger.

    Linwood, PA


  • 8/1/2015 All four pull buoys have been great and used by my grandchildren

    rating star By Sandee

    Same as above

    Eagle Bay, BC


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