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1Line Sports G-Cord Bungee

1Line Sports G-Cord Bungee Reviews

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5 star rating (26 Reviews)

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  • 9/24/2012 Nice bungee strap

    rating star By Dan

    I swim for an hour every day and and I have been using Swedish goggles for a very long time. If you use Swedish goggles, you know that the plastic straps that come with them dissolve in chlorinated water within a month or two. So I have used bungee straps instead of the plastic ones for a while. Before I bought these, I got Sporti bungees from and these straps were too skinny for the holes in the original Swedish goggles. So what would happen is that I would have to adjust the sizing every time I would swim. So the reason that I switched to these bungees is that they are thick enough to stay in place where I originally fit them to my head, yet skinny enough to go through the holes for the original Swedes. Before I had the Sporti, I used to use the Bettertimes bungees, which also work well from a thickness perspective, but I just like the solid colors on these better. The Bettertimes have a mix of two alternating colors typically. So far these are holding up great. I've only had them for a couple of weeks, but the color isn't fading yet. We'll see if that holds up. The previous Bettertimes bungees I had failed where the strap meets the goggles (right at the holes on the sides). The outer covering split up and exposed the elastic material. I suspect that will eventually happen with these, but they will probably last for a year or two before that happens. So all in all, this does exactly what I want it to do and looks great, too. Five out of five so far.

    St. Louis, MO


  • 10/29/2015 Bungee Cord

    rating star By Ryan

    Not much to say about this product.  I really like the bungee pull cords for the goggles, it makes getting my goggles on and off very easy.  Good product, good price, and red to match my team colors.

    Ocala, FL.


  • 10/27/2015 perfect

    rating star By holly wood

    these are the soft cords, been looking all over for them, first got at State meet, perfect

    holly wood


  • 6/6/2015 Fantastic Bungee

    rating star By Mitch

    These bungee's are great.
    I bought the Sporti bungee before this and it was very stiff and didn't give as much as I'd like.
    These bungee's give a lot and are thick.
    + It's easy to thread the bungee through your goggles because it had a sharp point at the end.
    Color is great also.



  • 4/15/2014 Awesome purchase

    rating star By Giggles

    As a  college swimmer and polo player, I use goggles a lot, and as a high school coach, I sometimes let my kids borrow them. I bought one of these at a meet 2 years ago, and they outlasted the goggles. However, I accidentally threw them out. I immediately bought a new set to go with the new goggles, in August of 2012,and just replaced the straps. They weren't super worn out, but they weren't as responsive to my tighter settings. I bought 3 new pairs, one for got goggles I had, one for new goggles, and one for my sister. Definitely recommend these to anybody who swims for any reason - they adjust super well and can even be used for people that share.

    Sacramento, CA


  • 11/14/2013 What I think about the G-chord Bungee

    rating star By jonesk1630

    I have swam competitively from age 6 to the later part of my college career. All I can say is this strap+some swedish goggles makes for a affordable, comphortable and styleish product. Normally the straps that come stalk with with the sweadish goggle are made of a rubber that deteriates quickly in a chlorinated enviornment; other bungee chords feel too tight for distance events. The G-chord Bungee has solved those problems for me and they are easy to order from

    Grand Vally, CO


  • 10/17/2013 What I have been waiting for

    rating star By Abby

    So much easier to adjust my goggles.

    Paso Robles, CA


  • 8/7/2013 g-cords

    rating star By Julie W.

    Both of my small children are on swim team. I purchased one g-cord from swimOutlet. This was my first purchase. I only ordered one and decided to add to my order. I called and they were not able to add to my existing order, however, customer service was able to cancel the order and replace a brand new order for me! Without hesitation. My telephone conversation was handled professionally and we were promptly off the phone. Not to mention, I got both g-cords in the mail within two days! Very happy with my purchase! G-cords are a must have!

    Julie W.


  • 12/20/2012 Bungee cord

    rating star By Bartholomew B.

    Easy to attach to goggle eye piece. Doesn't slipp off my seven year olds head. Much better than the orig. strap that came with goggles. Glad I bought two one for our other daughter.

    Bartholomew B.
    vallejo, CA


  • 10/6/2012 Strap keeps girls happy

    rating star By Mic

    The girls love the straps especially if they don't wear their caps.  They like the fact that once they are adjusted, they don't slip.  Boys are just learning this fact and are becoming comverts.

    Corpus Christi, Tx


  • 1/26/2012 1 line sports g-cord bungee, a great product

    rating star By Ann R.

    When our son's first pair of goggles strap broke another parent on the swim team suggested getting a bungee cord for replacement.  He is very pleased with the cord the comfort of fit while on his head onca again a great product!

    Ann R.
    Brooklyn Park, MN


  • 1/23/2012 g cork

    rating star By valerie pennell

    worked great to help keep googles on

    valerie pennell
    franklin va 23878


  • 12/26/2011 Wish I would of invented these!

    rating star By Coach Sherri

    I coach a couple swim teams and these straps are in high demand!  They come in multiple colors and hold up very well.

    Coach Sherri
    Manistee, MI


  • 10/24/2011 Love it !

    rating star By Eyal S.

    Great Bungee.

    Eyal S.
    Brookline, MA


  • 10/23/2011 Great

    rating star By Kyle E.

    These are the best bungees........ they stretch the most and are very comfortable!!!!

    Kyle E.
    san antonio, TX


  • 8/7/2011 Excellent service and product

    rating star By Tommy

    This was recommended by a lifeguard where I swim laps and I was not disappointed. The bungee strap works as promised, the price was fair and it was delivered quickly with no drama. Thumbs up.

    Watertown, CT


  • 8/2/2011 Perfect for my old sweds

    rating star By RAS

    I needed something that would last longer than the elastic straps that come with Sweds and this is the perfect product. Fits snuggling in the goggle holes and has the perfect tension for competitive swimmers.



  • 5/23/2011 Great strap

    rating star By "Coach Dave"

    Been looking for the right bungee for my goggles to perform like the one I had that is falling to pieces after, what, 5+ years of daily use.  Anyhow, after much search this is the one.  It has more stretch with less resistance, which makes it great for us users of swedish style goggles with rubber nose strap (rather than the string and tube version).  It took me about 3 tries to find the right one.  I can now say that I have it.

    "Coach Dave"
    Gillette, WY


  • 4/26/2011 Comfortable

    rating star By Dubb

    This is the only way to go when using goggles on a daily basis.  The adjustment is great and they stay tight.  You don't have to worry about your goggles get loose or slipping while you swim.



  • 2/7/2011 Simple, quick and it works

    rating star By Patrick B.

    This is a great product.  My daughter has broken several straps making a good pair of goggle useless.  The bungee cord is a easy to install.  They allow for a  very quick adjustment which hold the goggled tight to the head.  My daughter loves the product.  I love the price vs buying a new set of goggle.

    Patrick B.
    Collinsville, OK


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