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Kulae Products


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Kulae Jivana Natural Rubber Yoga Mat
Kulae Elite Hot Hybrid Yoga Mat
Kulae tpECOmat 3mm Yoga Mat
Kulae Hot Yoga Hand Towel
Kulae Hot Yoga Mat Towel
Kulae Zuska Yoga Mat Towel
Kulae tpECOmat 5mm Plus Yoga Mat
Kulae Hot Yoga Mat Towel
Kulae 3.5 Cork Yoga Block
Kulae EASYmat Travel Yoga Mat
Kulae Yoga Mat Bag
Kulae Foam Yoga Block
Kulae 8' Cotton Yoga Strap
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Kulae™'s main mission is to provide the most stylish, eco-friendly yoga gear on the planet while living by its mantra, "karma's real." The name Kulae is derived from the word kula. Kula in Sanskrit (an ancient language of India) means community. Kulae is working to bring together healthy people in order to create a healthy planet.

With its tpECOmat™ collection, the brand prides itself on creating the finest eco yoga mats on the market. All of its lines are made from 100 percent biodegradable, recyclable materials and contain no PVC, latex, cadmium, lead, or rubber. Its eco yoga mats are dual layer constructed, with distinct color options and grip surfaces.

As an added bonus, the mats are made of eco-conscious anti-bacterial materials: which means that odors do not get trapped in the materials, leaving your mat smelling and feeling fresh after each use. Kulae is not only committed to improving your lifestyle through its products, but it also gives back to the community. From donating a portion of the profits to charity work, Kulae is enhancing its karma on a daily basis.



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