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Aqua Sphere Kayenne Lady Goggle Blue Lens

Aqua Sphere Kayenne Lady Goggle Blue Lens Reviews

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4 star rating (33 Reviews)

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  • 11/23/2013 Aqua sphere kayenne lady googles

    rating star By Karin M.

    I'm an old school swimmer using the old small goggles  with the annoying plastic nose piece.  They never quite fit my face. After 30 years of using these  I read some reviews on this particular goggle and decided to give it a try.  I was nicely surprised and what a difference they made. No more headaches as another person had commented and no leaks and no fogging. The only thing I find wrong is in the water there seems to be a little waviness when looking down the lane. It's not enough to complain about because not getting a headache or water in my goggles or fogginess out way that for me.  I am sold on the change.

    Karin M.
    Oakridge, OR


  • 2/12/2010 Finally!

    rating star By trimomof4

    I have a tough time finding goggles that aren't hideously too big but still don't leak.  I've finally found a pair that fit comfortably and don't leak!

    rochester, mn


  • 2/19/2015 Good googles - not perfect

    rating star By Jennifer

    I got these googles because I was having a hard time finding non-mirrored googles. They are VERY comfortable on the face and leave zero post-swim lines around the eyes. The only thing I don't love about them is that underwater things aren't clear and sharp like my Speedos. Instead, things are just a little blurry. I've gotten use to it, but it still bothers me.



  • 2/4/2015 Great fit, comfortable. Love them.

    rating star By Carrie

    They are great, don't fog up. Very comfortable and sealed to face well.

    Titusville Fl


  • 6/16/2014 Good but not great

    rating star By Lisa Myers

    I was excited to get a larger eye area for viewing but I have a hard time getting the seal just right. When its good its good but one little leak and it just it difficult for the whole workout. Some days I just have to synch it tight which causes a headache. Not sure why I struggle with this pair more than others. I am stubborn and keep using them as I like the fact that they are larger around the eye.

    Lisa Myers
    Los Angeles, CA


  • 4/27/2014 Too small

    rating star By Tamara Harty

    I've worn Aqua Spheres for years, and I normally wear an adult large of the Kayenne or the Kamain.  I felt the description for these was inadequate as they seemed designed more for a narrow face or a child's face.  I sent them back without wearing them to the pool.

    Tamara Harty
    Savannah, GA


  • 7/14/2013 perfect goggle

    rating star By Jill W.

    Fits my narrow face perfectly. Super clear lenses. Super soft fit. No leaks.

    Jill W.
    Yakima, WA


  • 6/24/2013 The best goggles!

    rating star By S

    After being a Speedo fan for many years, I decided to try these goggles after reading the reviews.  They are fantastic, and offer great vision in a lightly lit indoor pool, as well as a brightly lit indoor pool.  The peripheral vision is a added bonus which allows for a wider vision of your surroundings--great for outdoor swimming.  The suction is just right around the eyes, and does not leave "racoon" marks.  Plus, I use these for 1+ hours in the pool and without having a headache when I am finished.

    Overall I am very pleased with my purchase, and have just ordered another pair in a different color.



  • 6/21/2013 Less than best

    rating star By Melissa W.

    My sister highly recommended these goggles.  I was excited to get them and try them  but am not thrilled with them.  The blue tint is great and they appear to have a good fit - until I started swimming.  They would not hold in place.  They kept slipping out of place.  I made sure they were tight enough.  If they had been any tighter, I would have gotten a headache.  Not sure these are the goggles for me.

    Melissa W.
    Dania Beach, FL


  • 5/1/2013 Clear vision

    rating star By CAPS

    I like the wide vision, and they do not fog up easily.  I'm still getting used to the way they fit around my eyes, but definitely better than the last pair I had.

    Palm Desert, CA


  • 4/25/2013 really quality goggles

    rating star By wf

    These goggles are soft on my face, easy to adjust, and do not leak.  They do fog up from time to time, but hey, I still think they're pretty high quality.

    nashville, tn


  • 1/25/2013 Aqua Sphere Kayenne Goggle

    rating star By Cary M.

    Fit ok but didn't like the look of the triangular shaped lens...returned them.

    Cary M.
    Celina, TX


  • 7/28/2012 Disappointed

    rating star By TracyW

    I was excited about trying these goggles out after reading the great reviews, but sadly they did not work for me.  One side leaked even after I tightened them up to the point where they hurt.  Maybe my face is shaped weird.  The side that didn't leak had a really clear view!

    Simpsonville, SC


  • 7/23/2012 GREAT!

    rating star By Cathy

    Fits narrow / female face perfectly!

    Mt. Pleasant SC


  • 6/8/2012 Perfect!

    rating star By Pam

    At last no more bruising around my eyes when I swim laps!  These googles are so comfortable, I don't even feel them.

    Austin, Tx


  • 4/24/2012 Would buy again

    rating star By Ashley

    Overall I am impressed. I have a couple pairs of goggles and these are my fav by far. I like a lot of their products though so I am not surprised.
    The anti-fog lasts the longest.
    They give good vision- total view
    Good lens colour. Comes in crisp and clean. Can be used outdoors or dimly lit pools/
    I have a very angular face and the fit is easy to adjust and they don't feel "cheap"

    Ottawa , ON


  • 1/24/2012 These are great!

    rating star By Yellowfin

    I really like these! They fit very well, and if I get a good seal, I can swim for 45 minutes with no fog and very minimal leakage.  Very happy with these and I would definitely get them again.

    Burlington, CT


  • 1/19/2012 Lady kayenne aqua sphere fogfle

    rating star By ellie n.

    The eyepieces left terrible rings and cut into my infra orbital bone

    ellie n.
    denver, CO


  • 1/17/2012 Do not like fit, hurts infra orbital area

    rating star By ellie n.

    Do not like the fit.  They hurt my infra orbital area.  Leave reigns around my eyes. Wish I could return them

    ellie n.
    denver, CO


  • 10/6/2011 Great Fitting Goggles

    rating star By Ann O.

    I have owned many different kinds of goggles but the Aqua Sphere Kayennes are the best fit. It is easy to adjust them and they stay put during my laps. I bought two pairs, one to wear  indoors and the other for outdoors in bright sun(tinted).

    Ann O.
    Southport, NC


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