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H2O Audio Interval Waterproof Headphone System for iPod shuffle (3rd gen)

H2O Audio Interval Waterproof Headphone System for iPod shuffle (3rd gen) Reviews

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4 star rating (67 Reviews)

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  • 9/6/2011 Music makes swimming a breeze.

    rating star By Jimmy G.

    The H2O Interval fits easily on my goggles strap and I can listen to music or podcasts of my choice while swimming laps. It makes doing those laps a lot more enjoyable. And if you don't have an ipod shuffle third gen it's easy to pick up a used one cheap.

    Jimmy G.


  • 8/4/2011 Mixed

    rating star By cozmom

    I LOVE having music to listen to when I swim laps.  It has made all the difference.  I went from swimming 1/2 mile a day to 1 mile a day all because I wasn't bored.  HOWEVER, the first headphone lasted 2 months before one of the ear pieces went bad.  I'm on my second one and one of the earpieces doesn't put out the same volume as the other, so it sounds like all the music is coming from one side.  I should probably return it and get another brand.

    Baltimore, MD


  • 7/19/2011 Inconsistant

    rating star By John R.

    Product sounds great when working but after a few weeks one ear bud went muffled then rarely worked.  It would cut back on on occasion but mostly stopped working.  SwimOutlet was great about replacing this with a new device but after a few weeks the new device developed the same problems.  I also had trouble with ear buds coming out about a mile into my swim.  If they even come partially out the sound is shot and will not improve until its had hours to dry out.  I think its just a manufacturer issue.    

    On the bright side, SwimOutlet has offered outstanding service in resolving these issues.  Thanks!

    John R.
    Irmo, SC


  • 6/10/2011 some trouble with headphones

    rating star By gretchen f.

    this is a really cool item, but they need to do some work on the headphones as I have ahad trouble with another unit and one of the headphones going out

    gretchen f.
    batavia, IL


  • 5/10/2011 Cool Product

    rating star By Swimmer

    love it! You have to configure it exactly to your liking, otherwise the ear pieces will keep falling out. I put them on and put my swim cap over them just for extra protection. Otherwise, the sound is great! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who swims!

    Rhode Island


  • 4/24/2011 Sounds good. Easy to use.

    rating star By JM

    It rarely falls out of my ears.  It sounds surprisingly clean but does become inbalanced on occasion, which is easily fixed per directions.  It's compact and easy to use.  You just have to remember to open it and turn off the player.



  • 4/22/2011 Ear buds 'hit or miss'

    rating star By Tom

    Some days the ear buds fit just fine, but mostly I find that after 20 laps, they just won't stay in. I resorted to wearing a swim cap to cover over my ears and ear pieces. This despite trying all of the included ear bud sizes. Works just fine doing pool running, but once I get my head wet actually swimming, it's a crap shoot. Sound quality is very good when it does work.

    Eugene, OR


  • 4/22/2011 Waterproof Headphone for Ipod shuffle

    rating star By linda

    So far so good -- only problem thus far is awkwardness in turning on and off and earphone fit.

    Myrtle Beach, SC


  • 3/15/2011 After 3 months of use, I love it!

    rating star By JMac

    I bought this product 3 months ago and given several concerning reviews I read, I did not know what to expect.  After 3 months of use, I am happy to report that I LOVE this product!  It is not, however, perfect (hence the 4 stars instead of 5).
    Given a back injury (& surgery), I started putting on the pounds and am not able to do exercises that I used to.  That is why I started to lap swim - only problem was, I got bored very quickly.  The waterproof iPod system has turned my swims into real workouts.  I am now swimming three times longer (and loving it) and have even lost 30 lbs!  

    While I love the system, it is NOT perfect.  I have NOT had any problems with keeping the ear buds in my ears (as others reported), but some times the music sounds muffled or one ear will randomly stop working (usually around 40 mins into my swim).  I just try to ignore it and find that the next swim both ears are working fine again.  Despite the imperfections, I would recommend this product to anyone looking to take their swimming to the next level!

    Boston, MA


  • 2/17/2011 LOVE IT!

    rating star By Krista B.

    I have only used it a couple of times so far, but I can't wait to get in the pool and swim some more laps!  It made swimming so much more fun, and with the upbeat music on my ipod I don't think I ever swam that hard before.  I have had no problems with the ear phones at all.  I wear a swim cap so they stay in my ears just fine, and I have had no problems with the volume.  Like I said it makes swimming so much fun.  I'm telling all the swimmers I know about it.  And swimoutlet has the best price!

