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ABOUT Life-Safer

The Personal Retriever by Life-Safer™ is a type V personal floatation device that is approved by the U.S. Coast Guard. Based on the American Red Cross's philosophy to "Reach, Throw, Don't Go," the Personal Retriever is built to be far reaching and safe. When the Personal Retriever is related to other throwable, water rescue tools, there is no comparison.

The Personal Retriever is of lighter flotation, which allows it to go farther when thrown and also makes it easier to carry. Its flying-disc-like design can make it go as far as 100 feet or 33 meters. The floatation device is made using soft foam, which decreases liability in the event that the victim is hit with the Personal Retriever. The expanded poly-ethylene (EPE) foam is durable as well as soft, so it will last and it won't injure.

The Personal Retriever also works faster than usual personal floatation devises. It takes less than 10 seconds to deploy, and does not require you to rewrap the cords for a re-throwing (like you have to with a line bag). When someone is drowning, every second counts, and with the Life-Safer Personal Retriever, within seconds the rescue is on its way. When it comes to safety, the Personal Retriever goes farther, flies faster and lands safer than traditional safety floatation devices.



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