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ABOUT PowerLung

PowerLung was created by Mr. Barry Jarvis out of personal necessity, and it has developed into an invaluable training aid for countless athletes around the world. When Mr. Jarvis had his health and athletic ability severely reduced due to a heart attack at the age of 48, he found that there were no adequate rehabilitative products on the market that focused on the development of lung strength, so he set about inventing one. Reasoning that the breathing muscles should be trained in both directions just like you train other muscles when you go to the gym or health club, Mr. Jarvis created the PowerLung in accord with the breath-related research that had been conducted on divers and athletes since 1920. Three months after he started using the PowerLung prototype Mr. Jarvis was again able to walk a 3-mile loop at his favorite park, and he immediately sought to make his invention available to the public. Since its release in 1999, PowerLung has been subjected to myriad independent tests and studies, all of which have found significant benefits to training with PowerLung products.


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