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Aquatica Swim Paddles

Aquatica Swim Paddles Reviews

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4.5 star rating (19 Reviews)

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  • 11/9/2013 Review of paddles

    rating star By Manuel S.

    My kid has used numerous times in swimming practices and it does help her.

    Manuel S.
    South San Francisco, Ca


  • 7/15/2013 Small straps on great paddles

    rating star By Robert D.

    wrist strap pops out due to it being too small, but paddle design is excellent.

    Robert D.
    Georgetown, KY


  • 7/14/2013 Great for small hands!

    rating star By Sandy

    I really like using these paddles - my hands are small, but the straps fit well, and the shape (like a sea shell) conforms nicely to my fingers.  They make for a great workout.  Would definitely recommend them to anyone...

    Phoenix, AZ


  • 1/17/2013 good enough

    rating star By Dima

    It would be a toss-up between speedos and these if the speedos didn't cost close to twice as much.

    They're an OK size for my hand length: about 8.2" (as shown e.g. here: I actually like the rubber band better than on the speedos, once it's on. As others have commented, it's harder to get on, it helps to have narrower hands.

    Madison, WI


  • 12/26/2012 REVIEW

    rating star By FOXHOUND

    They worked well and I felt only mininum shoulder strain.



  • 5/25/2012 Great Paddles!

    rating star By Brian G.

    I've never used paddles before but these seem like the ticket.  They are just slightly larger than your hands but not so much that they are hard to move through the water.  I think they will be a great asset for lap swimming.  And at a great price.

    Brian G.
    Flagstaff, AZ


  • 5/24/2012 Waiting on verdict

    rating star By Rebecca P.

    I recently bought these for my 14 year old daughter to try something new. She has smaller hands so the other brands did not work so well and she was always loosing the rubber bands. So far she really likes these paddles. She likes the way they fit her hand.. much more comfortable than the others. Harder to adjust but once you have it adjusted.. much better.

    Rebecca P.
    Peachtree City, GA


  • 5/21/2012 Swim Paddles

    rating star By Marie

    These are great!  I lap swim for 40 minutes and these are very comfortable.  I can feel the improvements in my upper body muscles already.  Finally, I can keep up with the senior citizens at the city pool.

    Anytown, USA


  • 4/6/2012 Better than my old speedos

    rating star By Rolando N.

    Love them, they actually feel better than my old speedo paddles

    Rolando N.
    Bedford, TX


  • 3/26/2012 Do the job

    rating star By Zack W.

    Other than it's tight to get the paddle on and off, but being snug is good.  I enjoy using these paddles for my swim training.  They fit my hands perfectly.  My hands are 8 inches long from wrist just below the palm to middle finger tip and the are just the right size.

    Zack W.
    Little Chute, WI


  • 3/12/2012 typical paddles

    rating star By mhartlane

    they feel like they don't stay on my hands well... i am constantly adjusting them.  but better than the square ones i used throughout high school and college

    rockville, md


  • 9/24/2011 Love them!

    rating star By Swim away

    These are comfy, easy to adjust and have just enough holes to help you focus on stroke and not just act like "fins".

    Swim away
    Santa Cruz


  • 9/13/2011 Couldn't get any better

    rating star By Eric C.

    I really like them. I would not change a thing on them. Very happy with the SwimOutlet customer service.

    Eric C.
    Orem, UT


  • 2/28/2010 hard to adjust

    rating star By Linda H.

    Got these paddles to increase my workout, and while they do that, and overall I like them, I don't like the rubber attachments.  They are hard to adjust.  If I make them tight enough for comfortable swimming, I have a hard time getting them on.  If I leave them loose enough to put on, they are very hard to tighten once they are on my hands.  I wish they were velcro.  But I do like swimming with them.

    Linda H.
    Brunswick, ME


  • 2/5/2010 Great!!

    rating star By Rebecca S.

    As a swim team coach, I was looking for hand paddles that had a more comfortable finger placement, than the typical rubber band-like straps that are more difficult to adjust and leave pinch marks on the hands. With the Aquatica paddles, a silicone loop goes over the middle finger, while a silicone strap secures the hands in place. I use these for my swim workouts in combination with a pull buoy to create resistance, by strengthening the muscles in my wrist, arm, and shoulder. This is also a useful tool in improving one's stroke and enabling full extension and range of motion. I highly recommend these paddles for their comfort, great design, and versatility of workouts!!

    Rebecca S.
    Marietta, GA


  • 1/28/2010 Best yet

    rating star By Kim W.

    I have always avoided swim paddles because I have never felt there was a proper design out there. These paddles are comfortable and once adjusted to your hands are a good training tool. They are forgiving for stroking mistakes as you build strength and polish your technique. I really like the concave shape over the palm area of the hand.

    Kim W.
    Dolores, CO


  • 1/1/2010 Great product!

    rating star By Dennis W.

    Has improved my stroke and arm position

    Easy to use with many different strokes.

    Dennis W.
    Attleboro, MA


  • 12/7/2009 great

    rating star By Beata

    Great. Very good quality and fit. My 14 year old uses it and is very happy with it. He is tall 6'3", so I think it is better fit for older kids. For my 10 year old, they seemed a little big, but would be ok as well. Very good product.



  • 10/15/2009 Great training aid

    rating star By Sonia K.

    These paddles are the perfect tool for training.  They are very comfortable and easy to use.

    Sonia K.
    Millsboro, DE


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