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ABOUT Power Breathe

Some of the most important muscles when it comes to training or competing in athletic events are the breathing muscles. When you can't catch your breath, you are at the mercy of your burning lungs, gasping and fighting off cramps. Not being able to take big breaths is a problem that can truly limit an athlete's performance, which is one of the reasons why Professor McConnell began her research.

Through testing, Professor McConnell discovered that the breathing muscles can be trained to become stronger with longer endurance just like our other muscles. She created the POWERbreathe™ to enhance your ability to take deep breaths and control them consistently without fatigue. In testing it has been shown to increase cycling duration with lower effort by 33%, accelerate your recovery time between sprints by as much as 7%, improve the strength of your breathing muscles by 31.2% and decrease your cycling time by as much as 3 minutes in a 40k. When your heart rate and your breathlessness are decreased, your performance can increase.

Some of the awards that POWERbreathe has earned include the Millennium Mark and a Millennium Product by the Design Council of Great Britain as well as a license agreement with the World Triathlon Corporation. The latest line is the POWERbreathe K-Series which was awarded the UK Plastics Industry's 2010 Consumer Product Design of the Year. This is the highest award that they can bestow. Also, in the UK the medical model is approved as a prescription for people with breathing problems. Don't just improve your race time with the POWERbreathe, improve your life.



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