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Quintana Roo Products

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ABOUT Quintana Roo

Quintana Roo™ is one of the most influential sportswear companies to affect triathlon. Having invented the triathlon wetsuit and the first tri-specific bike, Quintana Roo is always trying to outdo itself. The founder of Quintana Roo first came up with the idea for a triathlon wetsuit after he raced in the first Big Island Ironman in 1981. He knew that the sport would take off, and that the triathletes would need a triathlon wetsuit that was specifically built for triathlon racing. After that moment of clarity, Quintana Roo was born.

The Quintana Roo wetsuits have expanded to include the Quintana Roo Ultrajohn Wetsuits, Quintana Roo Hydrofull Wetsuits, Quintana Roo Ultrafull Wetsuits and Quintana Roo Superfull Wetsuits. In the Quintana Roo Ultrajohn is for swimmers in warmer water or who like their arms free. The Quintana Roo Ultrafull wetsuit line uses Yamamoto rubber for high buoyancy and durability. The Quintana Roo Hydrofull has Yamamoto Type 39 Neoprene panels for flexibility. And the Quintana Roo Superfull wetsuit is one of the top wetsuits on the market with Virtual Pull Buoy "VPB" that helps you swim faster with less effort.

There are a number of triathletes who sport the Quintana Roo triathlon wetsuit or the Quintana Roo race belt at the starting line. One of the most recent professional triathletes to join the Quintana Roo team is Kelly Williamson. So far in 2011, Kelly has come in first at the California Half Ironman® and the Revolution 3 in Costa Rica. Time will tell how many more first place finishes Kelly Williamson will get with Quintana Roo having her back.