Garmin Swim Training Waterproof Watch Get the most out of your training sessions with the technologically advanced Garmin® Swim™. • Slim profile minimizes drag. • Intuitive, rugged design for long-lasting, ease of use. • Automatically detects stroke type. • Allows you to focus on your technique while it tracks lengths, strokes, distance, and more. • Log drills and start new sets whenever needed. • Wirelessly upload workout results to Garmin Connect™. • View and share your pace, time, efficiency, and more. • Features include: - Lap/stroke counting. - Distance/pace display. - Calorie count. - Swolf score. - Quick timer workouts. - Auto-detect rest times. - Customizable training pages. - Data storage. - 12/24h time display, dual time zone, calendar, alarm. • Weight: 1.4oz. • Resolution: 55 x 31. • Battery lifespan: 1 year. • Water-resistant up to 50m. • Replaceable battery. • USB ANT Stick™ and manuals included.
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Garmin Swim Training Waterproof Watch

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  • Get the most out of your training sessions with the technologically advanced Garmin® Swim™ Waterproof Watch. You’ll be able to focus on your technique as it tracks lengths, strokes, distance, and more. compatible

    • The most advanced swim workout and training platform.
    • Track your workouts, find local pools or clubs, and connect with other swimmers.


    How It Works

    • Lap/stroke count, distance/pace display, calorie count.
    • 12/24hr time display, dual time zone, calendar, alarm.
    • Quick timer workouts.
    • Auto-detect rest times.
    • Customizable training pages.
    • Swolf score.
    • Data storage.
    • Automatic stroke type detector.
    • Logs drills and starts new sets when needed.



    • Wirelessly uploads workout results to Garmin Connect™.
    • Views and shares your pace, time, efficiency, and more.


    Design Details

    • Slim profile minimizes drag.
    • Intuitive, rugged design for long-lasting use.
    • Weight: 1.4oz.
    • Watch Face Dimensions: 1.9"W x 0.5"H x 1.7"L.
    • Resolution: 55 x 31 pixels.
    • Battery lifespan: 1 year.
    • Water-resistant up to 50 meters.
    • Replaceable battery.


    What’s Included

    • Garmin Swim.
    • USB ANT Stick™.
    • Manuals.


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  • 4.5 star rating (37 Reviews)

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  • 8/18/2014 Ca't set custom length of the pool

    rating star By juraj m.

    I swim in our apartment complex pool and it is 50" long (15m) but the smallest pool that can be set is 17m, which distorts all data. Big big software flaw. Small software flaw makes huge difference. Had high hopes for this, disappointed have to return.

    presets are 25m, 50m, 25yards, 33.5m, 33.5 yards and custom goes to 17m not less

    juraj m.
    san francisco, CA

  • 1/24/2014 Garmin Works Really Well

    rating star By Joel B.

    What I've learned is that each device works differently.  I originally purchased a Poolmate.  I swim three intervals on each visit.  I've used the Poolmate about 35 times now and the number of visits that it recorded all my intervals correctly was maybe once.  Its clear that the Poolmate requires a longer glide at the beginning of each lap than I would like.  So I decided to try the Garmin Swim.  The Garmin uses a different method to detect lap changes.   I've used it twice now and it recorded all my intervals perfectly.  At first I was worried about all the extra buttons but they actually make the device easier to use.  This device is much better engineered.  I created a custom screen to show the lap count in big letters.  The data is easily uploaded wirelessly to their website.  Website has good data but if you want to further analyze the data, you can export it.   I love the design.  I love the data it collects.  Easy to use and highly recommended.

    Joel B.
    Boxford, MA

  • 11/2/2012 big bold display

    rating star By Mark

    Yardage is easily read while swimming
    I use it to swim my morning mile in the lap pool.
    I can swim with out having to count my laps.

    Rochester, MN

  • 5/24/2016 Excellent, So Nice if you ever lose track of your lap

    rating star By Les H.

    Received a Garmin Swim for my birthday at the end of March. Been swimming 5 days a week every day for all of April and May. MWF I do 2000 yards of free in various formations. TR I do kick drills with a swim snorkel (knee issues). I swim an an indoor pool at a university which is 25 yards in length.

    Love this watch. Syncs seamlessly with Garmin Connect and Back in the day I used to wear an Ironman watch when I swam, but I was always lazy about recording my swims in a notebook. So nice to have Average pace / 100 yards, best pace / 100 yards, average strokes and SWOLF (which I had never heard of or used before). It's really helped me stay motivated in my workouts.

