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Aqua Sphere Vista Lady Swim Mask

Aqua Sphere Vista Lady Swim Mask Reviews

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4 star rating (32 Reviews)

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  • 1/26/2015 Nice mask

    rating star By Kristine

    This mask is gentler on my aging skin than any other I have used. The mask depressions on my face disappear in a couple of hours.

    Bothell, WA


  • 11/17/2014 Lap Swimmer

    rating star By Lap Swimmers

    This is awful and have to stop every lap and a waste of money and they wont accept the returns will be throwing in the trash a big time waste of money.  I would not ever recommend this product ever even if you are looking for raccoon free eyes goggles just go back to your regular and deal with the raccoon eyes for several hours and aqua sphere is a great product I have those in goggles they are great...  Please do not buy this product you will be wasting your money.....

    Lap Swimmers
    Mount Vernon, Ohio


  • 12/29/2013 Unusable

    rating star By suzanne s.

    I had a pair of these before this particular model and they were great.
    These are unwearable without water coming in from the side or bottom. I have tried countless ways to put these on and to seal them.  They are awful.

    suzanne s.


  • 9/15/2013 My favorite swim mask

    rating star By Lori B.

    This swim mask is so comfortable and the case is great because there's room enough for my swim cap.

    Lori B.
    Brooklyn, NY


  • 9/3/2013 Perfect Product-Saving Grace for Sensitive Eyes

    rating star By Susan B.

    This is my third Aqua Sphere Lady Vista in about 3 years.  Mask works perfectly--well-made and keeps me from having "google eyes" post-swim (regular googles give me indentions and dark undereye circles for ~ 4 hrs after a swim.) Love the product! I replace ~ once/yr when anti-fog wears off and mildew sets in, but the mask has never broken.

    Susan B.
    Carrboro, NC


  • 12/7/2015 Great swim mask!

    rating star By Fitness lap swimmer

    I've been searching for goggles that don't hurt or leave incredibly deep eye and face marks that are visible for a full day.  I've only used this mask one time and it was wonderful.  The visibility was extremely clear, the strap adjustments are easy to make, and I had no eye/face pain at all.  It was a new experience to not have any marks afterwards.  I was almost at the point of giving up swimming before I found this mask so I hope they don't ever stop making it!

    Fitness lap swimmer


  • 2/25/2015 Great, when it works... Hard to get it to fit just right to keep water out.

    rating star By Jennifer

    It's annoying for the first few laps until I can get it adjusted perfectly.  Once I do, it works great - no lines on my face!  Used it a few times already but it needs re-adjusting every time.

    Long Island, NY


  • 1/11/2015 Great mask!

    rating star By Jean

    This mask seals well and does not leave the goggle rings around my eyes.  It is very easy to adjust the strap, even while wearing it.

    Mesa, AZ


  • 12/1/2014 Great full forehead coverage, lower gasket rides a bit low on cheeks

    rating star By dana

    size related

    grand rapids, mi


  • 11/4/2014 Best Goggles - even for men

    rating star By CatFish

    These goggles are spacious where it counts - on the inside.  Aqua Sphere makes the best release.  I like the push button for releasing the straps.  I won't use any other brand except Aqua Sphere.  The Vistas are superior b/c of their wide lens.  I have a small head and they fit great.  My husband has a large head and these goggles fit him too.  I can wear any of his Aqua Sphere goggles but I cannot wear any of his other brands.  That says a lot.  My husband now wears only Aqua Sphere.  Once you try these goggles, you will never try another brand.

    San Francisco


  • 6/15/2014 First time buyer

    rating star By Linda

    The seal on the mask is very secure no water leaks in. They put some thought in the mechanic of of adjusting the straps. There are no marks on bigger mask it's kinder on the face and comfortable to wear. I like this product!!!



  • 8/3/2013 Happy

    rating star By Ziggy

    I am a beginner swimmer so I practice two to three times a week. I wanted zero water in my goggles. These are almost perfect. I have a very narrow face and the goggles conform well. I sometimes get a little water, but I would still recommend them...especially for a beginner.

    Hoboken, NJ


  • 7/14/2013 Great googles

    rating star By Deb

    I am older and most googles leave marks for hours, not  these. Great view and comfortable.
    Love these will recommend to friends.



  • 5/22/2013 Great but there is a one year life to these goggles

    rating star By CVS

    Great visibility for open water and pool swimming. Nice fit and doesn't leave too many marks on face.  Good suction for up to a year. Not too much leaking.  I can always adjust the goggles to avoid leaks.



  • 5/8/2013 Overall, I'm happy

    rating star By Mary G.

    I swim 3x/week, 45-50 min. each time.  Never before had goggles that didn't leak.  These ones don't leak.  I'm so grateful and happy that I bought a second pair to have in reserve.

    Two minor negatives:  1) When I take off the goggles, the mark they leave makes me look like a raccoon for a while.  2) The goggles come in two possible color combinations that both feature my least favorite color, pink.  (Don't like purple, either.)

    Mary G.


  • 2/12/2013 problem solver

    rating star By Laura

    I swim 3 times per week for triathlon training and was having issues with dark grooves and puffiness under my eyes from my goggles.  After reading previous reviews, i decided to try the mask instead.  No more grooves and puffiness!  They do leak occassionally but that is tolerable.  Worth the money.



  • 2/2/2013 work great -- truly waterproof

    rating star By Mrs. M

    As a beginning  swimmer, I couldn't open my eyes underwater until I got these glasses.  They work so well, I've lost my fear of opening my eyes.  They don't work well with a cap.

    Mrs. M
    Buffalo, NY


  • 11/23/2012 wide goggles

    rating star By mermaid

    I thought these goggles would give more vision and leave less circles around the eyes. If I could have gotten them to stay sealed they would have done both. Unfortunately I was always rearranging them to try and keep the water from leaking in.  I gave them a good try but have given up and am back to my regular goggles.

    wash. dc


  • 7/25/2012 Good seal but forehead pressure

    rating star By f

    I really like these goggles, because like other Aqua Sphere products, they get a very good seal that easily lasts more than an hour in the pool. The only issue i have is that a tremendous amount of pressure is placed right above the nose inbetween the eyebrows, to the point that I get a headache and then have a huge mark for about 90 minutes after I get out of the pool. I didn't have this problem with the Aqua Sphere mask.



  • 7/4/2012 Great Googles!

    rating star By CMB

    Great fit!  Great vision!  Great look!  Worth the price.

    Tulsa, Ok


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