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Aqua Sphere Seal XPT Lady Tint Lens

Aqua Sphere Seal XPT Lady Tint Lens Reviews

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4 star rating (20 Reviews)

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  • 8/15/2012 I can't live/swim without these

    rating star By Denise

    I have tried a TON of goggles, and it's been an expensive process...BUT these are the goggles I keep coming back to because they WORK. I have a smaller face and these seal perfectly. The tint isn't too dark for an indoor pool and just right come race day when swimming into the morning sun (I do triathlon). You do have to be careful with how you handle them after a swim workout  or race  because once the face gasket gets tweeked they will leak, I had to learn this the hard way. Now I carefully put them back into their case after each workout. Also after about of month or two of consistant swim workouts you'll more than likely have to use a antifogger. Alas, nothing is fog free for ever.

    Marble Falls, TX


  • 5/10/2012 Aqua sphere ladies tinted xpt goggles

    rating star By Petie

    I have a small face and these goggles fit perfectly. They don't leak or fog and the tint really helps with my outside swimming. I would by them again

    Naples fl.


  • 8/28/2011 Good face coverage against sun

    rating star By senior swimmer

    I'm a slender 67 year old who swims 3/4 to 1 mile 4 times a week.  I was looking for a mask that would overlap my cap (being fairskinned I try to protect against sunlight--even reflected light at 7 a.m. makes a difference and all my regular goggles ended up pushing out an exposed ridge between cap and goggle edges.)  Considering that this mask is not fitted completely against skin and goes over the cap edges too, it is pretty good.  If I get it on well to begin with, it takes me through the whole swim.  Most of the time I do need to clear water from it once or twice.  I haven't tried flip turns with it to challenge it with even  further movement, but I'm impressed that it's as good as it is with a slender face. It is giving me the sun protection I was looking for.  I would probably buy it again if I don't find something that meets my criteria even better.

    senior swimmer
    Newport Beach, CA


  • 8/18/2011 swim mask with excellent view coverage

    rating star By Carol R.

    To get a good suction to your face ...must put on mask when both mask and face are dry.  Otherwise you have a small amount of leakage.
    Also, I do not find them to be fog resistent.  Spit helps even though they say not to touch the lens.
    Great tint to protect your eyes from glare.
    All things considered, I really like them.

    Carol R.
    Annapolis, MD


  • 4/25/2015 Love this googles.

    rating star By Laurie

    They feel great and feel better than smaller ones.



  • 2/22/2015 Best Swim Mask Ever

    rating star By Denise Rhodes

    I have a small face so a good fit is hard to come by.  I can no longer wear regular goggles because they hurt my eye sockets so much anymore (I''m a 50+ age group triathlete).  I swim at least 3x a week as a triathlete and prefer the comfort of this mask.  No leaking and as long as I spray defogger in the mask at  they last forever without fogging.
    I use these for racing in open water and they give me an amazing field of vision and are comfortable for swims even up to 2.4 miles.  I highly recommend this swim mask.

    Denise Rhodes
    Marble Falls, TX


  • 2/2/2015 BEST.SEAL.EVER

    rating star By Sandy O.

    Bought a lot of goggles - none of them compare to this one -- no leaks whatsoever -- love it

    Sandy O.
    Shell Beach, CA


  • 9/23/2014 Surprising fit the first time!

    rating star By Pat in FL

    I had used the regular size goggles for a couple of years. When they stayed tight and dry they were perfect but from time to time a leak would drive me crazy. I love the bigger lens space and fit on my face.  I decided to try the "lady size" and so glad I did.  Guess the standard ones are for larger faces. These were dry the entire first mile--so happy.  The shaded lens is helpful for outdoor swimming.  Love these goggles and expect the fit to stay great every time I get in the water.  I swim a mile and keeping water off my face is part of a comfortable swim.  If you are a "girl" (I am 63) give them a try!!

    Pat in FL
    Naples, FL


  • 5/27/2014 leaking

    rating star By Phuong P.

    I tried the vista model and now this model, both of them leaked water. I think just not meant for me:)

    Phuong P.
    camas wa


  • 7/13/2012 perfect fit

    rating star By diane

    these fit great and don't leak

    new hampshire


  • 6/19/2012 Comfortable fit

    rating star By P A

    Very comfortable and tinted lenses give nice protection from the sun while swimming outside. They fit my face nicely and do not leak.

    P A
    Mechanicsville, VA


  • 11/19/2011 Great Goggles

    rating star By Linda

    They are very comfortable, great seal and don't leak



  • 4/21/2011 Comfy but leak on the flip turns

    rating star By Denise

    I have tried almost everything aqua shere makes and so many of them still leak and fog up.  Trouble is after getting used to the big field of vision and the comfy fit of the large skirted lens I am having trouble going back to my old stand by socket type googles.  My face is small so maybe this one will work for you too, but beware of the flip turns.  They work fine on open water swims tho.

    Marble Falls


  • 12/28/2010 Aqua Sphere Seal XPT Lady Tint Lens

    rating star By jay c.

    I bought it for my wife, who is Asian with little nose bridge.  This goggle did not fit her at all.  Good quality.

    jay c.
    Diamond Bar, CA


  • 11/11/2010 good line, not best fit

    rating star By Carol C.

    I previously had an aqua sphere goggle that I loved, but needed to replace. Apparently the "women's" line is too curved for me. It fits = sticks on my face even without the strap. Because it is too curved, the center wants to pull away, and eventually leaks under pressure.

    It does provide a good field of view. I swim in triathlons and practice in open water as well as outdoor and indoor pools. I find the tint necessary for the outdoor environments, and perfectly usable for indoors.

    Carol C.


  • 8/3/2010 Very usebale

    rating star By sparky

    Comfortable, antifogged and water resistant.

    los gatos, CA


  • 1/15/2010 OK

    rating star By Aloha

    Sometimes they work sometimes they don't. They do ride up on your forehead. I have not tried them in open water yet but when i am in the pool if i do a flip turn and push off the wall the bottom of the goggles come up and leak, this also happens when i practice looking up from out of the water as if i was doing open water swimming. They work ok if i am doing a warm up or a cool down but when pushing hard they tend to leak. I would look at the fuller faced seal xp's. i use to have someand never had any problems until i lost them at the gym. :(

    San Antonio, TX


  • 2/27/2009 ????????????

    rating star By Sandra

    It come s up too far on the forehead!  I'll try them again today.

    Litchfield, OH


  • 1/8/2009 Great Goggles

    rating star By Ruby

    I got both the tinted and the clear lens Aqua Sphere Seal XPT Lady goggles last year when I started doing triathlon. I love the tinted ones, no more blinding sun outdoors. The clear ones are great for the pool and they don't press into my eyes like regular goggles do.



  • 11/25/2008 Love these Lens!

    rating star By Lisa D.

    The Aqua Sphere Seal XPT Lady Tint Lens are great. They are a perfect fit for my small face - no leaks through an entire workout. The design/lens size is in between  open water lens and regular lap goggles. I use them for both and love the visibility and comfort around my eyes. My last pair of open water lens from Aqua Sphere lasted a long time so I am hoping to get the same consistent, excellent performance from these.

    Lisa D.
    SF Bay Area


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