    Krista B.
    Crystal Lake, IL


  • 2/16/2011 Swimp3 review

    rating star By Naomi

    I swim in the pool and have been using this product for the past 3 weeks. The first time was a disaster because I didn't have the right size ear buds. But once I figured out the right size for my ears, it transformed my swim workouts. I LOVE being able to swim with music. The pod that holds the iPOD seals completely shut (I was worried about this) and I've had no leakage issues so far. The buttons are easy to access and control. the only issue I have with it is the earphone chords are long so I have to wrap it around my goggles several times; otherwise I'm accidentally hitting it with my arms which causes the ear buds to become loose. But all in all, pretty good stuff.

    San Francisco, CA


  • 2/12/2011 you have to make adjustment to your earphones and waterproof case.

    rating star By ronnie bass

    yes your rite about  the earphones their round and tend to fall out of my ear. so i pull off the rubber peice and replaced them with some earphone that have three layer ribbets they plug up your ear and stay in regarless how fast you swimming works great  !!!    for your waterproof i pod case take some clear ear wax thin it out and lay it inside the top of your ipod case close it and lock. seal any open area's with excess wax.

    ronnie bass


  • 2/9/2011 Not Bad

    rating star By Dennis

    I have had this for over a year now.  Like others, I have had issues with keeping the earbuds in.  It really helped me to get through the numerous laps in the pool.  But now one (right) earbud does not work and the sound quality in the left is terrible.



  • 2/7/2011 I never want to get out of the pool now!!!

    rating star By Evelyn B

    This is a MUST HAVE for regular swimmers. I have been a swimmer my whole life and this product just makes getting out of the pool that much harder. At first it took a few adjustments to get the earbuds to sit in my ears properly ( i suggest wearing a swim cap to help keep them in place) but I have it pretty much worked out now. The sound is crystal clear and the device is really simple to operate.

    ---- Happy Swimming!!

    Evelyn B
    Calhan, CO


  • 2/6/2011 I have to work on adjusting it yet....

    rating star By Gina C.

    My first swim didn't go so well. The sound is really wonderful, BUT the ear buds kept falling out, so it was only great when I could stop swimming and put them back in.

    When they would fall out, the chords would flop around. After about 300 meters I just took it off all together. I haven't tried it since and am thinking I am going to have to do something to keep the buds in my ears... maybe wax?? If I could get the ear buds to stay in my  ears... I'd say this item would be 100%  amazing. For the few strokes they did, it was so much fun to have music. I will try the larger ear bud attachments, too.

    Gina C.


  • 1/20/2011 Second time a charm?

    rating star By Shannon R.

    The H2oAudio device is great for listening to books and music on your iPod shuffle while you swim--a boon to lap swimmers.  That is, it's great until it loses sound in one ear phone and then, a few weeks later, in the other. That's what happened to the first one I owned. Now I'm a few weeks into use of my second one.  I hope it will not follow the first one's path.

    Shannon R.
    Chapel Hill, NC


  • 1/9/2011 works great

    rating star By Alan L.

    bought it for my girlfriend so she could listen to music while doing her phys therapy in the pool.  so far its worked perfectly and made it much more pleasant when she does her pt

    Alan L.
    Healdsburg, CA


  • 1/7/2011 Our Son-In-Law Loves His Headphone System

    rating star By Penny

    Our son-in-law gave the thumbs up for this product.  He kept saying how it made swimming so much more enjoyable.  His comment that when he dove down sometimes would lose the sound temporarily was tempered by the comment that the pleasure he received far outweighed the negative.  I don't think we have ever given him a gift he was more excited about.



  • 1/4/2011 Waterproof headphone system

    rating star By Michele

    Swimming a mile every other day is relaxing for me. I get lost in thought. BUT swimming to my favorite tunes makes the time swimming even better! This little device is great. Getting the correct mp3 to use was a little tough but now that I have it all is fine. I have only used it twice and both times enjoyed my workout. It fits well on my head and is very comfortable, better than expected.



  • 12/23/2010 Disappointing

    rating star By susan

    I have tried several models of waterproof audio players and will continue my search.  I can't keep the earbuds in my ears.  After a few months of use, only one is working.  The sound quality for that one ear bud is good for the five minutes it remains in my ear!

    yarmouth, me


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