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FINIS Swimp3 1GB MP3 Player

FINIS Swimp3 1GB MP3 Player Reviews

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4 star rating (151 Reviews)

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  • 4/10/2012 Love it!

    rating star By Linda

    I love my swimp3 player.  This is my second one.  I had the first for 4 or 5 years before chlorine eroded the wires.  The newer version is less bulky.   It makes my laps go by much faster to be able to hear music.  I programed it with slow music for warmup and cool down times with up tempo music in between.  I put my favorites at the end of the fast songs to help give me a last needed kick.

    I like that it will go on any goggle, because I like the greater vision ones.

    Can't imagine swimming laps without it.

    Norman, Okla.


  • 3/20/2012 Groovy

    rating star By Florida Mermaid

    Works great--I have mine on the bones behind my ears rather than in front so my goggles don't leak. I am more of a sprinter and the music helps me do longer swims because I can tell myself I will stop after 5 songs or whatever. I sing along in my head and no one hears!

    Florida Mermaid
    in Utah


  • 5/16/2012 USB connector corrosion

    rating star By Doogie

    I am overall happy with the Swimp3 1GB MP3 player. The major problem is that the metal contacts of the USB adapter corrode from the chlorine. The cap over the USB prong is difficult to seal because the rubber O ring bunches up. My USB adaptor plastic cap actually cracked so water gets onto the metal. Rinsing with fresh water and drying the connector thoroughly after each use may deter the corrosion, but a stronger/more durable cap/seal would be recommended to the maker.  Sound quality is good and makes swimming laps more fun.

    Traverse City, MI


  • 4/16/2012 hard to use

    rating star By ha

    Not itunes compatable can not hear unless under water or with ear plugs



  • 4/8/2012 Buy it is you got money to waste

    rating star By SeeAVee

    It worked well, when it worked. After about 7 months of 2 swim sessions a week, it just stopped working.  Great concept but poor execution.  

    I will not buy another one.



  • 4/3/2012 Worth every penny!

    rating star By Swimming girl

    I have used other products before (the iPod shuffle case + waterproof headphones made by H2Audio), and they do not compare to this.

    I only have two minor complaints:
    1-- the volume only goes so high-- I like to really rock, and I would like it to be a bit louder.
    2-- I've had trouble getting the songs to be compatible; songs purchased from or CDs ripped with iTunes will NOT play.  I had to re-rip all my CDs with WMP to get them to work.  Check the file formats carefully.

    Swimming girl


  • 3/20/2012 Great Product!!!! Makes Lap Swimming Enjoyable

    rating star By Matt Brooks

    The SwimP3 works and sounds great!

    Matt Brooks
    Canfield, Ohio


  • 3/19/2012 Loved my new toy

    rating star By waterbrain

    I found it great in our summer training for those long sets. But do not get to use it to much through the normal swim finds it distracting lol

    Toronto, Ontario


  • 3/19/2012 I've really enjoyed it in the pool it really keeps my pace regular.

    rating star By I got the music in me Michael

    I swim at our health club pool using it, but I'm a bit hesitant to use it on my ocean swims as I'm sure the aquatic life around me would be attracted and start dancing to the beat.  I have had a bit of a problem a first attaching it to my googles so they would not leak.

    I got the music in me Michael
    Vacaville, Ca


  • 3/19/2012 Love it!

    rating star By Kathy

    I find myself swimming longer and a better workout with swimp3 player. It is easy to use if you learn where the buttons are before placing on your head. Because it does not cover my ears I can hear if someone wants my attention.
    I definitely recommend this product to anyone who loves to swim laps. The price from the outlet store was also a plus, best price I had found for the product.

    Cincinnati Ohio


  • 3/19/2012 swim MP3

    rating star By grege

    Overall it is a neat product. Wish they would have had these 30 years ago. However the battery doesn't last that long, and it can be hard to down load songs.

    west texas


  • 3/19/2012 great product, speaker failing

    rating star By istt

    I love the product but the one negative is the speaker on the left side is already starting to sound blown out, not completely but close.

