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Speedo Competition II Kickboard

Speedo Competition II Kickboard Reviews

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4.5 star rating (101 Reviews)

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  • 4/30/2015 Sturdy Board for the Pool

    rating star By Just Me

    I am not a strong swimmer, but I love to go to the pool for exercise. This sturdy board helps keep me afloat and moving forward as I kick, instead of just flailing about treading water. Yeah, I'm gifted like that.

    Just Me


  • 8/9/2013 Great Kickboard for the Heavy Swimmer

    rating star By Frederick B.

    I am a lap swimmer geared toward fitness and weight loss. I use this board for kick drills everyday. I weigh 325 and find this board to be far more bouyant than the kickboards they have at my local pool. I swim with a Finis snorkel. I use this board with my arms fully extended, hands on top of one another and placed in the center of the board. In that position the board manages to stay on top of the water and the rest of my body follows (with my head down of course). The board's shape allows for different grips and it's thickness is far superior to anything else I see around the pool.

    Frederick B.
    North Providence, RI


  • 6/5/2014 What I was looking for!!!

    rating star By Jodi

    Could not find a "real" kickboard in local stores, did not want a "Batman"  or "Barbie" or any other kids kickboard. This is the kind we used for swim team!!!
    Well made "real" board!

    Roanoke, TX


  • 1/19/2014 Speedo Kickboard

    rating star By Crissy

    Awesome board with a very appealing shape. I bought it for my son and his weight loss/strengthening program and I fell in love with it. Not flimsy like my gym's multipurpose use boards. Love the shape and open handle areas makes for very smooth transitioning when changing strokes. Will have to order one more board for myself. My son is complaining that I'm hogging his board...

    Spotsylvania, VA


  • 9/6/2012 Perfect

    rating star By laurachi

    My son is using the kickboard and tells that the grip is excellent, and the shape helps him go faster

    West Hills, CA


  • 2/14/2011 Kickboard

    rating star By Fay H.

    I used the board several ways to add a change of pace.  I push it under the water and flip it up and down for added arm workout.

    Fay H.
    Richmond, CA


  • 9/4/2010 kickboard

    rating star By llk

    I like the design with the hand holds and it does a pretty good job holding me up in the water even though I am 200lbs.



  • 4/18/2010 Comfortable and smooth

    rating star By Carolyn

    Another swimmer at my pool let me try hers...I had been using the Y's kickboards, and I couldn't imagine that there would be any difference, but there was. I have pretty bad shoulders from old injuries, and this one puts almost no stress on the shoulders, and glides very easily through the water. The hand-holds help position the board perfectly for effective kicking. I recommend this board.

    Media, PA


  • 2/6/2010 Technological progress

    rating star By Swim Team kid grown up

    Wow!  I love this product!  I just joined a health club with a pool, so I have been getting back into swimming after a 30 year hiatus.  When I was on the swim team as a kid, I loved every stroke, but I hated using a kick board.  The kick boards of old seemed more like a hinderance to progressing through the water.  This new board, however, seems to glide through the water with little or no resistance.  I don't know if it is the material this new kick board is made of, but it truly moves through the water with ease.  The handles are in just the right place for use in the pool, and for carrying it to and from the car.  It is incredibly light weight, yet extremely sturdy.  I look forward to many years of use from this new technological marvel.

    Swim Team kid grown up
    Los Angeles, CA


  • 5/31/2009 Speedo Competition II Kickboard

    rating star By former competitive swimmer & diver

    used in lap pool for kicking, arm strokes, and water aerobics. can hold it at length, hold it to chest, sit on it or keep legs afloat. it's all good...way better than a cheapo noodle.

    former competitive swimmer & diver
    chandler, az


  • 12/25/2008 Kickboard

    rating star By Karen

    Using in an exercise program.  The unique shape provides more resistance then the average kickboard



  • 12/12/2015 Seems good

    rating star By Roderick T. Beaman

    When I read the reviews on this, I bought it because they said it was good for shoulder problems.  I had surgery for a bad torn left rotator in May.  The surgeon said I should never go back to the crawl and absolutley no butterfly.  i hate breast stroke so it's simple kcking or nothing.
    I just got back to the pool & this kickboard seems to be good.  A fellow at the pool I use, coaches triathletes and said it's less stress on the shoulders to use the handles to keep the shoulders at water lever rather than above so everyone might want to use them.  

    I don't really have all that much experience so far but I gave it five stars.  I'll reduce it if problems arise but the same triathlete coach told me it seems really good.  It's very buoyant.

    Roderick T. Beaman
    Jacksonville, Florida


  • 11/24/2015 Works great

    rating star By Bob

    This product really helps with improving kicking technique.

    Brandon SD


  • 11/15/2015 Great kickboard

    rating star By Jeff

    I cannot swim but like to exercise in the pool. Ordered a set of training flippers and with the kick board can get a good work out in the pool. Great board.

    Chandler, AZ


  • 11/9/2015 Sweet on my shoulders!

    rating star By ladydi

    I am really enjoying my new ergo kickboard. Have so many aches and pains as it is, but now i can enjoy my swim routine without causing pain in my shoulders. Funny how shaping it different, and putting "handles" in it could make all the difference. Thank you speedo! Worth every penny!



  • 8/29/2015 Great for aerobic or swimming

    rating star By Cass

    I finally found a kick board that works great for my water aerobic and swimming.
    I brought a second kick board as a gift for my friend.  Steady, does not bend and easy to hold for aerobic exercises.

    Southfield, MI


  • 5/8/2015 Excellent.

    rating star By imlost119

    I have always used the traditional supplied kickboard at the pools and I have found this much more flexible to use in terms of front and back and different kicks.  Not to mention being black it looks awesome.  For the price, I highly recommend.

    Portland, ME


  • 1/31/2015 Good but OUCH!

    rating star By SydSwims

    I have had this kick board for almost a year and use it regularly. Now every time I use it it scrapes up,my elbows and I come home from practice with red elbows. Maybe the material has gotten rough now but I haven't used it that long sooooo....



  • 1/12/2015 Kick Away !!

    rating star By Kick

    Handle and material just right for me.

    Prospect ,CT


  • 11/29/2014 LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    rating star By Marcinho S.

    I tried it for the first time, last week, and found it was absolutely every good thing that other reviewers said about it!  I even sat my entire body astride it, and it kept me afloat!

    I lap-train daily, and found it really easy to glide through the water with much greater speed, and far less resistance.  I even did several hundred meters of kick-drills on my back, with the board above/ahead of my head, and my hands using the grip handles.

    I, too, found that the shoulder-strain was markedly decreased in every position.

    I'm generally pretty sceptical, and usually search the web for videos of products.  I still do that, but a LOT LESS since becoming a customer this year!  I have never been let down by one reviewer's comments on here.  I have placed SEVERAL orders on this site, and have not been disappointed ONCE!

    It fits perfectly in my Speedo mesh gear bag (which I ordered on this site), and exceeded my jaded expectations!  Great product!  As advertized, and worth every cent!

    LOVE IT!

    Marcinho S.
    Bossier City, LA


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