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TYR Technoflex 4.0 Femme Goggle

TYR Technoflex 4.0 Femme Goggle Reviews

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4 star rating (29 Reviews)

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  • 1/13/2014 pretty goggles

    rating star By NK A.

    this are a bit too wide for this narrow face but they are pretty decent,

    NK A.
    Boston, MA


  • 7/20/2009 Retraction

    rating star By Camile M.

    The nosepiece on these goggles split in two after only one month of regular use.

    Camile M.
    Clovis, CA


  • 6/30/2009 I love them!

    rating star By Swimmer

    I swim laps for an hour four times a week.  I bought these to replace goggles that didn't last a year and the strap broke.  I decided to try a different brand because I wasn't overwhelmed with the popular brand I had.  I'm so glad I did.  These are more comfortable, easier to adjust, and have a better range of vision.  So far, no complaints.

    Clovis, CA


  • 3/3/2009 Great Goggles

    rating star By Janice K.

    Very comfortable goggle.  Don't need much strap tension to get a good seal.  Good antifog coating.  Fit  very well.  My eyes are very narrow - sometimes I wear a junior goggle.  This fits perfect.

    Janice K.
    Anchorage, AK


  • 3/20/2015 Perfect goggles

    rating star By First Tri-er

    I am competing in my first triathlon and my old goggles were fogging up and would loosen up while I was swimming.  These new ones never fog up and fit great!

    First Tri-er


  • 5/30/2014 This TYR goggle is the worst

    rating star By Kk

    This goggle fogged after minutes of use by my daughter who has been competetively swimming for two years.  This google also leaked within two days of use. We tried TYR and will never again. We will stick with Speedo!



  • 11/26/2013 no "raccoon eyes"

    rating star By diane

    very comfortable & keeps water out



  • 7/30/2013 Trying to like them!

    rating star By wildxc

    Overall, the goggles fit so that there is less of the "raccoon" look after swimming.  Unfortunately, I have to really work at not making them leak.

    Vernon, VT


  • 1/10/2013 great goggles for women

    rating star By Diane

    No more raccoon eyes or leaks.  Very comfortable.

    Phoenix, AZ


  • 10/24/2012 Great item.

    rating star By Phyllis A.

    I'm thrilled with these.  Great vacuum fit over my eyes so no water gets in.  I always had cheap ones that were not worth bothering with.  Decided to get a nice pair to "try" and swim after my water aerobics workout.  Not sure about the warning to not touch them inside so as not to damage the anti-fog coating  on the lenses.  So what to do if I do get water in them after pushing them up on my head when out of the water.
    All-in-all I'm happy with this purchase..

    Phyllis A.
    Central NJ


  • 4/19/2012 TYR Goggles

    rating star By Dori

    No Leaking! Very clear although i wish they came with a holder so they don't get scratched...

    Aurora, NE


  • 3/29/2012 Starting to fog after three uses

    rating star By Robyn B.

    I have a narrow face and a hard time getting goggles that fit properly. These fit great but the eye piece is smaller than my previous goggle and leaves a deeper goggle impression on my face after I get out of the pool.
    I used the Technoflex again today but switched to my old goggles 1/3 of the way through my 108 laps. The Technoflex kept foggin on one lens, even though they are supposed to have an anti fog coating.

    If you have a narrow face and want a dependable, long lasting goggle, I suggest - Barracuda Mermaid, sold here on SwimOutlet. Hands down, they are my all time favorite goggle. They are comfortable and fit great.

    Robyn B.
    Farmington, CT


  • 3/2/2012 Love the Technoflex family

    rating star By Marc L.

    Even though it is a female goggle it fits on a 5' 11" male face also.

    Love the entire technoflex series of goggles for both pool swimming and triathlon.

    It never leaks on my face, but as with all goggles YMMV.

    Marc L.
    Kildeer, IL


  • 11/19/2011 TYR Technoflex 4.0 Femme Goggle

    rating star By Ann P.

    Think I ordered the wrong type as I find this style not comfortable.  Just not right for me.

    Ann P.
    Greenville, SC


  • 8/25/2011 Love them.

    rating star By Margaret C.Margaret Ann Corcoran

    Lap Swimming

    Margaret C.Margaret Ann Corcoran
    Haughton, LA


  • 7/31/2011 lasted 40 days

    rating star By TT

    its the second time TYR goggles disappoint... lasted about a month then broke..

    New York, NY


  • 7/20/2011 TYR Technoflex 4.0 Gogles

    rating star By Rainy B.

    I have loved these goggles and wanted another pair for my first triathlon.  They did not disappoint.  They were perfect the first time around and have been great every time I have used them.  They never leak and the fit is great.

    Rainy B.
    Stamford, CT


  • 1/5/2011 Works for me

    rating star By Elizabeth S.

    I like these goggles a lot.  They fit well and don't leak at all - I wear contacts, so that's important. They are comfortable, easy to adjust and don't leave big rings around my eye sockets.  I am 60+ and swim laps for fitness, averaging about 10,000 yards a week.   The only thing I would change about them is that I wish they came with clear lenses, which I prefer for indoor swimming.

    Elizabeth S.
    Delmar, NY


  • 7/29/2010 Great Goggles

    rating star By Ann

    Stay on well, cool colors

    St Louis, MO


  • 2/11/2010 Googles just OK

    rating star By Carol

    Very comfortable and my eyes are close together so its hard for me to get a good fit,  but one of the straps keeps loosening so I have to stop and adjust twice per hour. Am going to duct tape on that side and see if it stops the slipping. Maybe I just got a bum pair. Also, they do fog up....

    Boston, MA


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