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DRY PAK Waterproof MP3 Case w/ Earbuds

DRY PAK Waterproof MP3 Case w/ Earbuds Reviews

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4 star rating (52 Reviews)

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  • 3/19/2012 AIRHEAD DRY PAK Waterproof MP3 Case w/ Earbuds

    rating star By kab

    I use this product in the pool regularly. My MP3 player has never gotten wet at all even though I use it every week, at least twice a week. I chose this product over others because of the value of this product that did include the waterproof earbuds. Many waterproof pouches do not include the waterproof earbuds.  I have been happy with my purchase.
    Water doesn't get into the inside once the case is secured. The eartips actually fit into my ears and most of the ones I have purchased are often too large and fall out. These fit very securely.
    The only thing that isn't so great about this product is that one of the eartips did come off when I was not using it. I am not sure when and where it came off but I do have a problem with eartips coming off in my purse so it is possible it came off in my swimming bag. This set of earbuds does not come with extras and I don't know where to get a replacement.

    Tacoma, WA


  • 3/7/2012 Love it

    rating star By CMB

    I am ordering a replacement for the unit I've had for almost 2 years.  I consider that a reasonable life for something that's in the pool 3 hours a week.   I went through 2 "waterproof" MP3 players, both of which died in less than 2 months, before getting this.  I use it with a small Sansa clip MP3 player and it's worked great.  My only complaint is I wish they would come out with a smaller model for smaller MP3 players; it's a bit bulkier than it needs to be.  Also I use H2O Audio headphones with it; I just like them better than the included ones.  Here's what I especially love: after doing some laps I move to the warm exercise pool, put on a float belt, go to the deep end, and just dance in the water to my tunes.  Way fun and a great addition to the workout



  • 2/4/2011 AirHead Dry Pak Lets Me Rock While Doing Laps

    rating star By starlight55

    AirHead Dry Pak definetely keeps my Ipod dry.  I have no worries about it leaking.  I use it for lap swimming.

    I do have a couple complaints, however they are minor things and would not prevent me from buying this product again.

    First, the earbuds don't stay in.  They have great sound, but as soon as I start swimming, they fall right out.  Count on buying another pair of waterproof earbuds if you buy this product.  But the cost of this product is such a good deal, that even with the additional cost of other earbuds, this product is still the best bet.

    Second, the case is a little big.  It is quite a bit of baggage to swim with.  There is a lot of extra room where the earbuds plug in, and the plastic clasp is sort of bulky.  Having an ipod video nano, I can actually fold the case in half.  But I can deal with this flaw due to the price and the fact that even folding it does not compromise it's waterproofing.

    So all in all, I am moderately happy with the case, but unhappy with the earbuds.

    Buffalo, NY


  • 4/21/2016 Works as advertised

    rating star By James

    The earbuds are not totally worthless, but are close enough that I just throw them away.  The case is excellent.  Watertight for two years so far.  Easy to use. You can use the touch screen through the case with no problems.  I just bought a second one because I would rather replace the old one before it has a chance to develop a leak after 2 years of use.  Get custom fit earplugs that accept quality earbuds!

    Hickory, NC


  • 8/7/2015 headphones are bad case is good

    rating star By ed

    headphones worked for one day and fell apart...i called the company and they were not able to get me new headphones that worked better......the case is still working dry for my itouch 2 weeks later.



  • 11/18/2014 Dry Pak

    rating star By Swimmer

    I swim at least three times a week and this product does what it says it will - keep your I Pod dry.  Makes swimming more pleasant.  My only complaint is that the small plastic sleeve where the velcro strap goes through has already ripped halfway and I've only had this product for two months.  After making a call to Swim Outlet, they are replacing the item.  I will definitely use this company again!

    Casper, WY


  • 5/12/2014 Earphones worthless

    rating star By Lisa

    This thing is waterproof but the earbuds are worthless. One of the plastic earpieces fell off before i even got it to the pool.  Also, sound quality is very poor.  I am very dissapointed that I paid this kind of money for what I will probably only use as a dry pack at the beach.

    Baraboo, WI


  • 3/12/2014 Dry Pak

    rating star By Ms.Davey21

    I love this holder only two things I wish it was smaller and the ear buds were hooked.  Otherwise, it makes swimming 100x better!

    Venice, CA


  • 10/22/2013 Keeps my iPod nice and dry

    rating star By Roxanne H.

    Two weeks, so far, so good!

    Roxanne H.
    Fairway, KS


  • 7/28/2011 YES!

    rating star By Richard H.

    Dry Pak is just what I needed. I spend an hour a day swimming laps, and this device has turned the experience from boredom to pleasure. Earphones work fine for me most of the time. Keeping the pak stable was problematic, but my wife configured an elastic band secured with Velcro that slips through the belt loop in the pak and around my torso. Otherwise the pak twists while I'm swimming and eventually twists the earphone cord so tight that the phones come loose.

    Richard H.
    Bakersfield, CA


  • 2/22/2011 It really Works!

    rating star By swimhockey

    Swimming with this is so enjoyable! Instead of using the armstrap, i put it behind my goggles- i dont care if i look crazy, im jamming!
    Headphones are fine for me, one stopped working, but once it dried out it was fine.
    Overall a great product- just make sure you rinse it off!



  • 1/31/2011 I love my Airhead Dry Pak !

    rating star By Judi

    It's great to exercise in the water to music !  Helps me get a good work out, and is very relaxing with my favorite meditation music!

    Masa, Az.


  • 1/22/2011 great

    rating star By a fish out of water

    Great so far.  But I'm only using it with my cheap old mp3 player just in case.  Used it 2x and it really made the laps go by fast!

    a fish out of water
    mancos, co


  • 1/3/2016 Very disapppointed

    rating star By melissa l.

    I swim four times a week an hour at a time. The very first time I used this the earbuds broke. I have contacted swim outlet . com and they did nothing. While it does keep my mp3 player dry it is big and bulky, I wish they had a holder specifically for mp3 players which are smaller. Several people at the gym ask me where I got my waterproof mp3 player case and because the ear buds are so cheap I will not recommend this company. I was a valued customer but no longer I will not shop here again.

    melissa l.
    gardner, MA


  • 9/16/2015 Working well

    rating star By wkm

    Working well no problems   Ear buds are ok but case is great. Ear buds stayed in much better after reading some comments. A little Vaseline or chap stick on the ear piece and works much better staying in the ear. I'm just using them for leisure.

    San Antonio


  • 9/15/2015 Just what I was looking for!

    rating star By JillK

    No more boring swim sessions!

    St Paul MN


  • 7/14/2015 A must for water exercise!

    rating star By Carole

    Even though it is labeled an MP3 holder, it works for a lot of the players. A great gadget to have for folks who like to exercise to music without disrupting those around you.



  • 10/8/2014 A terrible product

    rating star By Sandra M.

    Clunky with long wires that make swimming difficult. One of the earbuds fell off the second time I used it.  Unfortunately i complained too late for a refund so be aware that swimoutlet is firm on their 60 day return policy

    Sandra M.
    Albuquerque, NM


  • 8/22/2014 It works!

    rating star By Bonnie

    I only used the case once (so far) worked fine but the ear buds are made of such fine wire that it kept cutting in and out.  I think a better set of ear buds are in order.  Just wish they would have come with a better set.



  • 8/4/2014 sweet

    rating star By Freeman s.

    I was very skeptical but it works great I do water aerobic and it has performed well ONLY had it 3weeks so  far so  good Plus the price was great I mean the ear buds and dri pak is like two for one

    Freeman s.
    Eugene, OR


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