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Ultrak 495-100 Lap Memory Stopwatch

Ultrak 495-100 Lap Memory Stopwatch Reviews

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4.5 star rating (19 Reviews)

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  • 4/21/2011 Work Horse Stopwatch for Swim Coaches

    rating star By mhirst

    This is the perfect watch for me.  I use it daily at swim practices and meets.  I've owned the same watch for several years without issue and have bought the same watch multiple times as gifts for my assistant coaches.  I have experimented with other brands and models but always come back to this one.

    It fits my hand perfectly.  It is not symmetrical front-to-back so I know by feel if I've picked it up backwards.  The buttons are well positioned for two fingers and thumb operation.  And the mode button is out of the way so never gets pressed accidentally.  The lanyard is connected solidly -- giving me confidence to swing and twirl as all coaches love to do.

    I only use the stopwatch function so I won't review other modes of the watch.

    When "split" is pressed both the cumulative time and the latest split are shown.  Also cumulative running time continues to tick along in the third row of the display.  That's great.  I love it.

    Note: there is a new mode in the revision of the watch that came out this year: it can be set up to display lap time ticking along in the bottom row instead of cumulative time.  I've found the new feature handy in a few instances but usually I keep it in "cumulative mode."

    The watch does not auto-start after 10 or 15 seconds like some watches will do.  I will never buy an auto-start watch.   I like to watch the swimmer kick off the wall and breakout into the swim after each turn.  I will hit the split as the swimmer makes contact with the wall, watch the race until the third stroke, which is typically 5-10 seconds later (sometime more), then I will look down at the watch to see the split.  It would be extremely annoying to have to hit "recall" at every leg of the race to see that split.

    I especially like the implementation of "recall".  At any time during operation -- during the race or after the race -- you can hit the "recall" button at the top of the watch to see the previous split, and hit it repeatedly to see any earlier split during the current race.  To get the next split when the swimmer hits the wall, simply hit "split" from the "recall" mode.  It's that simple.  Also very important: display of old or new splits is instantaneous.  I once had a watch that would pause a long second to think as it went into recall mode causing me to miss valuable sections of my swimmer's races.  This watch is instantaneous and awesome.

    One of the watches I previously owned (different brand and model) had start and split buttons that "bounced".  Many times I would look down to see a phantom split of 0.03 or something similarly bogus.  No problems with this watch -- I've never questioned a split from this one due to electronic problems.

    If I could find a watch with ALL of the above attributes but had "banked registers" to save a meet's-worth or practice-worth of splits, I would buy that.  Meanwhile, this is the watch for me.

    Boston area


  • 11/28/2013 good quality reliable stopwatches

    rating star By Michael O.

    good stopwatch for coaches, works well and if lost or stolen no big deal if only 440

    Michael O.


  • 10/11/2012 Great, dependable stopwatch and lap timer

    rating star By RowingCoach

    I have owned two of these watches for many years and just purchased two more for timing our recent rowing regatta.  The officials used the watches at the start and finished, and all four worked flawlessly.  I have had and/or used several other brands and styles of stopwatch but none compare to this one.  The watches have the features we need and are easy to use.  

    As a rowing coach, I use it at most practices to measure stroke rates, a feature not available on most stopwatches.  

    At 100 laps, the capacity of the watch is adequate for our needs, but just barely.  This year's regatta had 77 entries.  If we ever have more than 100 we will need to use a different timing system.

    Columbia, SC


  • 9/14/2011 Gets the Job Done

    rating star By Swimfly143

    I think this watch is just as great as the ones that are quite a bit more expensive. It gets the job done and I would definitely suggest it to anyone else who was looking for a good and relatively inexpensive watch. Great product!



  • 9/19/2015 Darn Good Watch

    rating star By Coach T

    This watch has been great for me so far, easy to use and understand. I coach a high school team and it is great to finally have a reliable watch that has really helped our training and helped me a ton in meets. Definitely recommend this watch for any coach out there.

    Coach T


  • 5/19/2015 Best stopwatch available for coaches

    rating star By Coach Alex

    This watch is great for meet splits, as with most watches, but it also has a screen that makes tracking practice sendoffs very easy (L). I've had a few buttons wear out/break on these watches in the past but they've all lasted at least a year under heavy use. I've also dropped a few of these watches in the water and dropped a few on the pool deck. All have continued to function without issue after those drops.

    Coach Alex
    Wilton, CT


  • 3/23/2015 Great Watch!

    rating star By Zak

    Does what it needs to do.

    Bakersfield, California


  • 2/1/2015 solid dependable stopwatch

    rating star By mike

    dependable solid stopwatch at a great price!!

    near buffalo, ny


  • 5/12/2014 Worked for about a Month

    rating star By SwmrOH

    Worked great for a Month and then just stopped working. Replaced battery and still no luck.

    Columbus, Ohio


  • 3/21/2014 Great Stopwatch

    rating star By Coach Hillmer

    Great stopwatch for swimming; lap count mode allows for keeping time with intervals during training sets.  Easy-to-use.

    Coach Hillmer
    North Las Vegas, NV


  • 1/23/2014 all I had hoped for

    rating star By Allen L.

    Even though this was $12 cheaper it does everything that the more expensive model does .   It is well worth the price for any coach .

    Allen L.
    Portland , OR


  • 6/27/2012 great coach's watch

    rating star By ks

    easy to use-- i like that it keeps track of splits and overall time on the same display

    New Jersey


  • 3/16/2012 Great Product.

    rating star By Nick

    Fully satisfied with the product



  • 10/5/2010 Great watch for the price.

    rating star By Coach Ed

    Reliable watch. I've purchased several for my coaches, and they love them.

    Coach Ed
    Cape Coral, FL


  • 8/3/2010 Great Watch, Quick responses, works well

    rating star By swimmer and coach

    Great Watch, Quick responses, works well

    swimmer and coach


  • 2/1/2010 Good in General

    rating star By Suzy Kuehl

    Bought for my swim coach daughter and she is very happy with it.

    Suzy Kuehl
    Morrison, IL


  • 1/4/2010 loves it!

    rating star By Eric H.

    I coach swimming and have found this watch very useful.

    Eric H.
    Milford, PA


  • 1/3/2010 Disappointing

    rating star By Erik W.

    Was hoping this would be a replacement for the Z-500 which is not worth the money...

    -Top two lines stay the same after a split is taken, would like to see one of those lines have the time continue to roll from pushing split button.

    -Split button does not work every time I press it. Split memory is only good until you reset the watch, then all splits are gone.

    -Feels cheap and fragile in my hand, suppose that is why the warranty is so good.

    -You could do the same for cheaper watches on this site.

    I will be biting the bullet and going with Seiko.

    Erik W.
    Lincoln, NE


  • 8/3/2009 Good to time several swimmers

    rating star By Javier A.

    Gift for the coach
    Easy to time several swimmers. Good memory. Has a nice feel.

    Javier A.
    Doral, FL


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