    Other thing I really like about it is having the watch double check my lap/yardage count when my mind wanders.

    Drill mode is easy to use, but it does not automatically count laps / distance. So you start the watch, start your drill, finish the drill, stop the watch, and then enter/confirm the distance. This is fine for me, but I could see it being tiresome if you do a bunch of drills of different lengths in a row.

    In two months the watch has miscounted my laps twice. In both instances it decided to split one of my lengths into two lengths (first time it decided the first half of the length was a length of breast, second time it did this it had both laps as free). So while the time is correct for the workout, it gave me an extra 25 yards on my total yardage.

    Since the extra yardage really bothered me, I googled around until I found the Swimming Watch Data Editor maintained by a programmer / swimmer out of Montreal. Downloaded the .fit file from Garmin. Uploaded it to the site and merged the two laps. Re-uploaded the workout into Garmin Connect, and everything is good.

    Really liking this product. The only knock I have is that the buttons do not follow the same functions as on the Garmin Forerunner. Leads to me going back one menu when I really meant to scroll down when I'm trying to look at past workouts or adjust settings.

    Les H.
    Richmond, VA

  • 5/6/2016 Love it!

    rating star By James

    I find the Garmin Swim intuitive to use and a great addition in the pool. I set targets for both time and distance and make sure I reach them using the watch. Love the accurate and instant feedback to my swimming. The only time the watch is inaccurate for me is when a slow swimmer comes in the slow lane and brings me to a suddent halt which luckily isn't too often. My favourite swim watch so far.


  • 1/3/2016 Helpful training aid

    rating star By Michael J.

    If you are primarily a swimmer and you don't want to shell out the big bucks for the triathlon style watches this is a good option.  Considering I just received this last week (as of this post) I am still learning the device and will be testing the functions over the following weeks.  The only real knock I have on this so far was getting it set up on my garmin acct.  It literally took about 6 attempts to get it paired to my account.  That is why the 1 star ding from me.  But now that I do have it paired to the account I can't wait to see what info this can generate for me.

    Michael J.
    Willowbrook, IL

  • 12/18/2015 Good Swim Watch

    rating star By JeffR

    Positives:  Works well tracking laps, and I threw in several different strokes to see if it would recognize them, and the watch recorded all of them.  Although I am annoyed by the lack of iOS wireless synch and the need to use the antenna, the synch is quick and automatic.  All I need to do is get close to my docking station with the antenna and my data is synched automatically to GarminConnect.

    Negatives or Needs Work:  The watch is not real intuitive, so plan on doing test runs for a few workouts to figure out what all the buttons do, etc.  Although this watch tracks drills, you have tell it you are doing a drill and you have to to input the distance each time when you are done - fortunately my drills are always 200 yds, so no big deal.  The watch lacks a vibration feature to let you know when you have completed a goal (say 1650 yd swim), so if you lose count, you have to stop and look to see what you have completed.  The interval feature is nice, but I find that the button that starts and stops intervals sometimes gets pushed when I don't want it to - maybe too sensitive to pressure.

    Overall, it does almost everything I want it to do.  I would wear it all day if it tracked heartbeat, and steps as well, but it doesn't.  To date, this has been the best swim watch I have used, and I'm happy to have it.  Unless you want to shell out big $$ for a triathlon watch, this is perfect for people that swim as their primary form of exercise.  While I'm not thrilled with how some of the features work, at least it has features like the ability to map intervals, drills, etc.  Overall: A.

    Herndon, VA

  • 10/8/2015 Excellent Swim Tracker and Training Device

    rating star By Edzjaxon

    I have been very pleased with the functionality and accuracy of the Garmin swim watch. No longer do I attempt to count laps while swimming regardless of stroke or pool size.

    San Diego, Ca

  • 9/8/2015 Not Bad. Expected better.

    rating star By Ben

    Easy to use. Self intuitive. Stylish and fits comfortably while swimming. But its tracking accuracy is not as good. It misses counts. Sometimes it reads 50 yds when it should be 25 and sometimes the reverse as well. This happens about once every 20 intervals.
    Am disappointed cause I expected better performance.

    Arlington, MA

  • 7/18/2014 does everything I need

    rating star By don

    large numbers, accurate lap count, total yardage as you swim on the bottom of the watch,and much more that I haven't even started to use yet... just a good product for swimmers.

    buckeye , az

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