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Mares Products


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Mares Trilastic Short Sleeve Rash Guard
Mares 2mm Equator Dive Boots
Mares Trilastic Long Sleeve Rash Guard
Mares 5mm Classic Zipper Dive Boots
Mares Men's Coral Wetsuit
Mares Silicone Mask Strap
Mares Cruise Mesh Duffle Dive Bag
Mares Clipper Snorkel Fins
Mares Men's Reef Shorty Warm Water Wetsuit
Mares Ergo Splash Snorkel
Mares Ergo Dry Snorkel
Mares She Dives Coral Wetsuit
Mares Avanti HP Dive Fins
Mares Opera Scuba Dive Mask
Mares She Dives Short Sleeve Trilastic
Mares 2mm Amara Dive Gloves
Mares Men's Thermo Guard Long Sleeve 0.5mm
Mares Avanti Tre Dive Fins
Mares Plana Avanti X3 Dive Fins
Mares Wave FF Fins
Mares Plana Avanti X3 Dive Fins
$79.95 - $80.00
Mares Wave FF Fins
Mares She Dives Long Sleeve Trilastic
Mares 3mm Classic Sock
Mares Ergo Flex Snorkel
Mares Retractor with Double Clips
Mares She Dives Thermo Guard Long Sleeve 0.5mm
Mares 5mm Trilastic Zipper Dive Boots
Mares 6.5mm Trilastic Dive Boots
Mares Avanti Superchannel Full Foot Dive Fins
Mares Raptor Dive Fins
Mares Men's Flexa 5-4-3 Wetsuit
Mares She Dives Flexa 8-6-5 Wetsuit
Mares She Dive Flexa 5-4-3 Wetsuit
Mares Men's Reef Warm Water Wetsuit
Mares She Dives Reef Warm Water Wetsuit
Mares Force Bat Titanium Folding Dive Knife
Mares Wave Fins
Mares Avanti Superchannel OH Dive Fins
Mares X-VU Sunrise Mask
Mares Deluxe Cruise Mesh Backpack Dive Bag
Mares Thermo Guard Short Sleeve 0.5mm
Mares Elite Cruise Mesh Backpack Dive Bag
Mares Trilastic Pink Short Sleeve
Mares Quick Release Lanyard
Mares Trilastic Pink Long Sleeve
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In 1949, Ludovico Mares designed and manufactured his first masks and spear guns with one dream and purpose in mind: To share his unbridled passion for the sea and diving with the rest of the world. At its birth, Mares was just one small factory in Rapallo, but now, only 60 years later, the Italian based company dominates the scuba diving world, and is at the forefront of new and innovative dive technologies. Over the past six decades, Mares has come a long way, by achieving new goals, taking diving to new and extreme heights and depths. The Mares name represents only the best in dive products.

Guided by this principle, Mares has become a worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of state-of-the-art diving equipment and continually sets new industry standards. The constant investment in innovation, the unceasing, patient research in the field of manufacturing materials and processes, combined with the expertise of their staff and a creative, professional approach, grants Mares its leading position and makes their brand a synonym of quality, safety and reliability. The best of Mares is wrapped up in every product to meet the needs of each single diver. Enjoy diving with advanced performance through superior technology: this is their mission.



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