    Cincinnati, OH


  • 3/19/2012 Third Strike you're out

    rating star By

    This is a great product when it works. It will work for a while then it has issues. The first problem with this is the usb attachment part is not water tight and will eventually turn green inside and stop working you have to tape up the join with plumbers tape to get any longevity out of it. The second one I bought, had the same issue. I asked for a replacement which I got only to find this one has a blown speaker in the right side. I love this concept but these players have weak design.
    South Carolina


  • 11/28/2011 Doesnt last

    rating star By Patty

    Worked great for the first year. I would use it 2 to 3 times a week, in that year I did take a few weeks off due to shoulder and back injury. But shortly after hitting that 1 year mark it started not holding a charge and now it wont charge at all. For the price I paid Im annoyed that it wouldn't last longer then that. The one I currently have sounds better and was a quarter of the price ( i did get it on sale) , Ive only had it for a few months but Ive already gotten my moneys worth from it.

    Albany, NY



    rating star By Leasa

    Okay, it's been almost a year using this product and I have to say, I still LOVE it!!!  I can't imagine not having it!!  That aside, the customer service staff, in particular Jason Hudson, are wonderful.  Not only can you chat live with them to problem solve, but they have no reservations when it comes to making the customer happy.  Thank you for that.  I would not hesitate to purchase any Finis products in the future.

    Larkspur, Co


  • 8/28/2011 Finis Swimp3 1 GB MP3 Player- ASWESOME *****

    rating star By JoAnne

    I read reviews before I purchased my Finis MP3.

    My first swim with my new MP3 was just incredible !!!!  I swam effortlessly for 1.5 miles. I loaded all types of my favorite tunes on the player - rock, classical, piano ,pop, etc. I had thought that swimming laps  to classical music would have been my preference. Not so - I really enjoyed my rock tunes on shuffle. The quality of the music was wonderful.  I LOVE MY SWIMPE3 and would highly recommended it!

    Before I received my mp3 I read all the goods & bad reviews.  I then read the online User's Guide a head of time on how prepare my Itunes file conversion to MP3. Had my tunes all ready to go & once I got my MP3  - loaded the songs effortlessly.  I studies the User's Guide on how to use the on/off, forward/back/pause buttons before hitting the water so I would know how to us the little buttons and all went perfectly.

    I suggest  you learn up front and you won't have any problems or frustrations

    Pompey NY


  • 8/26/2011 Audio is lacking

    rating star By Eugene N.

    I loaded a small selection of songs onto the device, which was very easy, however, I quickly discovered that the sound was barely audible. The left side was extremely weak, whereas the right side was louder. But, even at the loudes volume, it was still pretty quite. Keep in mind this is outside of the pool. I can't even imagine what it would be like inside the pool with bubble noises. And, yes, I did try the different ear buds to see if that would help... NOPE! Needless to say, I returned them for a refund. I would re-order in hopes of getting a better unit, but, don't want to take the risk of getting another one that is the same.

    Eugene N.
    Carson City, NV


  • 6/5/2011 Good while it lasts

    rating star By Lamber23

    I have owned two swimp3 players. The sound quality is excellent, and the idea is brilliant. My problem with the product is it has not lasted long either of the times I've bought it. Usually what happens is the usb cap starts leaking water, which eventually erodes the the part you put into your computer. Once this happens, the computer won't read it so it's impossible to charge and therefore useless. If they lasted me longer than only a few months, I would gladly buy this product again.



  • 5/4/2011 Revised Review

    rating star By Will

    I had the original model for three years.  Last year, I replaced it with the newer 1G version. I wrote a review a couple of months ago and gave the new model SwimMP3 only 2 stars.  This was because the battery wouldn't stayed charged and the buttons were extremely hard to work.  I did say that the music was great.  Well, unsoliciated, the makers of the SwimMP3 sent me another unit.  At least for the first two weeks this one is working great.  Battery has lasted two weeks without a cahrge, and the buttons are easier to use.  And as I said the music is great.

    Greenville, NC


  • 4/11/2011 Best ever

    rating star By Norma / Yassy

    I love my Swimp3, is the best I have ever tried in many years of swimming. I have my for about three to almost four years, and i have not experienced any problem with the ways to used it or the volume or down loading the music. But I can tell I cannot swim whiteout it. I want to buy the new version, since have more capacity. Thank you to the designers, you make my swimming more enjoyable, and less stress out. I last longer than I used to, about one hour and half long. The good part is that you have six to seven hours of music with you, while you are swimming. Isn't that amassing.

    Norma / Yassy
    Boca Raton Florida


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