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AquaJogger Fit Belt For Women

AquaJogger Fit Belt For Women Reviews

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4.5 star rating (79 Reviews)

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  • 1/29/2014 The belt is comfortable until it becomes wet and stretches..QUITE A CHALLENGE .

    rating star By Anne

    I use it for aqua aerobics
    Snug back support
    Stretchy belt causes it to ride up

    El Centro , ca


  • 12/18/2013 NOT AS ADVERTISED....

    rating star By Carolyn G.

    NOT GOOD as in not suitable for 'a petite woman'  as advertised.
    The only petite woman this would fit would have  to have the figure of Olive Oyl! I've used a borrowed  blue jogging belt for several years and it fits perfectly. Thought I'd finally buy my own for my birthday, and thought this would only be slightly different...except the color.  I am 66, petite and of reasonable girth around the middle. The adjustable belt that loops thru the body of the device, fits fine. But the solid portion of the device was way too short to fit around me as it should:  in alignment, under  the arms, with the breasts.The belt stopped about 6" short of that on both sides. This belt might be ok for a preteen of 12 up about 16 depending on waist size. Sadly, I had to ship it back today.

    Carolyn G.


  • 9/1/2013 comfortable and fits securely

    rating star By Cindy C.

    I teach deep water aerobics.  This belt is comfortable and stays put.  One of the most comfortable I have ever used.  Wish it came sized small, medium and large.

    Cindy C.
    Peyton, CO


  • 8/31/2013 Not enough buoyancy

    rating star By carolyn b.

    I need a belt that keeps me from sinking.  My mouth is still in the water with this belt .  It also rides up.  I am 5"4" ,  112 pounds.  Also, way too much belt strap  left after tightening, so that the belt strap ends get in the way.

    carolyn b.


  • 7/12/2013 Excelent-Just what I needed for class. I like the elastic belt.

    rating star By Donna K.

    Everything is great.

    Donna K.
    San Diego, CA


  • 7/7/2013 I love this product!

    rating star By Georgia peach

    I live on a small lake and wanted a way to exercise in the hot, humid, GA Summer months. The aqua jogger fit belt is perfect for this. It only took a couple of times to feel comfortable with the technique, and I think I get  a pretty good workout in 30-45 minutes, with no sweating, no joint strain, and my sore foot doesn't bother me like it does after jogging on land. I am hooked, and I plan to use the aqua jogger at the gym pool in the cooler months.

    Georgia peach
    Arnoldsville, GA


  • 6/13/2013 Excellent Product.

    rating star By LEW

    And the stretchy belt is worth the extra money.



  • 4/28/2013 AquaJogger Fir Belt for Women

    rating star By Madie

    It is definitely less dense than the men's belt I originally purchased but still not working for me.  No matter how tight I make it, the entire belt seems to move from it's position on my lower back and creeps up around my shoulder blades.  As a result I am unable to do any of my workout in the pool.
    I will be calling in tomorrow to see what the problem is and why that keeps happening.

    Tucson, AZ


  • 3/7/2013 AquaJogger Fit Belt for Women

    rating star By underradar

    I've used it for a week and love it. It fits me well and keeps me afloat easily so that I can perform a variety of exercises. I haven't encountered any problems with it at all.

    New Orleans area


  • 2/1/2013 Thumbs up for small people

    rating star By Sue

    I am pretty small, on the bottom end of the waist measurement, and this belt fits perfectly. The fabric part of the band is stretchy, which I really like. I wouldn't change anything.

    Salt Lake City, UT


  • 10/16/2012 Works Really Good for My Purposes

    rating star By Kim

    I mainly bought this AquaJogger for two reasons.  We live on a very deep lake, right off of our dock is 20 ft.  I don't trust my swimming skills, so with this product, I am able to swim for longer periods of time and go further distances.  I bought a similiar one for my 10 year old son also.  The other reason I bought this is for use with a kayak/SUP.  Regular life jackets are big and bulky whereas this is perfect with a little added protection in case I fall in.  The reason for the 4 stars instead of 5 is because it does ride up on me when I am in the water and I do find myself pulling it down but I'm not sure if any of these types of devices would be any different.

    Duluth, MN


  • 7/31/2012 absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

    rating star By LOLLI


    omaha ne


  • 7/10/2012 Purple my Favorite Color

    rating star By Jen Sneed

    Use for Water Aerobics...was drawn to the Color !!!! Belt is very similar to belts used in class .....I wanted one of my own so I wouldn't have to adjust to me every class.....wasn't expecting to receive nice Book and Dvd ! and after reading ...I wasn't wearing my belt correctly and that did really make a difference !!!! was a little disappointed material was harder than the soft and cushie ones we use in class...but now I know how to properly great !!!!

    Jen Sneed
    Trafalgar, IN


  • 6/27/2012 AquaJogger Fit Belt

    rating star By Diane

    I lead a water aerobics group in our community three mornings a week.  I have had a couple of belts, but this one fits the best and is the most comfortable.  
    The side wings are short enough not to dig into the rib cage. Tthe stretch in the belt allows for a snug fit and easy movement.  Seems to stay in place well and not ride up in the back.  Excellent product.

    Charleston, SC


  • 6/24/2012 Best belt. Use it for my students. Smaller frames Flexible light keeps abs eng

    rating star By Hulu

    Best brand.
    Best for petite and light weight.
    Keeps students activated but able to work full range of motion rather than struggle to maintain vertical or lift.
    Good quality

    Silver spring md


  • 6/16/2012 Perfect!

    rating star By Brenda M.

    Never had aqua belt fit so well.  Perfect for petite women.

    Brenda M.
    Ada, MI


  • 5/16/2012 Great

    rating star By GailA

    This belt fit great.  It does not slip up.  Love it!

    Coos Bay, OR


  • 5/15/2012 Great fit!

    rating star By Tweety

    Good product, great fit & back support! Comfortable ! No negatives about it!  Nice design for women only.



  • 3/29/2012 AquaJogger Fit Belt

    rating star By Jeannie

    I love it! I am 5' 2" tall and weigh 130lbs. The aquabelt fit gives the buyouancy I need to let me run, exercise and even swim. I am new to swimming but am a runner. My knee does give me issues when I run so I am now running in the pool. A totally different experience but a great workout.

    Queens, NY


  • 2/21/2012 AquaJogger for the Injured Runner

    rating star By Erin

    I am currently training for multiple, upcoming races and after being diagnosed with multiple stress fractures in my foot and tibia (same leg, thankfully), I turned to deep water pool running.  I purchased the belt for women even though I am 5'8 130lbs, because I have a small waist and an athletic build -- it works perfectly!  It keeps me suspended and the weight off of my leg.  So comfortable I can wear it for over 2 hours at a time and focus on my workout.  Definitely would recommend for runners rehabbing a leg/knee injuries!  :)



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