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ProMax™ had a vision in 1996: To create protein bars that fell in line with their business philosophy. Going by the idea that they are "More than just protein", ProMax has strived to make satisfying and tasty protein bars to support athletes. Filled with helpful nutrients, ProMax has risen in the ranks to become a real contender.

ProMax knows that to stand out they have to make protein bars that go above and beyond what athletes are expect. The athletes must enjoy the taste and texture, not just tolerate it. The protein bars have to be really beneficial, so ProMax made them with 18 vitamins. And to please even more people, the protein bars are gluten-free, trans-fat free, vegetarian and kosher.

In terms of the company, ProMax prides itself on being committed and unique. They create protein bars because they want to improve people's lives and make a difference to as many individuals as possible. People work hard every day, so ProMax makes protein products to help them push hard and be better. And to provide the best, ProMax stays on top of what's new. For a healthy and helpful energy bar, ProMax has your back.



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