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Pura Vida Products


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Pura Vida Silver Infinity Burgundy
    Pura Vida Silver Feather Burgundy
      Pura Vida Silver Infinity Fuchsia
        Pura Vida Silver Infinity Seafoam
          Pura Vida Original Coral Reefin'
            Pura Vida Original Navajo
              Pura Vida Midnight Thunder
                Pura Vida Changing Tides
                  Pura Vida Solid Indigo
                    Pura Vida Solid Seafoam
                      Pura Vida Beaded Aqua
                        Pura Vida Platinum Beaded Purple
                          Pura Vida Camo Headband Pack
                            Pura Vida Surf Time  Headband Pack
                              Pura Vida Ocean Hair Tie Pack
                                Pura Vida Studded Black
                                  Pura Vida Tropical Sunset Pack
                                    Pura Vida Stormy Weather Pack
                                      Pura Vida Gold Feather White
                                        Pura Vida Save The Dolphins Platinum
                                          Pura Vida Gold Arrow Black
                                            Pura Vida Silver Arrow Seafoam
                                              Pura Vida Silver Arrow Black
                                                Pura Vida Braided Save the Dolphins
                                                  Pura Vida Studded Seafoam
                                                    Pura Vida Silver Cross Strawberry
                                                      Pura Vida Gold Cross Burgundy
                                                        Pura Vida Gold Feather Seafoam
                                                          Pura Vida Gold Infinity Seafoam
                                                            Pura Vida Pixie Dust Hair Tie Pack
                                                              Pura Vida Platinum Beaded Blue
                                                                Pura Vida Midnight Headband Pack
                                                                  Pura Vida Platinum Fuchsia & Strawberry
                                                                    Pura Vida Born to be Wild
                                                                      Pura Vida Four Leaf Clover
                                                                        Pura Vida Superior Sandcastle
                                                                          Pura Vida Easy on the Eyes
                                                                            Pura Vida Noble Knight
                                                                              Pura Vida Silver Infinity Strawberry
                                                                                Pura Vida Gold Infinity Strawberry
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                                                                                  ABOUT Pura Vida

                                                                                  The idea for Pura Vida was born during a college graduation trip to Costa Rica. Two friends, Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman, were exploring Costa Rica when they stumbled upon two men—Jorge and Joaquin—selling bracelets. The style of the bracelets captivated Thall and Goodman's interest and they bought multiple bracelets for their friends back in the United States. Seeing the cramped living conditions of Jorge and Joaquin, Thall and Goodman commissioned the men to make 400 bracelets for them.

                                                                                  Once back in the United States, Thall and Goodman handed out the bracelets to friends and placed the remaining bracelets in a local boutique. The bracelets quickly sold out and customers requested more at the boutique. Thall and Goodman deepened their relationship with Jorge and Joaquin and their business, Pura Vida, was soon created. Through Pura Vida, Jorge, Joaquin, and countless others have found jobs making the creative and colorful bracelets.

                                                                                  Pura Vida represents a pure lifestyle of contentment with no regrets. They hope to capture this in the simplified style of their bracelets. Pura Vida also donates a portion of their proceeds to the Surfrider Foundation which is committed to cleaning beaches and oceans throughout the world.