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Ocean & Earth Compact Day Longboard Bag
    Ocean & Earth Aircon Longboard Bag
      Ocean & Earth Regular Moulded 7MM Leash
        Ocean & Earth Basic Straight Bodyboard Leash
        Ocean & Earth Premium One Piece 7MM Leash
          Ocean & Earth Ultimate One Piece 7MM Leash
            Ocean & Earth Shortboard Sox Board Cover
              Ocean & Earth Surf Wax
              Ocean & Earth Rack Pads
              Ocean & Earth LW Stand Up Paddle Board Bag
              Ocean & Earth Fish / Funboard Bag
                Ocean & Earth Double Rap Rax
                Ocean & Earth Rap Rax
                Ocean & Earth Regular Comp Moulded 6MM Leash
                  Ocean & Earth Flat Rock Traction Pad
                    Ocean & Earth Tail Kick Traction Pad
                      Ocean & Earth Deluxe Wetsuit Bag w/ Shoulder Strap
                      Ocean & Earth Pro Comp One Piece 5MM Leash
                        Ocean & Earth Stretch Bodyboard Cover
                        Ocean & Earth Comp One Piece 6MM Leash
                          Ocean & Earth Premium One Piece Longboard Leash
                            Ocean & Earth  Longboard Knee Strap Leash
                            Ocean & Earth Fish / Funboard Traction Pad
                              Ocean & Earth Check Traction Pad
                              Ocean & Earth Compact Day Shortboard Bag
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                                ABOUT Ocean & Earth

                                In 1979, Brian Cregan, a surfer and free thinker, did something to change the way people surf. As the documentary movie states, "Brian never claimed to invent the leg rope but his additions of a comfortable le ankle strap, metal swivels and a rope with elasticity were quantum leaps forward." Now Ocean & Earth™ produces surf leashes that are sold all over the world.

                                Ocean & Earth has been creating surf hardware for over 30 years now and their product line has grown. Ocean & Earth surf board covers, body board covers and stand up paddle board (sup) covers make it easier to carry your boards and keep them protected. The Ocean & Earth leashes have a stellar amount of technology and comfort. The waterproof bags, waterproof wallets and wetsuit bags are all must haves when you have a surf day planned.

                                In addition to helping surfers' with their gear, Ocean & Earth also helps surfers' with their careers. Ocean & Earth has been supporting junior surfing events for over 30 years and they also stage core surfing events at an international level. This global, surf hardware company came from humble beginnings to coasts all over the world. Ocean & Earth has all of the surf leashes, board covers, SUP covers and water-proof bags that you need to brave the waves and come out on top.